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  2. v Gay Porn Site v

  3. **** YOU DARELLE MEVI$!!!! er, uh, er, uh, I MEAN I LOVE YOU DARELLE REVIS!

  4. Yankee fans, to quote the great Chris Doleman, "Right now, you gotta be feelin' just a LITTLE bit nervous." BWAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAA

  5. 'Allo allo.

  6. I was drained. DRAINED!

  7. Knicks getting blown out by Cleveland? What are they gonna do with all that extra ticker tape this summer?

  8. Trike? For real? A trike?

  9. Merry Xmas, brother!

  10. Just bought ProFootballWeekly's Draft Guide. I am now prepared to argue violently, and at length, about the merits of players I'd never even heard of prior to buying this magazine. Bring it.

  11. Hello, brother! I am vastly over-rated.

  12. NBA season starts tonight! It seems like only yesterday when I still wasn't giving a sh*t.

  13. Interesting. Just got an email from the Jets saying they slapped me with a 7th round tender.

  14. These hos ain't loyal

  15. I enjoy hyperbole.

  16. Oh, like YOU'VE never wanted to f*ck someone's feet in a parking lot?

  17. MATT JONES SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. We discussed it, but never to completion!

  19. Feelin' this fresh Sam Smith track

  20. Win this game, and we don't hear another word about feet. Lose this game, and everything surrounding the Jets will sound like somebody set up a microphone at a podiatry conference.

  21. Banal "point," followed by unfunny joke or unintelligible comment by former player, followed by 30 seconds of forced group laughter= How to host your own CBS pre-game show.

  22. I'm so shocked that the Jets have taken something that should be so simple and they turned it into a circus. That's so unlike them!


  24. Happy birthday you summinabitch!

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