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  1. Like you really have 110 friends. Friend-whore.

  2. We discussed it, but never to completion!

  3. THAT WAS SINCERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You want a sonnet!??!? I'll give ya a sonnet! Not mine. Barnabe Barnes: Burn on, sweet fire, for I live by that fuel Whose smoke is as an incense to my soul. Each sigh prolongs my smart. Be fierce and cruel, My fair Parthenophe. Frown and control, Vex, torture, scald, disgrace me. Do thy will! Stop up thine ears; with flint immure thine heart, And kill me with thy looks, if they would kill. Thine eyes, those crystal phials which impart The perfect balm to my dead-wounded breast, Thine eyes, the quivers whence those darts were drawn Which me to thy love's bondage have addressed; Thy smile and frown, night-star and daylight's dawn, Burn on, frown on, vex, stop thine ears, torment me! More, for thy beauty borne, would not repent me.

  5. Happy Birthday, slats.

  6. That's two more than I have in real life, you bastard. SNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNIFFF!!!

  7. MATT JONES SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I enjoy hyperbole.

  9. Hello, brother! I am vastly over-rated.

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