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  1. Congrats to the Jets for knocking off a San Diego team that came out completely flat and unprepared. You'll forgive me, but I'm off to get soused.
  2. You've got a rookie QB playing in his second playoff game ... I think that Sanchez will eventually be given that leeway, but it's smart too keep him as a "game manager" for the time being, especially with a monster running game and solid defense to fall back on.
  3. While I may not be excited about it, it's clear to me the Jets are going to win this game. Norv Turner has called the offense way to conservatively, from punting on his own 35 to doing nothing but running short dump offs and screens. Defensively the Chargers haven't been able to sustain any pressure on Sanchez, and for some reason refuse to blitz. Credit to the Jets for taking advantage of the breaks given to them. The only way they'll lose this game is if they somehow beat themselves.
  4. Fins Fans...Where Are You?

    I want to make a smart remark about how the only way the Jets make the playoffs is by playing the Colts and Bengals JV squads in back-to-back weeks, but seeing as how my team spit the bit twice in consecutive weeks with playoffs on the line, it's pretty pointless. Needless to say I, as well as a lot of fans, are scratching their heads this morning and wondering what the hell happened yesterday.
  5. Phins V. Panthers Game thread

    Ferguson is done for the year. Grove and Berger are nicked up but will be back for Buffalo in 10 games. Paul Soliai (our backup NT) will have to step it up from here on out. Losing Fergy on D is like losing Brown and Penny on O.
  6. Sorry Dolphags, Ronnie Brown placed on IR

    He'll be 33. When you look at running backs with at least 8000 yards rushing (like Williams) the only 2 players with less carries at his age are Garrison Hearst and Priest Holmes. Both of those circumstances were due to major injuries. In Hearst's case he essentially fractured his ankle and never really recovered, similarly Holmes had a nasty spinal injury and couldn't come back. In other words Williams has less career carries at this point than a number of similar players at the point in time (or the same age) ... I'm not suggesting he's anything more than a fill-in for this season but I do think we'll be okay - not great mind you - for the remainder of the year.
  7. Sorry Dolphags, Ronnie Brown placed on IR

    Lex Hilliard is a power runner with no top-end speed and absolutely no ability to change directions. He's a straight ahead power runner. He'll average 3.0 YPC for the rest of the season, if we're lucky.
  8. Sorry Dolphags, Ronnie Brown placed on IR

    Well, we're a hard-nosed (cliche I know) team ... Factor in the fact that we don't have a WR or TE and our only playmakers on offense are Ricky and Henne. Thanks man. I feel the same way about Brady. I don't know what this means for Brown, long-term. We're likely uncapped in 2010, making him a free agent this year. Not sure what that holds for his future as a Dolphin. I'm not sold on the whole 30 year old thing, as it pertains to RBs. I agree with you on Brown, I'm more concerned he's ended 2 of the last 3 years on IR. Williams, though, has a lot of tread left on his tires. If you look at the numbers he actually has less career carries than a lot of good backs out there, Thomas Jones, LT, Portis, etc. I actually look at career carries when assessing running backs, and it looks like 2500 is the magic number ... Williams had less than 2000 coming into this season. He's also been relatively healthy outside of an ankle injury as a rookie and a torn pec 2 years ago ... it was all of that other "stuff" that got in the way. Man, the Miami Dolphins are depending on Ricky Williams from here on out. Wow. Feels like I'm back in 2003 again.
  9. Sorry Dolphags, Ronnie Brown placed on IR

    Thanks to you guys that have offered some form of condolences. You're missing Leon Washington, so you can probably relate to some extent. It's a huge blow, but Ricky Williams has been averaging 5.1 YPC and has less than 2000 career carries, less than a number of backs, including Thomas Jones. I'm not suggesting Ricky Williams will suddenly turn back the clock, but he can at least be serviceable for the next 7 games. Still it sucks, and this will do nothing to silence the Ronnie haters.
  10. The latest word is that it may not be the ankle that has the team concerned, but the foot itself. Either way I'll be shocked if he plays on Thursday against the Panthers.
  11. FlashForward [**Contains Spoilers**]

    I'm a bit surprised that it took them that long to prove that you could, indeed, "change the future." Up until last week's episode they were really hard-selling on the whole "predestiny" thing. I also think that the opening scene talking about the cat being both alive and dead simultaneously should serve as a big flashing red light as to what the concept of the show - and what the "Flash Forwards" really are all about. It's a pretty excellent show, though a bit slow moving for my tastes, but it still has promise and I'm still sufficiently intrigued, several episodes in. Though part of me wonders what happens after April 29th, and where the show goes after that. One of the big things that kept me from getting back into Heroes after the first season was that the subsequent stuff felt so tacked on.
  12. *BREAKING* Chiefs cut Larry Johnson

    He wants to play for the Steelers, but I don't see that organization taking an interest in him. Same goes for teams like the 49ers ... Singletary is a no-nonsense guy, I don't see him taking on LJ. Should he clear wavers he certainly could end up in New England, which I actually don't think would be the worst thing in the world. Really though, I expect someone will claim him on waivers ... my guess is the Seahawks, who just cut loose Edgerrin James a few days ago. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see him sit for a little bit, considering his surly attitude and the fact that he basically ran himself out of KC.
  13. Favre for MVP

    It's clear their both very good players. I wouldn't be surprised to see them both in the Pro Bowl (along with Brees) representing the NFC. I'm not one to think that QB rating is the end-all, be-all of QB efficiency, but it's hard to ignore Rodger's 110.4 rating is 4.4 points higher than Favre's 106 rating thus far this season. Favre has a slight edge in TDs thrown, but he also has one more interception, while Rodgers has actually thrown for more yards. If I had to pick one to build a team around, today, the hands down choice is Rodgers. I want someone that I can plan to build the next 5-10 years around, not someone who is going to flirt with retirement (only to come back) year after year. That's not saying that Brett isn't a great QB - he is. He's obviously one of the all-time greats. But if I'm a GM I can't look at past accolades - I've got to keep my eye on the future. So I'd go with Rodgers.
  14. Breaking Down Mark Sanchez

    I agree in that part of it may be that Sanchez has been forced to target just 1-2 players due to injuries or what have you. You can really see that in his game-by-game numbers ... it looks, at least to me, he's going to 2-3 players per game. For comparison's sake, and since I'm a Dolphins fan, here's Henne's numbers since taking over midway through the San Diego game. Obviously Miami has benefited from continuity on offense, as we haven't traded for tons of players. But when I look at these numbers it doesn't look like Henne is focused on 2 to 3 players. I think it illustrates the difference in offensive philosophies between Dan Henning and Brian Schottenheimer, personally.
  15. In the interest of full disclosure, I should begin this by pointing out that I am indeed a Dolphins fan - so naturally this analysis is going to be slanted somewhat, particularly the conclusions. But I thought it might be interesting to try and gain a different perspective on the numbers and what they mean. In order to understand the upcoming match-up with the Jets, I thought it might be interesting to do an analysis of Mark Sanchez and where he tends to go with the football. Who does he look for the most during the football game? For the purposes of this exercise I was interested in identifying any identifiable trends that our team might be able to exploit on Sunday in the Meadowlands. It's an especially intriguing match-up considering the recent loss of Dolphins starting CB Will Allen. If I'm Vontae Davis and Sean Smith, I'm making sure I take extra time in the film room this week to try and look at Sanchez's tendencies passing, such as what this chart below lays out. Now, at first glance it might look like Sanchez is doing a pretty good job of distributing the ball around. However, I think there is more to these numbers than that, and we need to go deeper. To really get a better picture, we have to look at Sanchez on a game-by-game basis. Believe it or not, these individual game numbers actually show us a number of different trends, all of which are important to the match-up on Sunday. [*]Through 7 games, Sanchez has targeted 5 or less receivers in 5 of them. The only exceptions to this are Miami and Tennessee. This tells me that the coaching staff has really focused on limiting how much he is being asked to do offensively. Rookie QBs often aren