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  1. Maybe he needs a little encouragement. He's amusing. I don't take him serious anymore. I'm not falling for anything. Give me a Ficken break.
  2. Where is @T0mShane I miss him like I miss a hemorrhoid.
  3. Stop it. Are you Ficken crazy. I want to see him get booed at camp or escorted out. He talks the talk here let him do it for real at the camp if he's that unhappy with JD and the situation here.
  4. If you feel this strongly about JD make some noise tomorrow at training camp. JOE MUST GO signs and chants. Act crazy like you did back in the day at Gate D. joewilly12
  5. Absolutely its time to put up or shut up. joewilly12
  6. QW makes this team and the defense better. Need him here healthy.
  7. @SAR I I better read about a boisterous fan tomorrow at Jets camp booing everything and anything they do on the field. Or else you are just all talk no action. joewilly12
  8. Cant be drunk all day if you dont start in the morning.
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