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  1. joewilly12

    What happened to New Jack City?

    There JACKING alright!
  2. joewilly12

    Jet fan Gameday experience reply

    We should all copy that and send it to the NY Jets in an envelope so they get massive mail delivery to deal with.
  3. Mehta: Jets need to sign Le'Veon Bell, even if they have to overpay By MANISH MEHTA NOV 13, 2018 | 7:40 PM The Jets’ 2019 offseason mission statement should be reduced to three simple words: GET. Le’VEON. BELL. This is the ultimate no-brainer for a rebuilding franchise plodding along at a snail’s pace. inRead invented by Teads ADVERTISEMENT There are no more excuses or justifications for general manager Mike Maccagnan, who talks about the future on an endless loop. Well, it’s time to land this futuristic running back who can accelerate the rebuilding process one video-game-like juke at a time. Bell might be a mercurial jet-skiing, upside-down Tweeting enigma, but he also happens to be the single best offensive dual threat in the sport (with apologies to Todd Gurley). PAID POSTWhat Is This? Bell’s decision not to report to the Steelers by the league-mandated 4 p.m. deadline Tuesday will effectively make him a free agent in March of 2019. Oh, sure, Pittsburgh could slap the transition tag on him, but that simply will delay the inevitable: This game-wrecking force will be playing somewhere else in 2019 and beyond. How much would Gang Green fans love to see Le'Veon Bell running out of the tunnel at MetLife Stadium next season. (Winslow Townson / AP) It could be the Jets. It should be the Jets. Frankly, it must be the Jets if this star-crossed outfit truly is committed to reversing their losing ways. There are unofficially a trillion reasons why Bell should be wearing green and white next season. He’ll turn 27 in February, so he’s plenty young enough to give Gang Green at least three top-end years of production. His year off from football should mitigate concerns of his heavy workload (1,635 career touches in 66 games). He’ll have the ultimate fresh legs. The Jets will have a projected $95 million of salary cap space in a season with a projected $190 million salary cap. Maccagnan has made it clear that the organization will be aggressive in free agency. Will the Jets have to overpay for Bell, who forfeited $14.54 million by sitting out this season? You bet your derriere that they’ll have to overpay, but that’s the reality when you repeatedly whiff on draft picks. Besides, it’s much better overpaying for a three-time Pro Bowler and two-time All-Pro who wakes up defensive coordinators in a cold sweat rather than doling out oodles of cash for an above average cornerback, pedestrian running back and subpar center (who can’t snap the damn ball!). If you can’t build through the draft, then paying for the right free agents is the best way to get better. Bell is approximately 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,069 times better than any other offensive free agent. He’s a true difference maker in a sport that requires difference makers to, you know, actually win games. Would you rather have Le’Veon Bell or the star-studded collection of Trumaine Johnson, Spencer Long and Isaiah Crowell, who headlined the Jets free-agency class this past offseason? I’ll take Bell every day of the week and twice on Sundays. The Jets also have a three-year window when they don’t have to pay their quarterback big bucks. In fact, the only big-money signing that Gang Green definitely will have to account for this offseason will be a long-term extension for Leonard Williams. Williams’ new deal and the remaining two years on Johnson’s deal (there’s an easy out after 2020) are the only big-money commitments. So, this offseason is the absolute perfect time for the Jets to sign an actual great player to a lot of loot. Consider this: The Jets’ top five players other than Williams will make peanuts in the next few years. Here’s the breakdown for the 2019 salary cap charges for the Top 5 Jets players (excluding Williams), per overthecap.com: Sam Darnold ($6.87M), Jamal Adams ($6.07M), Marcus Maye ($1.79M), Chris Herndon ($838K) and Robby Anderson (~$3-4M depending on the restricted free-agent tender). In other words, the Top 5 players will account for a maximum of $19.5 million on a projected $190 million cap next season. With only about 10 percent of the cap dedicated to those players, there’s no excuse not to get Bell. The total 2020 cap commitments to Darnold, Adams, Maye and Herndon total $18.25 million. Darnold’s year-by-year cap commitments for the next three seasons: $6.87M, $8.25M, $9.62M. The Jets have a three-year window to fortify a roster around a cheap young quarterback. That’s exactly what the Seahawks did when Russell Wilson was still playing on his rookie contract. That’s what all forward-thinking, smart organizations do. The Jets certainly have the means to get Bell, so the only question that remains is this: Do they actually want him? Well, they have a glaring need for a difference maker. The Jets, frankly, haven’t had a consistent game-changer since Curtis Martin. And with all due respect to Martin, a class act and terrific player, Bell is better than Martin ever was in his Hall of Fame career. Bell wrecks games in myriad ways. He is a running back and a receiver, a constant threat to defenses, who can create mismatches for you all over the field. He’s the first player in NFL history with 4,000 rushing yards and 2,000 receiving yards in his first 50 games. He doesn’t cut on a dime. He cuts on a single blade of grass. He’s elusive, powerful and exactly what Darnold needs to help him through the early part of his career. Le'Veon Bell is just the type of difference-maker on offense the Jets desperately need, (Al Bello / Getty Images) Just ask Jared Goff how much having Gurley has helped his development. The Jets need playmakers in the worst way. Bell would replace Crowell, who has averaged 2.4 yards per carry in eight of the first 10 games. He would instantly help Darnold and the rest of the offense. Darnold and Bell could easily be the 2019 version of Goff and Gurley with the right offensive mind running the show. Critics will point to Bell’s sit-out approach this season that prompted a backlash from his Steelers teammates. Does he truly care about football or is he just in it for the money? Newsflash: The money matters to just about every player, so I’m not going to hold it against him that he held out because he wasn’t happy with the Steelers’ offers. Will Bell shut it down after he gets paid? If you think that, then you’re just looking for reasons to knock the guy. Bell has proven that he can deliver. If you think that he’ll just call it a day after cashing his check, then you’re just looking for excuses. It’s fair to point to Bell’s past injuries (he missed the 2014 and 2015 playoffs) and two suspensions (for marijuana/DUI and a failed/missed drug test). Bell isn’t a home run hitter (only 27 runs of 20-plus yards in his career). Maybe he could be better at pass protection. But anyone blessed with the gift of sight knows that he can destroy opponents in a million other ways. The Jets expressed interest in Bell earlier in the season when he was in limbo in Pittsburgh. Well, they’ll get their crack in a few short months. If the Jets don’t make an aggressive play for one of the best players in the NFL, then we’ll know that all of this talk about turning things around was nothing but lip service. No more excuses. Close the deal. Sign Le’Veon Bell.
  4. Why $100 million alone won’t buy Jets a turnaround next year By Brian Costello November 13, 2018 | 6:44pm Modal Trigger Jets GM Mike Maccagnan and co-owner Chris JohnsonRichard Harbus We have not even reached Thanksgiving and Jets fans are already dreaming of March. It is a tradition they have grown accustomed to — this year stinks, but we’ll get them in the offseason! As miserable a season as this has been, their fans keep pointing to the money the Jets can spend this offseason in free agency. The Jets are expected to have nearly $100 million in salary-cap space, and the Johnson brothers will be motivated to spend after eight straight years without a playoff berth. A few weeks ago, general manager Mike Maccagnan vowed the Jets will be “very active” in free agency. “We have a lot of things in place that, with a successful offseason, we can actually put ourselves in a position — with cap space and cash in free agency, along with our draft picks — in our mind to really springboard this thing forward,” Maccagnan said. Here’s the thing, though: Throwing around big money in free agency rarely fixes a football team. The best teams have gotten there through good draft classes and by supplementing that with some free-agent signings. Free agents are free agents for a reason. Their former teams decided they were not worth the investment for some reason. Sometimes it’s age, sometimes it’s health or a drop in production. Then, other teams line up to spend wildly on players who have been tossed aside by their teams, who theoretically know them best. So, Jets fans counting on a spending spree that will fix this roster are probably dreaming. Let’s look at this year’s free-agent crop and how that spending has gone. Using Pro Football Talk’s top free-agent list from last spring, I looked at the top 10 free agents who changed teams. There is not one who you could point to and say that was a home-run signing. Kirk Cousins has been pretty good for the Vikings, but has he lived up to $84 million? The Jaguars threw $65.5 million at guard Andrew Norwell and he has been underwhelming. Case Keenum got $36 million from the Broncos and has thrown 10 interceptions. Allen Robinson has two touchdowns for the Bears after signing a three-year, $42 million deal. How do Jets fans feel about $72 million man Trumaine Johnson after he gave up a 47-yard pass on the first play of the game Sunday? It could be worse for the Jets. They could have signed Malcolm Butler, like the Titans did for $61 million over five years. He is currently rated the 96th-best cornerback in football by Pro Football Focus. Giants fans want to chime in on how $62 million tackle Nate Solder has played so far? About the only deals that look OK are the short-term, lower-risk signings such as Ndamukong Suh (1 year, $14 million) with the Rams, Sheldon Richardson (1 year, $8 million) with the Vikings and Richard Sherman (3 years, $39 million) with the 49ers. There are Jets fans who question whether Maccagnan should be fired at the end of the season because of his spotty record as GM and because they say he can’t be trusted to spend wisely this offseason. I disagree and believe he deserves the chance to see his rebuilding plan through next year. But Maccagnan must not view free agency as a quick fix. The Jets have too many holes to fill to believe free agency will fix everything. Maccagnan has been better at finding value in second-tier free agents (Avery Williamson, Isaiah Crowell, James Carpenter) than he has at the premium free agents. The upcoming free-agent class is underwhelming outside of one name — Le’Veon Bell. The Steelers running back is intriguing, and the Jets, in desperate need of a playmaker, surely will bid on Bell. Maccagnan should chase Bell and then spread the rest of the money around on rebuilding the offensive line and finding some other complementary pieces. He may have to swing a trade for a wide receiver, because there are not many interesting ones in free agency or the draft. The Johnsons are going to hand Maccagnan a big wad of money to spend in March. It will be fun to discuss and dissect what the Jets will do, but big money spent in the winter rarely translates to big wins in the fall
  5. Bell is a game changer, playmaker,NFL superstar no denying that.
  6. joewilly12

    Bills Sign (then release) Terrelle Pryor

    No way in heck Macc brings him back.
  7. ✔Spotrac Potential Landing Spots for Le’Veon Bell in 2019#Steelers (transition tag?)#Jets#Raiders #Ravens#Texans#Titans#Colts 2019 Team Caps: http://bit.ly/2waafrt
  8. Le'Veon Bell is a top 5 RB in the NFL regardless of what anyone thinks about him.
  9. joewilly12

    Bad Coaching At It's Finest

    WOW do the Johnson brothers even pay attention to reports like this one along with many others. Todd Bowles MUST GO NOW
  10. No way in heck should the NY Jets long term plan with Robbie Anderson time to move on and bring in decent WR's, where has Robbie been all season.

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