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  1. I am always looking to improve the WR position here not sure if Bryant is the answer but currently speaking we are weak at the position.
  2. I don't like the sleeves on the new jerseys with the exception of the Elite jersey they are like a t-shirt sleeve is what it looks like from what I can see.
  3. They are liars if you want to date @T0mShane its ok we understand and accept it.
  4. So you want to date @T0mShane
  5. @CTM you single? You can be the first contestant on the @T0mShane Dating Game....... Speak for yourself no one else.
  6. Im sure theres a story for it similar to waking up on the floor wedged between a urinal and a toilet in some dive bar or in the fetal position behind a Chinese food restaurant dumpster next to the grease barrels.
  7. Afraid of true love,commitment or both.
  8. @T0mShane I have an idea for the lounge give me some time to work out the details and liabilities, we can call it the T0mShane dating game or JetNations most eligible bachelor......... True love can and will be found for you with a little help from your friends on JetNation there are obviously a lot of single men and ladies here.
  9. No, just makes him a lot wealthier than you are.
  10. I had a 1971 Nova majestic blue 350/350 HP same perm LOL and same conversation with the law. Wish I had that car today.
  11. Dude grow the hell up. Isn't it lights out at the low income assisted living facility.

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