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  1. Please no private messages appreciate all of you but they go to a shared access email account and this may cause me some issues. Thanks joewilly12
  2. ***Dudes/Dudettes/Duds*** I appreciate the kind words and the thoughts good or bad. Im having some health issues on the mend hopefully and some really serious private personal family issues that I need prayers they get fixed. I made some mistakes and haven’t been the best person I could be towards my wife and son. Hopefully with the grace of God and the best wife anyone could ever ask for this all gets straightened out soon. Miss you all just can’t spend the time here like I used to. Need to fix me and my situation I’m in all my fault.
  3. You wish I was bi-curious give it a rest me and you are so not happening even if you get that sex change you promised in the PM.
  4. Exactly 3 defenders won't be covering Corey Davis.
  5. John Abraham is the last legitimate pass rusher we had give the man a little respect.
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