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  1. I know its not the depth chart its the WR experiment that has been going on here for the last few years.
  2. So instead keep drug users,drunk drivers,and those who don't respect the law on the roster some of them the young WR's? I could be wrong I don't follow the Cowboys but I don't recall ever seeing Dez Bryant suspended for any off the field issues. Correction 2015 lashing out at reporters.
  3. Devin Smith,Jalin Marshall,ArDarius Stewart,Lucky Whirehead,Jo-Jo Natson aint winning sh*t with these guys.
  4. We lack a true #1 WR and he is available give him an incentive laden contract his experience could help this young WR corps. We take chances on guys who are unknown and unproven all the time.
  5. We have one of the most unproven WR corps in the NFL with the best rookie QB and now this turd does this its time to cut ties with all these delinquents and send them packing. If not for the NY Jets these guys wouldn't be on NFL rosters.
  6. This team assembled by Mike Maccagnan must take a team bus to the probation department. Cut him and sign Dez Bryant already we need a true #1 WR on this team.
  7. joewilly12


    Tickets will always be available because you will always be a sell out. You are far from a diehard dedicated NY Jets fan you own season tickets that's it. The team is not playing good,its too cold, its too windy, the game is too late,its raining,I don't do week night games,I have a hair or nail appointment etc etc. Speaking of bandwagon fans weren't you switching over to the Giants a few months ago. joewilly12
  8. joewilly12


    Who are you? You are a nobody a sheep in the grand scheme of things at MetLife. Good times how would you know you sell out,good or bad. I had a run longer than you will probably have as a season ticket holder but you on a leash (PSL) I wasn't. You don't and you wont sit out all the losing seasons like many of us did at Giants Stadium you have proved that time and time again by being a sell out selling game tickets to whoever will pay your price you are no different than a scalper standing on the side of Rt 3. I wont forget what you did at Gate D spirals and then you have the audacity to text and tattle on a rowdy fan. You could only hope us diehard old time Jets fans return it would bring some life back to the stadium instead of the FID crowd. joewilly12
  9. If he asked her once and she shunned his request then nothing, if he asked her daily then that's sexual harassment.
  10. That picture of McCown hoisting the Lombardi along with DeMario Davis and Matt Forte?
  11. Was it that bad I don't click on strange links on the internet might be a guy squeezing his nuts in a vise sounds like it was.
  12. joewilly12


    Stadium is far from SOLD OUT. Spoken like a true Giants fan.