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  1. Nope we all make mistakes and say things that sometimes don't work out and we eat crow no big deal. You should know this, you are from perfect.
  2. On 1 of your formers teams biggest division rivals no less.
  3. Danny INTs/Fumbles Dimes LOL yea right. #JamalAdams2020NFLMVP
  4. Band width ~~~~~ be careful the bandwidth hall monitor will reprimand you. @T0mShane
  5. The CB position here hasn't been so highly regarded in many years here in the draft......... Kyle Wilson-Dee Milliner..........
  6. Howdy Doody the NY Giants are going to be sorry.
  7. @T0mShane bath tub in the shared rooming house bathroom has more rings than Dan Marino. Ken O'Brien played In some wild games, he too no rings so NO.
  8. GB- Jamaal Williams/Aaron Jones S.F Matt Breida/Tevin Coleman/Raheem Mosert/Jeff Wilson Jr. K.C Damien Williams/LeSean McCoy/Darwin Thompson Tenn Derrick Henry/Dion Lewis

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