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  1. Im familiar with the HD antenna we had one at my former workplace and got a limited selection of the local NY channels in HD. Optimum is no longer a user friendly company and there resistance to give a customer who has been with them for 30 years a break is disturbing when they give new subscribers all the deals.
  2. Ok i'm about done with Optimum cable in my area. I have the basic package, internet and land-line phone paying $215.00 a month. I was due a promotion May 1 and they refuse to offer me one saying Covid has caused many to cancel services and cannot give any discounts. What are my options besides Verizon and Dish TV which if a better deal or no other options I may sign on. We want to continue to get all the local channels, sports ESPN, Yankees games and of course the Housewives of N.J etc for the wife.
  3. If Sam Darold plays as bad as he did here the NY Jets have nothing to worry about we win game 1.
  4. Agree 100% every time I look at my authentic #10 Chad Pennington jersey I feel this way. $240 at NY Jets camp I will never get back.
  5. John Rocker forgot all about him until now.
  6. Darn PG was a local kid played for Monmouth.
  7. @Mogglez Get down to the Flea Market and keep me posted if they have these jerseys I have to buy one for a family member who doubted he was going to be a NY Jet. Thanks
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