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  1. Chiefs sign Revis

    On second thought how about making a charitable donation to an organization of my choice and then showing me the receipt.
  2. Chiefs sign Revis

    I will PM you my PayPal COMPENSATE ME!!!!!!
  3. Chiefs sign Revis

    The list is long of players who screwed us Ryan Fitzpatrick is at the top of my list.
  4. Chiefs sign Revis

    Who cares?
  5. Chiefs sign Revis

    Im not losing at anything and are you saying being a member of JetNation is being on a bad team.
  6. Turkey Day Football Games Thread.

    I enjoy watching the Cowboys lose but I wanted them to beat the Chargers today to help our playoff chances.
  7. Turkey Day Football Games Thread.

    I believe it was Thomas Rhett
  8. Turkey Day Football Games Thread.

    NFL officiating really sucks this season.
  9. Most NFL players have a squeeze in every city they play in....nothing new here. Hot chics try and leash themselves to most professional athletes.
  10. He's a top defensive player in the NFL being on the NY Jets surely has to take its toll on the players like it does the fans, besides the few minor infractions you mention I don't see it as an issue. Rumors were circulating he was injured. Have you ever had a conversation with Mo Wilk to determine he has a bad attitude, the few times I've spoken to him he's been very cordial and appreciative of the fan support here.
  11. Chiefs sign Revis

    Ok fair enough, he got a Super Bowl ring something he would have never gotten here, he got paid the NFL is a business, our GM allowed him to holdout, our HC allowed him to loaf. Revis is still one of the best NY jets player in history.
  12. Google Search comes up with this.