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  1. Allen Robinson just got his bell rung helmet to helmet no call.
  2. @BROOKLYN JET STOP PMing me you are sorry your not here posting but you want to hang with who you think are the cool guys tonight.
  3. Im going to be going to bed soon you can catch the rest of the game thread on our sister channel game thread @Jetsfan80 We were the originators of tonights game thread only to be hi-jacked by by them. You know what they say...IF YOU CANT BEAT EM JOIN EM...and they did just that. And to those posting in the other thread wash your hands thoroughly. joewilly12
  4. Rams D stops them Alabama rookie Terrell Lewis nice play.
  5. Thats a catch down by contact still a yard short who know the way they've been calling catches this year in the NFL Tremendous catch.
  6. They also have had 51 different starters most in the NFL for sure I thought the NY Jets had the most I lost count.
  7. Bears have started 51 different starters at QB most in the NFL

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