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  1. #1 NY Jets fans don't want to see BB coaching the Giants to another Super Bowl. #2 Who wants to listen to mumbles while watching a football game, we certainly already have enough bad announcers. Welcome back @T0mShane
  2. Cashman needs to stay healthy, durability issues in the NFL get you cut.
  3. Relaxing Sunday watching football not caring who wins and who loses.
  4. Sooooooooo do we still want to trade Jamal Adams you know for those sure things JD draft picks.
  5. The demise in NE is on when they have to cheat to beat the Bengals.
  6. We need a new thread section FEELINGS and I QUIT post all your rants, raves and goodbyes here.
  7. If this is happening let's hope NY Jets brass identifies it ASAP.
  8. @SAM SAM HE'S OUR MAN Are you writing these or are you quoting someone else's work.
  9. Helluva player smart player we need him back next year,imagine how much better the D would have been this year with him.
  10. Many other people besides the homeless ride the subway. @T0mShane did someone hack your account you are on fire.
  11. I agree, alright does not mean good. So where's Jimmy Hoffa buried?
  12. The QB stirs the drink buddy you need to add the right ingredients for success.
  13. Cashman cant stay healthy he was injury prone in college. Hate to say it because when he played he played well but durability is a big issue in the NFL.
  14. Yes it was alright. So where's Jimmy Hoffa buried? joewilly12

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