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  1. A 6th rounder at least.
  2. Until we select someone with the draft pick that turns out to be a decent player who helps this team win games no one fleeced anyone.
  3. None at all I figured you were into the frozen pea thing for all your boo-boos.
  4. Unknown what you and others partake in behind closed doors. Im not at all surprised that there is such a club. I can assure you i'm not part of any club here. joewilly12
  5. JD sure knows how to pick them. Ralph Vacchiano @RVacchianoSNY LB B.J. Goodson, the Giants' fourth-round pick in 2016 who was signed by the Jets last week, has retired, the Jets announced. 4:41 PM · Sep 22, 2021
  6. Crowded restautant ....DIck Wood party of 5 your table is ready.
  7. So who replaces this All-Pro Hall of Fame bound LB.
  8. Imagine being in the Dr.s office hot receptionist says Mr.Dick Wood you can come in.
  9. Dick Wood is an awesome name.
  10. @T0mShane remedy for sore groin Place frozen bag on effected area.
  11. Luke Falk almost broke me.
  12. I'm quite sure the FBI placed many of the members here who are part of the witness protection program.
  13. Are you going to sell your season tickets.
  14. No way in hell do you trade a proven LB like Mosley for what more failed draft picks. This team will never win with the formula they using. We don't draft well.
  15. Only the strong survive in N.J
  16. Lose Sunday in Denver and a covid out break is a given.
  17. I can't hear you @peebag is that you the urine drainage bag talking.
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