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  1. Sadness heartbreak pain like my marriage divorce
  2. I’m ok with JD he just isn’t good at selecting QB’s and kickers but Zeurlein is decent …. Keep the faith I guess … hope you are well.
  3. It has everything to do with everything bad drafting throughout the years is why this organization hasn’t won anything. Many didn’t have him as the consensus #2 QB in the draft.
  4. And look at the outcome worst rated QB in the NFL that the NY Jets wasted a #2 pick on wonder why we haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1969 it’s draft picks decisions like this.
  5. A 1-2 year rental at QB to sell tickets is so NY Jets when will we get long term franchise QB who will win Super Bowls like Mahomes …. I wanted to draft him ….
  6. Ok let’s do it I think we need to draft a QB also with some talent to learn behind AR … ZW I don’t think is that guy I hope I’m wrong.
  7. Bad take? More like doesn’t matter what he did in pop Warner high school college it’s what’s he’s doing now a lot of nothing. A #2 pick should be playing a helluva lot better than what he’s shown us nothing is positive.
  8. I want a decent QB as the NY Jets starter as much as anyone but this has been a real sh*t show.
  9. The NY Jets have failed to draft develop a decent QB .. sign on in free agency … acquire on via a trade …. FACTS
  10. Wentz might be only option left what about Will Levi’s kids got a cannon of an arm and an attitude.
  11. 1-800-JOE-FLACCO it seems why can’t this organization get the QB position right
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