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  1. LOL quit on the team the NY Jets were 1-15 in 1996 many of us were in our seats and didn't SELL OUT like you do SOR I We sat through many bad seasons and paid our ticket fees on time no payment plans and no internet to SELL OUT. Some day the diehards will re join the many dedicated diehards still at MetLife SOR I is not included in all this he's just a PSL owner spending his fun money to be able to brag about it.
  2. Only reason Frank Gore is on this team is Adam Gase.
  3. Perriman seems to go up and battle for the ball and is not afraid to take a hit.
  4. @GREENBEAN my apologies for not participating I don't have a Facebook or a registered YouTube account. Perhaps there's a way to have this and link on from here, I believe there used to be a chat room here. How did it go and thanks for doing this.
  5. But they are playing hard for Adam Gase. 1 person is fighting and thats Frank Gore relationship with AG everyone else is just going through the motions players under 1 year contracts are playing for another contract of hopes another team signs them out of here and not get injured.
  6. LMFAO so factual and true. Let me know if you find a buyer for that bridge I have some swamp land in close proximity to that bridge ive been looking to sell.
  7. Sorry i'm used to NE having a winning record all the time from years of it. I stand corrected.
  8. i cant wait until this team is great and we are all happy and we can discuss our current players instead of has beens that never were.
  9. At least now we are the point where he's stopped asking me for photos of myself in specific outfits. Im happy,glad and relieved he's moved onto Trevor Lawrence. @T0mShane
  10. Absolutely I enjoy tailgating with decent people and having a few beers. I had 2 seats LL 128 and 4 seats UD 339 good times. The MEZZ seems like best seats along with the coaches club dining facilities and bathrooms. I really like LL EZ row 1.
  11. Agree I feel the same way, season ticket holder for 20+ years in the old stadium moved to the UD in the new stadium, the view was bad I gave the tickets away to my son and his friends for the entire 2010 season. I buy tickets and sit in premium seats for random games throughout the years since then or use my neighbors corporate owned seats or another neighbors companies luxury box when he wins the raffle for it. Hire a decent HC draft TL and I will consider purchasing PSL's and being in my seat every Sunday win or lose regardless of the weather, game time or opponent like I used to be with the rest of the diehards.
  12. Nike is not mass producing any NY Jets jerseys with #21 GORE on them unless you custom order one. Dicks Sporting Goods Stores are filled with #33 ADAMS,#26 BELL #14 DARNOLD none selling. The bootleg jersey guy at the flea market cant even give NY Jets jerseys away LOL he leaves them hanging outside the building all week and even the homeless guys won't take them.
  13. Thats a shame this kid has a long road back to recovery. Wish him the best thoughts and prayers his way.
  14. This team couldn't fight its way out of a wet paper bag. There is no fight in this team lets not forget the game Sam Darnold was body slammed and injured, no one came to defend him.
  15. Do a Google search. I know you have weak internet because you bootleg it off of the other men in the low income rooming house with shared bathroom in Hell's Kitchen. Or go to the local library or maybe next time your at the soup kitchen you can land a hot-spot on your pay as you go trac cell phone. Im not trying to degrade you I just keep it real. Sorry I cant help you.
  16. Tell him to contact the NYJets.com and start bidding on the Super Bowl rings.

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