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  1. Hope all is well my friend.

    Miss you on the board. 



  2. Hope everything is ok with you. Miss you on the board. 


  3. Please PM the site. THANKS 

  4. Good afternoon rex-n-efect. Please enjoy the day. 

  5. Hello hope you are feeling better. I sense a lot of negativity form you. Its ok you will be fine. 

    Good luck. 


  7. Hello rex-n-effect :D or do you prefer -202 :D

  8. Thanks a lot for the support I didnt call you a LOSER BITCH I called Fitzpatrick one. 

    The mob is allowed to call names and ridicule proof is quite evident once a person not in the mob does it or if they disagree with opinions of others they attack it doesn't bother me but not being able to defend does, 

    I might take a break or post less or ignore a lot i like this place and I like everyone regardless of opinions I sometimes should use my words more wisely and respect others opinions even though they dont respect mine. 

    Life is way too short for this sh*t coming here is supposed to be fun. 


    Thanks again 


  9. 12 hours ago, Warfish said:

    Keep enjoying our loses because it makes you e-right, despite no evidence the alternative would have been better.

    Glad you got so much joy out of our loss today.

    And yes, Geno is a pathetic little bitch who couldn't beat out Fitz, which is why the team gave Fitz a ton of cash despite having Geno sitting there, because everyone knows Geno is sh*t exact for a few forum fools.

    Fitz is the LOSER BITCH 


    Warfish called Geno a pathetic little bitch 

    I called Fitz a loser bitch 

    I did not call Warfish a bitch 


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    2. joewilly12


      Im going to take a break I think its best. 

      Hope to be able to come back as the season progresses.

      Good luck with the RV and best wishes to your wife in her battle. 

      Thanks for the opportunity to be a member of the best Jets forum on the internet. 

      See you  in a few weeks the mob wins. 



    3. Maxman


      Thanks. Take care.

    4. Warfish


      I don't know why this exchange came up in my feed, but I should state rather clearly that Joe did not call me anything inappropriate or offensive in any form, and I would prefer he NOT be banned or leave.  While he and I may viciously disagree, I welcome all points of view (even when I yell at them how wrong they are) and I'd not want to see him gone.  Please reconsider Max if you're thinking ban.  The mob is rarely right, and Joe helps foster conversation.  He could maybe spam a little less at times, but that's an administrative request, not ban worthy.

      My 0.01$ take it as you like.


  10. How many members belong to JetNation


    1. Maxman


      It is always posted in the forums - sidebar right about halfway down. Right now it is 19,298 I think.

      Why do you ask?

    2. joewilly12


      I been thinking about something and I would never do it without asking you but I was going to see if someone would start a gofundme page for you to off-set the cost of that RV if everyone gave $5 to the cause it would help you and your family out.  Im not looking for anything out of it I just like to help people who deserve it. Its up to you. 


    3. Maxman


      Oh no, definitely not. We are good. Save the go fund me for a family in need with medical bills or something like that. We have been blessed, so thanks but no thanks.

  11. You are a TURD 

    go squeal to the Moderators 

    let me play the Deliverance music for you when you squeal 


    1. BowlesMovement


      Lol, what the sh*t are you talking about? I never went to any mod you moron

  12. You've chosen to ignore content by RutgersJetFan

  13. I thought you had me on IGNORE 

    Keep the negative rep com in, from you i like it because I know I'm pissing you off 

    BowelMovement is more like it 

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