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  1. Exactly 3 defenders won't be covering Corey Davis.
  2. John Abraham is the last legitimate pass rusher we had give the man a little respect.
  3. So you're saying Mike White will be a Luke Falk like disaster.
  4. Denzel Mims 9 catches 128 yards 2 TD's
  5. RB's are irrelevant in todays NFL that's what many say I strongly disagree.
  6. *disclaimer Im just posting the article from nj.com I have no opinion Joe Douglas should help Zach Wilson by signing ex-NFL MVP, former Jets star says Updated: 7:21 a.m. | Published: 7:20 a.m. 29 Jets practice before Titans game, Sept. 30, 2021 Facebook Share Twitter Share By Mike Rosenstein | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com And now for something completely different. Former New York Jets defensive end John Abraham has an idea how the team can help rookie quarterback Zach Wilson. Per WFAN: “Hell, why not get Cam Newton?” he said on the “Upon Further Review” podcast with Zach Brook on Thursday. “I know it don’t sound right — just to save some games. Save some face. Cam’s a good leader. He can show how to sit in the pocket, show him how to take hits – Cam got hit more than damn near any quarterback in the world – also he knows New England inside and out. … Cam is chilling at home … and he’s played Buffalo. Miami. He’s played those teams in the division. Why not? And if you don’t have him start at that time he’s a good coach. He’ll be a great coach. He’ll bring momentum, bring a couple more people in the stands just to see him. It might not sound good but it sounds right to me.” The 32-year-old Newton spent last season with the New England Patriots. But the 2015 NFL MVP was cut before the start of the 2021 campaign, with the Patriots committing to rookie Mac Jones, the No. 15 pick overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. Newton struggled in his one season in Foxborough (7-8 record, eight TD passes, 10 interceptions), but it’s not like the Jets have much to brag about when it comes to backing up Wilson. Mike White is listed as the Jets’ No. 2 quarterback. A fifth-round draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys in 2018, White has never played in an NFL regular-season game.
  7. Only if you were flying the plane over enemy territory.
  8. Vince Lombardi wouldn't make a difference here with this roster.
  9. This is what Mike Lafleur should be doing on the NY Jets.
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