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  1. The Jets needed a QB and they did what they had to. Enough already..............
  2. Starting a thread like this deserves BANNING........
  3. ..... the bartender being an ex-marine pulls out a sawed off shot-gun and blasts bin laden blowing his head off... the pope says.......
  4. Each draft pick 3 minutes all rounds. Teams have 2 extended time-outs which would give them an additional 3 minutes. Teams have all off season to get ready for today. Enough is enough.
  5. The Tom Brady gay is and was pretty succesful im ok with it.
  6. She looks like a MILF...........isnt a cougar an old lady?
  7. To the negative.... pick a new team and exit left. The Jets needed a QB and got the best availabvle. Those who say we should have picked a WR and stuck with Clemens stick to electric football, video games arent even on your level.
  8. Then pick a new team and leave. This is a great day in Jets history we dont need your negativity.
  9. The Jets needed a QB they went out and got the best available in the draft. And yet you guys still bitch. Do us all a favor switch teams or give up your tickets so real fans can go to games.
  10. He led USC his Sr year against tough competition. The Jets went out and got the best QB available and you guys are still bitching.
  11. Eric Mangini is too dumb to make a pick thats why he keeps trading.
  12. The Jets needed a QB and they went out and got the best one available in the draft. Yet the naysayers and doubters have found a way to bring negativity to this celebratory day. Only Jets fans would find a way to do that. Pisses me off.
  13. Im going to have to agree. Clemens was terrible in his brief stint as the QB.
  14. Trade the #3 for Boldin or Edwards at this point it doesnt really matter. We got a QB..............
  15. When do we pick in the 3rd what #. Thanks
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