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  1. Don't forget save all the cap money and let all the decent free agents sign with other teams. Then sign players off the scrap heap and act as if you outsmarted everyone else.
  2. JD built one of the worst rosters in the NFL. He should be the first fired if anyone is fired at all.
  3. Sure thing the 6th round picks are plentiful opposing teams GM's lining up to trade for players on our roster.
  4. Sunday in the Browns win over the Bears Kareem Hunt had 155 all purpose yards and 1 TD. The NY Jets didn't need a player like him. Besides RB's are irrelevant in the NFL.
  5. NY Jets fans that I know myself included would never ever consider supporting another NFL organization. We post our opinions our thoughts our feelings for discussion purposes on a message board. Agree or disagree we all have our opinions. Sadly the players who are getting paid to play the game would rather berate fans on social media than put the effort into tackling or blocking someone on the field. Start winning and all this negativity disappears.
  6. Electric cars aren't the answer electric isn't cheap either, many homes have been damaged by fire because of faulty electrical charging systems on cars. I will walk or ride a bike before buying an electric vehicle.
  7. Possibly or else CostCo might be hiring.
  8. Winning changes everything remember nobody likes a loser except us NY Jets fans. The fan base is bitter and scorned because of what the organization has put them through.
  9. Places like CostCo are out of toilet paper and paper towels and limiting water to 1 case per customer.
  10. It cant get any worse can it. Been around a longtime seen the good bad and mostly ugly. Some in person sat out every game during the 1-15 season and stayed until the clock read 00:00. Even teams that bad played better than this team has the last few years. Players like QW can careless they get paid win or lose. Do you think they care what fans paid for a PSL,game ticket, parking or a hot dog. They have one job play the damn game you are getting paid for. QW is a young good player like a few others more frustrated then we are they are on a bad team it happens. Hoping for better days for the NY Jets and its fans.
  11. Anisette cookies were my favorite my moms side of the family Italian my grandmother made them the best.
  12. His play hasn't been good did you like him celebrating a sack when we were losing bad. The joewilly12 signature after posts is a joke.
  13. No not entirely but QW hasn't been doing anything great to change things. It's a joke.
  14. Yes diehard longtime resilient fans who are still NY Jets fans after all the failure. Want fans to say nice things play better win some games. joewilly12
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