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  1. So the tldr here is: The smart decision for the organization is to retain a guy we will later show has not drafted well, and let him choose a coach too. That’ll make the coaching job less appealing too. Super.
  2. Great post. This is the guy I want as well. Somehow he's a day 2 player? Runs away from guys, quickness, weight is more important than height as a receiver. Darnold's a get the ball in the hands of playmakers guy - here's a playmaker. Home run. Would love it.
  3. I guess that was more the underlying point. Easier to scheme defense. Offense needs more talent and development - but maybe it’s really talent. All about Darnold.
  4. I’ll give you Norv. Maybe Whisenhunt. I don’t think he’s in the Schwartz, Phillips, etc tier as a coordinator. Maybe. I think it’s more necessary to have baseline talent on offense than defense.
  5. You see a lot more guys who are good DC’s but crappy HC’s than good OC’s but crappy HC’s. Not that an OC is a lock to be good but, sans McDaniels who will get another shot, how often does an OC flop as a HC and then emerge as a good offensive mind again? Add in the need to develop Darnold and the offensive direction the league is going - new HC has to be an offensive guy IMO. Then hire one of those awesome DC’s, just as a DC, and let him run the show on that side of the ball.
  6. Gurley fell due to his injury and still went top 10...
  7. derp

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    McVay, Pederson, Reid...the way things are trending in Chicago we’re going to be talking about Nagy and Trubisky soon too. Need to get better offensive coaching for Darnold. What Chicago has done isn’t a bad blueprint. Got their franchise QB a good offensive mind and some weapons - huge difference year over year.
  8. A monumental mistake if true. Maccagnan has shown no ability to draft outside the first round, plus it makes then head coaching job less appealing. And if Maccagnan gets axed next year then do you have a situation where you’re forcing the HC on the GM again? Plus if Maccagnan knows his job is on the line with a lot of cap space he’s likely not going to leave the team in a good position. This is the perfect time to hit reset. High draft pick, empty roster, lots of cap space. Clean. House.
  9. Yeah - when I think elite playmaker I'm thinking of a guy who the defense needs to account for on every play and game plan around. Marshall put up awesome numbers but was more an elite possession/red zone guy and chain mover. The other guys like Holmes had their moments but weren't going to consistently make you pay if you didn't roll coverages that way. And I can't remember the last elite game breaking bellcow back - Martin was elite but for his consistency more than anything. Never a big play threat.
  10. Assuming Darnold isn't broken this year - the Jets GM and coaching jobs should theoretically be appealing. Potential franchise QB in place, cap space, looks like a high pick in the first round. When Maccagnan and Bowles were hired, the jobs were dumpster fires. Guys take them because there is a limited supply of HC and GM positions in the NFL, but you're not getting ideal candidates. This is the time to bring in bright football minds to help build this franchise. I do think Bowles has done more with less, but at this point I think he's kind of broken and it's time for a change in leadership. Maccagnan is the one who I think definitively needs to go (and the GM job goes from appealing to not appealing if you force Bowles on a GM which certainly locks that up). He's done well getting cute in a couple of areas like the practice squad which is interesting, but his drafting record is horrific. and his free agency track record isn't great either. He needs to go.
  11. I don't think either gets fired. I also think both should be let go. This franchise seems to have made one big step - Darnold. That's pretty much Maccagnan's case. One of the issues with bringing him back because he got Darnold is that Darnold kind of fell into his lap, is the one thing he's done right, and you also don't need him to repeat that in theory because you have Darnold. The biggerproblem is that the bones are pretty bare other than that. Next season you've got $100M in cap space but are returning: Offense - Darnold, Crowell, the starting offensive line sans Carpenter, Herndon, and depth pieces (Leggett, Cannon, McGuire, Peake) Defense - Williams, Jenkins, inside linebackers, safeties, Trumaine Johnson, and depth pieces (Pennell, Pierre-Louis, Brooks, Shepherd, Robinson, Basham, Jones, Nickerson, Fatukasi) Special Teams - Edwards, Hennessy That's literally the entire roster. On offense you need to add a left guard, an entire set of offensive line backups, a backup quarterback (maybe Webb?), almost an entire receiving core (Anderson is likely back as a RFA, Peake maybe sticks around), probably another tight end, and a better running back would be good too. On defense you maybe have a starting DL, still desperately need an edge rusher, probably need another starting corner, and definitely need to add DL and linebacker depth. Also need a kicker. The roster that's been assembled to date is not good or realistically sustainable. Maccagnan has made some nice small moves over the years and one solid big move, but he's invested a lot in positions like OLB and WR and not hit at all, missed a few times at QB, and overall failed to bring in any late round standouts. As for Bowles, I agree with those who feel he tends to outperform expectations with the roster he's given to work with. And I've seen flashes of decent developmental ideas with Darnold - I think he toes the line between trying not to wreck his confidence and trying to give him opportunities to grow reasonably well. But I also just don't see consistent enough in game coaching skills or management of an organization to think he's great long term. To me, this is one of the first times the Jets are an appealing destination for a GM and a head coach. The team has a likely franchise QB, a relatively scheme versatile group of defensive players, and a ton of cap space. It's a pretty blank slate with some key pieces in place (but not many). Bring in a strong GM candidate, let him pick an offensive minded coach who will mesh with Darnold, and have them build the organization. Longer they wait to bring in people who will do this right, the less appealing the situation is. Now is the right time to make a change.
  12. derp


    You’re thinking of bipolar disorder.
  13. Feels like this is right around the time of the year we get on board with losing and a high draft pick and then the Jets win a game against a better team that we expect them to lose. Broncos on a short week, heading west to east, terrible recent road record. It does add up. Public is going to be hammering the Broncos too. Sneaky line.
  14. derp


    I think it's going to be hard to buy an OL this offseason. Left tackles rarely just hit the market. Possible that the Jets are able to draft one, but I don't see that need getting filled in FA. Would be all over signing an elite guard to replace Carpenter though. Unless they thought he wasn't a scheme fit they really should have gone after Norwell.

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