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  1. Some other ideas at Center

    Would love to get Daniels, I think he's an excellent scheme fit. Lock down the center position for a while. I've seen him projected late first though which would mean he likely lands elsewhere. Wynn's a really interesting potential guard prospect too IMO. I think Carpenter may be gone - he'd be a nice potential replacement if available day 2 and function as tackle depth as well in case of injury. I feel like they're going to come up with some patchwork solutions in FA and ignore the line again during the draft though.
  2. I get wanting to go after Cousins. I could even see guaranteeing the first couple of years and a chunk of money after. But you need an out - ESPECIALLY because if/when this ends up being the disaster it's shaping up to be the replacement is going to be saddled with a huge contract to deal with.
  3. Jeremy Bates?

    In theory Dennison takes a little off of Bates’ plate as the OC, right? You basically have a line coach who handles the run game and a QB coach who handles the passing game and calls plays - and they obviously have a working relationship. Really curious how the Dennison hire plays out. A quality OL coach is huge IMO.
  4. Kiper's BIG Board

    I definitely get the Locker comparison for Allen. There's also some Cam Newton in there too. It's easy to see why people like him, the arm is absurd. Also easy to see why people want no part of him, he's wildly inconsistent. I think there are scenarios where Allen ends up being a really good quarterback. Needs a really good offensive coaching staff that's willing to cater gameplans to his strengths (i.e. push the ball downfield, some of those deep corner routes that most quarterbacks can't make, etc), a run game to take pressure off him early, and maybe even half a year to a year of just mechanical cleanup. Not sure he gets much if any of that with the Jets. I guess we'll have a better sense of the plan once FA is done but I'm really curious to see what the Jets do on the offensive line in this draft. Kiper kind of alludes to the tackle position being a giant cluster and it'll be interesting to see how that all shakes out. Couple of quality centers who could make it to the second round pick. Several good guards including maybe the safest prospect in the draft (although we saw this with Jonathan Cooper and Chance Warmack a few years ago - granted that draft was pretty awful overall). Jets have no long-term center, could probably draft a tackle, stick him on the right side, and maybe have him replace Beachum down the road, and might need a new guard too if they cut Carpenter. Particularly with the likely move to a ZBS I think we're going to see a bit of an overhaul on the line and I'm curious how much of it comes via the draft.
  5. Jets announce OC and Staff

    Is the consensus that the Jets are going to run more zone blocking with Bates/Dennison? Figure the offensive line definitely needs to be reworked, curious to see how the coordinators might impact player acquisition strategies. If they're running zone stuff wonder if they find a way to go get the Iowa center. Kind of goes against Maccagnan's drafting strategies I guess, he's done more beefy linemen in an admittedly small sample, but on the other hand he tends to draft linemen late and I don't think that's too at odds with building a ZBS line. I'd love to work towards having a quality one again. Makes everything else so much easier on offense.
  6. Watch this - QB Josh Allen

    The highlights are absolutely unreal. If he had any semblance of consistency he'd be a lock for #1 though. There's a lot of bad that goes with that good. I did see some recent adjusted accuracy stats, maybe related to a Lamar Jackson thread? But when adjusting for drops, etc Allen doesn't exactly skyrocket up. Seems like he missed plenty of throws. Need to watch some on my own, but that's scary. I do think his Senior Bowl performance will be extremely interesting. t's super fun to dream on, and I love the idea of having a big QB with a cannon for cold weather games, but trying to fix a QB who's wildly inconsistent and mostly tools rarely if ever works. Also it's not like the Jets are exactly going to have their pick of QB's in this draft. To be honest - if they take one in the first round I'm going to simultaneously be excited about it and have a feeling of impending doom regardless of who it is.
  7. I don't think the game itself particularly matters but practice absolutely should - pretty typical for anyone at the Senior Bowl. Big question about Allen is accuracy, otherwise he's athletic and has a cannon. His proponents say that you can look past the accuracy concerns because his supporting cast was poor. If he's out there dropping dimes all week in practice than it gives a little validity to the completion percentage being more complicated than meets the eye. Particularly because the guys who he'll be playing with aren't guys he'll have a ton of chemistry with. And if he's inaccurate all week we'll presumably hear that there are fixable mechanical issues. I'd love to have confidence the Jets can fix that but I don't. Reality of course will fall somewhere in the middle. I tend to think he's going to push his way up to the 1/2 range with an awesome week or fall into the mid-late first range where he lands with a team that can spend a little more time with him. The tools are so good I think he either shows enough that a team takes a chance on him at the very top of the draft or he's far enough away that bad teams don't think they can fix him. Of course bad teams think they can fix guys they can't which is why they stay bad so who knows.
  8. Lamar Jackson

    Lean through the shoulders, he doesn't have the frame to get big and if he bulks up too much it's going to take away from his athleticism. Not that big at his age either, RGIII was 6'2 223 at the combine and a little broader looking than Jackson too. Again, I'd love to be wrong. Dynamic college player, I think there are concerns about him translating to the next level. Frankly if there weren't question marks about his accuracy, polish, and frame he'd be a slam dunk #1 overall pick with his arm and athletic ability.
  9. Lamar Jackson

    I watched Jackson earlier this year and really wanted to like him. Admittedly haven’t seen him in a bit. Saw a guy who lacked touch and placement. More to accuracy than completion percentage, Petrino’s offense is very QB friendly. I’d love to be wrong, obviously has a fantastic arm and is an extremely dynamic player. Frame is a concern too.
  10. Lamar Jackson

    Sure but inaccurate quarterbacks tend to stay inaccurate when going from college to the pros. Trying to fix a guy who struggles with accuracy isn’t really a recipe for long term success regardless of his receivers.
  11. Lamar Jackson

    Accuracy largely doesn't improve at the next level. Jackson feels like the kind of guy some people want to go in the first, and the Jets take in the second after drafting a defensive player in the first round. Obviously a five technique or a corner would be traditional, but I'll go out on a limb and say an edge rusher is on the table this year based on this class.
  12. Josh Allen

    Seems like he's right in Maccagnan's wheelhouse of traits he likes to go after. Will be interesting to see if he pivots based on the complete and utter lack of success he's had drafting QB's or wants to go to the well again. Also seems like there's a good chance he'll be the top QB available when the Jets pick. Likely him or Mayfield. I like our offensive coaching staff. Not sure if I trust them enough to develop someone like Allen, but I like this group more than I have in a while. I've always thought the Jets would be best with a big, strong armed QB since they play outside in cold weather so much late in the year. I honestly have no idea if Mayfield has any track record outside in harsh conditions but that'd be interesting to check out (I need to watch more but on paper I like the idea of Mayfield here). I guess the nice thing about Allen is there's no middle ground really. He gets his three years and he's either completely incompetent or you've got your franchise QB. Major dice roll. Also entirely possible they sign Cousins and this is all moot.
  13. I realize it's November. Allen's arm strength is frankly absurd and he's a really good athlete. Wouldn't be surprised a bit if concerns over his completion percentage drop him a little. The Jets won't be at the very top of the draft and have no track record of being able to develop quarterback talent. Feels like a lock.
  14. Thanks for posting this, it's been relatively evident from games that the OL is below average but I don't study enough to know the issues. Very interesting that Carpenter has been such a disaster. Almost need to draft a center this year. Probably makes sense to cut Carpenter. Not sure if FA is a legitimate option to get his replacement. Wouldn't mind drafting a guard if that'll be cheaper. Seems like they've drafted a ton of guards over the years, but just Shell at tackle since Ferguson and no centers since Mangold, with almost nothing to show for it at guard. Tackle is the most interesting. How much validity is there to the idea that Beachum is giving you roughly average production at the most important position on the OL on a relatively reasonable contract and it's potentially worth keeping him? This is a pretty solid tackle class, I kind of like the idea of drafting a potential LT in R2 but leaving Beachum at LT, letting the rookie take the RT job, and depending on how he plays over the next couple of years switching him over to LT or leaving him at RT and finding a new LT. This offense desperately needs some attention in the draft this year.
  15. It'll be interesting to see what Cousins gets. Is Carr's $25m a year the highest? I'm sure UFA is going to help his market value but $30m a year would really blow the previous largest annual value out of the water. Also will be interesting to see the balance between years, guarantees, and max value. Do like the idea of signing Cousins and making heavy improvements to the OL. They definitely have the cap space to make a big splash.