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  1. Feels like this is right around the time of the year we get on board with losing and a high draft pick and then the Jets win a game against a better team that we expect them to lose. Broncos on a short week, heading west to east, terrible recent road record. It does add up. Public is going to be hammering the Broncos too. Sneaky line.
  2. derp


    I think it's going to be hard to buy an OL this offseason. Left tackles rarely just hit the market. Possible that the Jets are able to draft one, but I don't see that need getting filled in FA. Would be all over signing an elite guard to replace Carpenter though. Unless they thought he wasn't a scheme fit they really should have gone after Norwell.
  3. derp

    Next Years Focus. Would you?

    I like the idea of moving down a little and trying to get a LT and an edge from this class early since both spots seem to be strengths in this draft, maybe even using that extra three to move back into the late first with a two from moving down. But it depends who’s available, how the board looks, what the offer is, etc. If you’ve got a team trying to move up for a QB, or multiple teams even, that’s one I think you have to take because usually that offer can trump the chart, and just try not to drop too far. Whereas if there’s nobody really worth trading up for and you’re trying to take a cheap offer just to move down and there’s a guy on the board worth the pick (especially a LT who could protect Darnold a little) I’d rather stay and take the guy.
  4. I agree. And I think they’re toying with a black alternate but it’s going to be tough to pull off.
  5. derp

    KC — Prime example

    There’s the Browns strong defense and also the short week (after a short week). I’ve been ambivalent about Bowles for a while, but if the Browns game gameplan continues in future weeks he’s gotta be gone this season.
  6. derp

    KC — Prime example

    I was encouraged week one where they continued to be aggressive in running situations. Seemed like Darnold’s development was emphasized over the risk of making a mistake and losing. That seemed like it went away last week and hopefully comes back. This season is about Darnold’s development as an NFL QB and that alone.
  7. Seven of the top ten teams in sacks made the playoffs last year...interesting stat. I’d guess partially driven by the fact that they had leads so their opponents had to pass more, but still.
  8. Maccagnan absolutely crushes small trades - 7th for Anderson, Pryor for Davis, even McDougle for Brooks has really worked out nicely. Doing a good job with PS construction as well IMO. Obviously some of his bigger moves seem like they're working out as well. Hopefully those are an indication of what he'll do with larger stuff with his feet under him. The big moves will make or break you, but being able to do well on the back end of the roster is really significant as well and he does seem to have a knack there.
  9. derp

    2019 WR watch

    Henry strikes me as one of those guys who gets hyped up after putting up monster numbers with prototypical size, "falls" before the draft because he won't run a good time (but also doesn't have a lot of route running experience if what I've read is correct), and then everyone calls a steal. I could see him having a nice career after that though. I tend to prefer the WR by committee approach to having that stud #1 and think it's doable if you have a franchise QB (which hopefully the Jets do). Unfortunately Maccagnan hasn't really shown a propensity for drafting the position well. I'll probably want them to target a bigger bodied guy with one of the 3's as we get closer. Also love going 2 TE which hopefully we can do some of with this 4 TE roster. Think it's a great way to threaten the middle of the field in the passing game but also have credibility running the football. If only one emerges from the current roster I'd kick around nabbing Fant. First read about him from an Iowa fan on here so he definitely gets credit but his name keeps popping up in early draft stuff I read. Not a big game week one but did score a TD.
  10. Yeah, that was what I was getting at having occurred to me partway through your post. I do think the distinction would be that Dallas probably isn't trading the 2 if they don't intend on extending him (which I think would be compounding the mistake). But your point was and is well taken. And agree with the second part too - that was why I used bias. I think we're basically on the same page - probably just not clear because I'm not doing a great job using words today haha.
  11. Probably my afternoon migraine, but you lost me with the minimal difference between offering a two and turning down a two. Really don't understand it from Dallas' standpoint but I also would imagine Seattle should accept since that seems to be a bad relationship - maybe that's what you're getting at. If so I agree. Also Dallas probably thinks they're contenders as you said but I don't see it so maybe I've got some of my own bias creeping in there.
  12. I still think as ice cold as the safety market was this year, giving up a draft pick for a player who they'd also presumably have to give a new contract (as he begins his decline, he turns 30 next year) is poor allocation of their assets. Plus, contacting the Seahawks about him at this stage can't be good for leverage. Could see it if they're trying to get him at a discount - but given the Seahawks are declining offers it seems like Seattle's in the drivers' seat on this one.
  13. Really impressed with the practice squad Maccagnan put together this year. It's probably not great how much I prefer the construction of the practice squad to the actual roster, but have to start somewhere.
  14. Demand for safeties is exploding, Macc ahead of the market. Clearly playing chess. Cowboys probably should've just scooped up Vaccaro without needing to give up draft pick compensation.
  15. I thought I liked the idea of the black jerseys, but I think it's going to be difficult to execute with green. My guess is they'll roll with the Adams/Lee jerseys that got posted and do a black alternate. I actually think if they keep the black one fairly simple it'll look fine and they can keep the green in the helmets, but they could get pretty gross if they throw too much of that lighter green in there.

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