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  1. I think it depends what 6-11 looks like - and the competitive week in and week out is part of it and frankly a big step up. Just the trajectory of the season too - are the young guys playing and getting better? Do the systems seem to be falling into place? Last year was hard partially because of the losing and being non-competitive but layer on top of that guys like Darnold and Herndon regressing, three years and a cloud of dust with Gore, most of the rookie class being banged up. There was almost no good to latch on to - Becton and Williams were about it - and a whole lot of bad. Then th
  2. The conversation had moved to talking about AVT and Moore at that point and I think he was speaking to more of a philosophy anyway. Expanded on it by saying that you take lumps early but those guys also have more room to grow and you see more accelerated team improvement that way. Saleh is awesome. The way he talked about going on the grass and how he just steps into this different world was so cool. There’s a happiness and a gratitude he exudes that I would guess comes from working outside of football for a bit and then coming back to it...makes him so fun to listen to.
  3. This is going to be a long road to late July and getting training camp going.
  4. Excited for Moore to be 8, first single digit WR/RB/DB we know of with the new rules.
  5. Wonder if/where Rashed would’ve been drafted if he sat out. Didn't test poorly, just very straight line. Still a tweener I suppose but I bet he would’ve been picked.
  6. The other thing that could have given AVT value for the Jets specifically is the Jets may view AVT as a better than replacement level left tackle. Becton misses snaps. It’s very feasible that AVT sliding over a spot to LT and a backup guard is better than, say, Edoga at LT or flipping Fant to LT and Edoga at RT.
  7. Edge is going to be on the list of possibilities early even if the team has two good ones, let alone the potential one good one with Lawson. I think it’s straightforward to argue it’s the second most important position in the sport, this defensive scheme is built around getting pressure with the front four, and Douglas clearly believes in building in the trenches. This edge class is shaping up to potentially be a good one, too. Barring a major breakout from Zuniga, Hall, or Rashed it’s going to be on the list of needs next year and with four picks in the first two rounds there’s a great chance
  8. “This is a special event item. Orders containing this item will be shipped separately. This item will be shipped 2-4 weeks after the player's number is officially confirmed by the NFL.”
  9. It’s a funny mix of risky and conservative. First round guards have a low bust rate, but excluding the 2013 top ten guards in that awful draft class, guards taken as high as the middle of the first are usually Pro Bowl level players. Lot of pressure to warrant that pick. My guess is that if Douglas viewed the worst case to be an improved OL to protect the rookie QB and best case to be adding a Pro Bowl guard, it’s a good risk/reward specific to the Jets. There’s a shot to do something like what Dallas did several years ago and just build an insane OL that carries the team for a
  10. All of this said - I don’t think they’re extending Maye this offseason unless he accepts a very reasonable extension. Saleh hasn’t seen him in his scheme, he can get franchised again next year at a price below what he’s asking for if he plays well, they obviously liked Davis coming out and he’d be cheaper the next two years, and Maye was pretty consistently dinged up his first few years in the league. None of that means they won’t re-sign him at all, but I think he needs a healthy, productive season in the scheme and they need to not like Davis as a replacement after this year to warrant
  11. This is a bit of a stretch, IMO. You can’t cobble together a list of the guys who have played safety and could play safety and then say “look at all the guys who play safety!” Sherwood and Nasirildeen are going to play linebacker. So is White. Joyner is starting opposite Maye and on a one year deal. It looks like if Carter is playing safety it’ll be in the Joyner role, otherwise he’ll be a nickel corner. Not coming for Maye’s job. Peters, if he makes the team, maybe overlaps. But that basically leaves him. The guy who I think is most likely to make the Jets decide they don’
  12. Big year for Herndon would be huge for this offense IMO. Really hope he can get back on track.
  13. Would be crazy. Even in a very good but realistic case they’ll probably need to add a vet or a higher draft pick here or there, but how often have we seen backups just step in as starters and not miss a beat? It’s pretty much only when the starters are terrible or back in the Rex days when the backups at non-premium positions playing behind the first rounders and high priced FA’s were adequate. But I rarely if ever remember the franchise letting guys walk and replacing in house. I also love the use of tweeners in the back seven in a way that fits with a passing oriented league but do
  14. Hopefully he just steps in for Joyner after this year. Love building that pipeline on defense.
  15. I always think Matt Ryan since he’s the current/recent one. More along the lines of Couch is also JaMarcus Russell. Great pro day, too.
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