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  1. Sanchez obviously had the most good moments for the franchise. How Darnold would've done had he started his career on teams at the level of the ones Sanchez was drafted onto is an interesting question. Honestly pretty similar players - definite talent and some impressive plays but could never avoid those oh no decisions that cost the team. I'd probably roll the dice on Darnold since we know coming into a good situation didn't work for Sanchez and we don't know how it would've gone for Darnold but realistically I think it's probably six vs. half a dozen between the two.
  2. I’m not a big Kolar guy either. I’ve seen him move a couple times too but he largely looks like he’s going to run quite a bad 40.
  3. I haven’t watched enough of Likely but I’ll be surprised if Wydermyer is the consensus top TE to this extent come draft day. I can’t see him running well and other guys will. Haven't watched everyone yet either but Likely has the most fluidity and YAC type ability by a pretty wide margin. He seems unique for this class. Rucker’s is the closest and can run at least. Not that they should all go in the same place but Wydermyer, McBride, and Kolar all look like guys who aren’t going to get a ton of separation but can make contested catches. To that end for a team that could double dip li
  4. The Cardinals were so aggressive in free agency they’re projected to receive multiple compensatory picks in the 2022 draft for losing more qualified FA’s than they signed.
  5. I think we’re on a similar page - it’s body control more than being dynamic and it shows up in several areas of his game including contested balls. Part of what leads to him being way more effective than measurables would have you think. Burks is a lot of fun and my kind of WR, feel like he’s got a wide range. Except in a few cases I’ll take second or third round WR’s over first rounders so I’m not too invested in the class just yet since I’m curious how they all shake out. It’s also not a huge need but I think something they could address if it’s right prospect, fit, and value.
  6. Realistically there's probably more nuance to how good guys are at LT and RT than we give it credit for as we argue on a message board. You'd hope the coaching staff could figure that out. It is wild how quickly the narrative on Becton has flipped. Not without reason, but still pretty crazy. He was so good at points as a rookie. If Becton comes back I'd love to see if Moses could function at guard. I'm skeptical but GVR has been so, so bad I think it's worth a shot. Fant's pass protection is nice, but the run blocking is a liability short-term and long-term. Obviously the pass p
  7. I see more ability to make wild catches outside his frame than Cotchery but I get where you're going. He's almost Marvin Jones-ish with that lanky frame, body control, and ability to snatch the ball away from his body. The devy article compared him to Hopkins which I think is a little rich haha but I kind of see the pretty average across the board combine profile (not that fast, not that tall, not that bulky) but the dude gets open, can make contested plays when he needs to, hands catches outside his frame, and has put up numbers since he got onto campus but isn't benefitting from a loade
  8. I don’t think the WR class is that weak - I don’t like the guys where they’re rated currently but it’s very possible 5+ guys go in the first round - you don’t see that in weak classes. This class doesn’t have the depth of some of the insane classes we’ve seen recently and it kind of goes off a cliff in the 50-100 range but there are still definitely a bunch of interesting guys.
  9. This is a far more boring take than it would have been a week ago but a devy article I was reading reminded me - David Bell seems like the kind of WR who’s going to outperform his draft position. Don’t think he’s crazy athletic or productive enough to go super high in the first but seems like he’s just good at playing WR and has been for a while.
  10. You’ve got more faith than I do in those guys, I think even the beat writers are usually way off on this stuff. I could see Brugler and Jeremiah doing an okay job but even then, DJ had the Jets taking Etienne with the Seattle pick pretty late last draft. I think it’s hard to be legitimately thoughtful for 32 teams.
  11. I think here for sure but random Internet mock draft goons are going to give the Jets corners and wide receivers in the first round in addition to defensive end. Maybe a guard.
  12. I feel oddly similar about both. For different reasons, but I think the overall picture is comparable. For both guys I think bad situations can lead to bad habits and loss of confidence. There’s maybe a chance to fix the situation around Wilson faster than they did for Darnold. But I didn’t think playing a rookie QB on this team was a good idea and, while there’s time to turn things around I suppose, I haven’t seen anything that tells me that was wrong yet.
  13. With the complaining in this thread about how bad the Jets have been, the guys in the OP are great examples of how bad the Jets have been. There are guys in the league who are good enough to extend and sign long term and the Jets haven’t drafted and then extended those guys since what - Ferguson and Mangold? Revis was good enough but they couldn’t agree on money. The team’s so bad there are these above average players who we get stuck debating whether or not they should’ve been retained, meanwhile they’re clogging up the caps of other teams who actually gave up draft capital for them
  14. I think the importance that was placed on getting paid as soon as possible was a hint. Lots of how it was about “respect” but it kind of seems like he just wanted to flip the switch off and coast as soon as possible.
  15. I don’t think Douglas will address the OL as much as I’d like but I think this is the draft he spends more picks on it with that first FA class (McGovern, Van Roten, Fant) all only signed through 2022. They really need to being in the Iowa center. I’d love it if he cleans up RG in FA but I think drafting a center and kicking McGovern to guard (where he’s probably better than center anyway) is more likely. At least he tends to address needs the draft before so I’d think he’d try to draft replacements for those three expiring linemen if he doesn’t sign a FA. At least one should be earl
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