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  1. For what it's worth, it's not exactly like we've seen young guys the Jets didn't play move on to other organizations and start tearing it up. And Bowles - though he is far from perfect - has played young guys. I lean that the younger players who haven't gotten onto the field were so bad that it was impossible to justify playing them. As noted by Mr. Edwards, I think there's a bias in fan opinions because of the Hackenberg/Petty stuff but I also think that those two are just not NFL caliber QB's and it's not the staff's fault that management drafted them. I also think Maccagnan underestimated the amount of attention throwing him rolling the dice at QB outside the first round was going to get.
  2. If the top four receivers on the team stay healthy, the offense has the potential to be really dangerous. When the Jets go four wide, I like any of those guys to beat a #4 corner. Variety of skills in the group and good size/speed across the board too. Really the best kind of WR core IMO - balanced and deep.
  3. Cimini noting the #3 RB spot the way he did seems strange. Hasn’t Cannon looked good? It is Cimini, of course.
  4. I see a lot of discussion here...isn’t it just going to be the uniforms Adams and Lee posted? They’re not fantastic but they are simple and clean - could be a lot worse. Curious what they do for alternates, a grey base could be ok if executed properly but I would be surprised if that works. I’d hope for a throwback in the current green made to look like some older set of uniforms so it’s not just lazily bringing the current ones forward.
  5. They're going to have to cut some guys this year who would've made the team in previous years. Depth at corner in particular is really strong. Hopefully they can swing a trade for a back end guy who they're not totally committed to and pick up some quality depth elsewhere. Really interested to see how the WR and TE depth charts sort themselves out. Back end of linebacker too.
  6. Depends how good he looks, what the offer is, and if they want to max out his value or just take something solid if they can get it. Say he's the best QB, plays all season, plays well, and stay healthy. They can franchise him and his value will absolutely be higher than it would be before this season when all of that is an unknown. Then obviously a tough decision between the known commodity and Darnold - but there are avenues to get something after this season.
  7. Bill Polian plan. Luck into a QB and ride that as long as possible.
  8. derp

    New Hat/logo?

    Looks like they’re trying to just incorporate the jersey/helmet stripes with the current logo, no?
  9. Really bad list. I like T0m's much, much better. One of the TE's on the team emerging would be nice too. And I'd argue it'd be significant for one of the recent mid-late round corners who've gotten time to prove they're a legitimate starting caliber player. Would be nice to have a long-term piece and not have to worry about the secondary any more, plus it would allow the team to let Claiborne walk and get a comp pick. Claiborne's always battled injuries too so it might be necessary this year anyway. And it'd be nice to show a level of player development and ability to draft successful players late - both of which would be new and encouraging.
  10. I'm not sure they can. And if they don't, I care less about their jobs than I do the Jets being well positioned going forward. There's cheap young depth at several spots on the roster, a potential franchise QB, and a lot of cap space. Makes it a potentially appealing destination for legitimate GM and HC candidates if the franchise starts over. We're also in a spot now that basically anything aside from a non-edge defender or QB in the first round next year is a good thing. Tight end or RB would be kind of eh but at least Darnold friendly. I like the odds of that happening. And if it doesn't I do think it's probably grounds to let Macc go even if Darnold is a franchise QB.
  11. Beyond Darnold the picks were in round 3 are later though. You're rarely going to get a big stud WR or elite edge player with those picks. We've kind of seen it - he's spent two three's and a six on edge guys and a two, a three, a four, and a seven (I think) on receivers without much to show for it. Offensive line is absolutely possible and something I wanted a lot - but I'm not sure the value was there this year by the time they were up. The real failure has been to address needs at premium positions with premium picks. That's where you have opportunities to draft difference makers at those positions - and he's been busy drafting 5-techs, ILB's, and safeties. To me sometimes people view team needs and the draft as too linear. We need a pass rusher, haven't drafted one yet, let's pick one in the 6th round. I'd rather fill relatively insignificant holes like 5-tech and nickel corner via the draft in the mid-late rounds than go out and spend $8M on a guy to start across from Williams, $6M on Buster Skrine, or spend premium picks on corners and 5 tech's again. It's boring, but if you're sitting in the 3rd round and looking at Shepherd versus a receiver or an edge guy, if you give up ceiling a little for probability of finding a starter I think that's a decent tradeoff. And that applies even moreso for Nickerson in the 6th round. Especially if you have less sunk costs down the road in positions that are important but not where the focus really should be. That said - that absolutely needs to be followed by an adjustment to spending first round picks on the receivers, edge guys, and linemen that you want. If that happens then I think drafts like this one are worthwhile.
  12. They've actually drafted plus athletes at a lot of positions. Basically everyone this year actually. Not completely fair to call them try hard guys. The problem is that they're getting the try hard guys at premium positions because they blow premium picks on guys at non-premium positions. If that changes going forward, I think they've got a chance to put together a decent roster. And if not, I think the roster is well positioned in terms of culture, scheme flexibility, and depth at certain positions to allow someone new to come in and fix things up.
  13. I'd add that he apparently showed really well at the Senior Bowl and was a pretty good value where he was drafted per other people's rankings - and I imagine his age was taken into account there. To an extent, that offsets the lack of production. Age is a negative. I don't think he's really supposed to produce as a 3rd round 5-tech. Clog up blockers, disrupt a little with his athleticism, and let guys around him make plays. Agree that the edge guys are going to need to make plays - but that's how it's supposed to work in a 3-4. I'd rather be building the line with mid-late round picks and try to put more of a premium on edge guys. Granted that isn't how it's worked thus far until this season, but if we're moving in that direction then awesome. I actually wanted to get more into two of your other items. The lack of help for Darnold is an interesting one. I think the good TE's and OL mostly got scooped up before the Jets' third round pick, RB's too really. That said, Maccagnan has always claimed to be a BPA heavy guy. I think that's great in practice until it isn't and the young QB doesn't have a supporting cast built around him. Great example is the lack of drafting OL - I think there are less pro ready offensive linemen coming out of college now than there used to be and that's causing the better ones to be drafted at more of a premium than there used to be. It's one thing to pass if you don't like the value but then there won't be any good linemen. It'd be good if Maccagnan deviates a little from his BPA strategy in order to get help the franchise QB. Other one is the culture - I actually think it kind of needed to be ripped down and brought back up again. Not there yet but I think we're nearing the point that they can pick their spots and take chances on guys with character questions again. But I think it's hard to rebuild the culture on the fly and take those risks. Hopefully we see the team turn the corner there and start to make some adjustments. I think the team overachieving relative to talent expectations instead of underachieving is a step in the right direction.
  14. If Hodges puts it together he can be a real find. Was productive at VT, albeit as essentially a wide receiver, and is a tremendous athlete. Something like 95th percentile SPARQ at a position where athleticism tends to translate. Hope he at least shows enough to stick on the PS.