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  1. I think Q is pretty firmly third - both behind Wilson (the gap) and Becton (then gap) - and ahead of whoever is fourth. Interior disruption is extraordinarily valuable, and Q had a great year last year. But my thought is is he’s done it for one year we’ve seen no less than three guys over the last decade get drafted by the Jets, flash that skill set, and flame out. I’m looking for a long term piece at a premium position. It’s clearly Becton or Q but I value LT a little more highly and think Becton’s (smaller sample size) body of work when one the field is more consistent. The most im
  2. I don’t necessarily think the Jets should draft Neal if they can. But man bookending him with Becton and running outside zone.
  3. Crowders first four games of the year were all double digit target games. Those four games accounted for almost half of his receptions, more than half of his yards, and two of his six touchdowns. The first three were all over 100 yards too, fourth was a pedestrian seven catches for 48 yards and no touchdowns on 13 targets. Only had three games with more than seven targets the rest of the year, none were double digit target games. The Browns game was nice, 7 catches for 92 yards and a TD. Other two were fine, 6 catches for 66 yards in one and 5 for 47 in the other (but with two TD’s).
  4. Definitely disappointing. Maybe Berrios? Felt like I read a lot of him in OTA and minicamp tweet threads. This is why you sign Cole. I do like Mims still and think he can have a role with his contested catch ability, particularly since Wilson seems to be the kind of guy who will make back shoulder throws. But he’s going to have to earn his spot.
  5. Wild that two rookies drafted on day three looking good to the point of working with the first team has flown under the radar.
  6. I went back to school and it worked fine - I think they checked when I was enrolled at the time but honestly not certain. Definitely used the school email. Was a one year program so I figured it’d be done last year since I wasn’t enrolled (though I had been earlier in the calendar year). They ended up auto renewing me. Worked out great.
  7. I hope JFM grabs hold of that second edge position and gets extended reasonably in the midst of a breakout year. Saleh utilized a bigger guy in Armstead at DE. If there's going to be heavy rotation, JFM can certainly kick inside on passing downs when Rankins or Q need some rest and cause some havoc from in there too. Very good player.
  8. If Wesco doesn't work out, I kind of doubt the Ravens carry two fullbacks (Patrick Ricard, Ben Mason). Might be an opportunity there.
  9. I mean again, interior disruption is king over edge. You could argue that DB play is comparably important to defensive line play - guys like Rex and Bowles took more of that kind of approach. My guy can cover your guy and that enables me to bring more guys than you can block. The rules really favor receivers right now. I think pass rush is more impactful than back seven play for a few reasons. While you do have coverage sacks from time to time, that’s not one player making an impact - requires everyone doing their job. When the Jets had Revis and bad #2 corner play teams just picked on th
  10. One thing Perine has going for him is his potential role on specials. I think he was drafted to be a #3 back who plays specials for four years. Boring but useful. Forget who but somebody pointed out with that left side they’ll be able to just collapse that side of the line on runs right and open up some cutbacks too.
  11. I'd argue it's hard to correlate pass rush statistics with quality of play at the position since the ability to rush the passer is very game flow dependent and there are a ton of confounding variables there. It's also pretty straightforward to make the point that interior disruption is king over edge disruption but when you're also making the really good ones are rare argument for edge rushers, the rarity of good interior rushers is far more pronounced. Did you find anything else that was correlated? I can't tell if that indicates that edge rushers are overrated or nothing more than
  12. #PREZ I knew engaging with you wasn’t going to be productive but I had a good time. Enjoy the uniforms.
  13. Except I made a comment based on a post by a completely different poster, he then told me why my perspective was wrong, and then I continued arguing for my perspective. It’s not quite the same. Whatever.
  14. What happened is you told me I was trying to change his perspective, I told you I wasn’t, you told me I was again (which was pretty obnoxious and why I’m still engaging with you on this), I explained that I knew I wasn’t going to change his perspective the whole time and was just ranting, and then you got confused, thought I was commenting on your perspective on uniforms, and then decided you said something different than what you actually said.
  15. Once again, not about the uniforms. I was actually referring to you telling me what I was thinking after SAR did the same.
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