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  1. Just saw a stat that says Jets quarterbacks have been pressured on 44% of dropbacks this year - highest rate in NFL. Seven others follow between 38% and 40%.
  2. The Jets, at that point, had spent first round picks on interior defensive linemen in three of the prior four drafts. Williams fell because of positional value at a position the Jets already had a surplus at and shoulder injuries. There were several reasons to pass on him. Maccagnan annually worked the phones terribly and then just made a simple “draft the best player” choice that continued to work out poorly.
  3. Interesting tackle draft. Thomas may not be on the board at this rate. Wirfs and Wills potentially 2-3 but both on the right side in college I believe. Jackson apparently a great athlete, that program isn’t excelling right now but he probably has a wide range. Leatherwood is the LT on Wills’ team. And I’m sure others will emerge. Pretty clear cut need right now. Curious if Douglas is willing to take it into the draft.
  4. I think the big perk to Bell is his receiving ability at this stage of Darnold’s development. Namely, the ability to check the ball down to someone who can make a play with it rather than trying to make something out of nothing. That’s something Darnold really needs to get drilled into him. Bell made a nice cut after the catch for a first down conversion against the Redskins. Think plays like that are huge, gives the quarterback confidence that checking down can be a good option.
  5. I think Gordon and Anderson actually complement each other’s skill sets. Worth a claim. Don’t think he gets to the Jets’ claim though.
  6. Darnold has a really intriguing skill set. His propensity is to succeed out of structure which is exciting, though I worry a little that what makes him special (those off platform, weird arm angle, back foot throws) are what will lead to him always being a little inconsistent. Seems like the bad habits make him great but can also lead to negative plays. I don’t think it’s a lock he’s successful. I do think he’d be an example of a quarterback prospect the Jets ruined rather than just a bad pick. The first in recent memory. Need to get him some protection and guys who can get open before seeing ghosts is a thing.
  7. Would like to see Edoga get some LT reps before year end. Could open up the draft a little if he’s a viable option there. Obviously need to go OL regardless at several spots but if they want a LT probably has to happen R1 and may not have the flexibility to move down. If best offensive player is a tackle pop him anyway but would be nice to take say a WR if head and shoulders the best guy available.
  8. The Chiefs have a surplus of explosive receivers. They stretch the defense vertically, create big chunk plays that allow them to move the ball down the field without needing to consistently hit on shorter patterns, and create space underneath. Plus Mahomes is absurd. The Jets entered the season with one guy like that (Anderson). Maybe Smith gets there. Defenses don’t have to worry about getting beaten for big plays, except by Anderson. Account for him and play aggressive on the other guys. Defenses will attack you unless you make them pay for it. Jets don’t have guys capable of making defenses pay. The Chiefs collect them.
  9. We’ve seen all the individual players. This isn’t a collection of talent that’s conducive to consistently producing offense at the NFL level unless the quarterback is elite and he hasn’t proved to be there yet. I do think he’s capable of elevating the supporting cast which is huge but Douglas needs to improve that group next offseason.
  10. I think Gase is a pretty clever guy. Also believe that Gase thinks he is smarter than he is. And additionally suspect that he is not a good communicator. Finally, I do not think the offense has much talent. League average quarterback with room for growth, average slot receiver, bottom of the league level outside receivers, above average tight end who hasn’t played yet, say like 75th percentile running back, and a subpar offensive line. Basically if a defense can prevent Anderson from getting loose deep they won’t get beaten by chunk plays. Focus on him and play aggressively against everyone else. When you compound a lack of playmakers with a lack of offensive line it’s a huge huge problem because you can’t get splash plays and you inevitably end up behind the sticks due to sacks, TFL’s, and penalties.
  11. Kind of seems to be KC's plan too. Definitely wouldn't suck.
  12. Step 1: Put together aforementioned offense that can score at will. Step 2: Draft pass rushers. Step 3: Championship? Feel like you get a lead, let your pass rush get loose, and go. Meanwhile Jets GM's have been drafting every other defensive position under the sun.
  13. The whole post is spot on but that last part is extremely key to me and something we don’t talk about much. When all you do is take big dudes on the DL - even if they’re athletic for their size - when you try to get the better players on the field the defense ends up slow. We’ve seen it for years now going back to the Wilkerson, Coples, Richardson days. Instead of letting the issue resolve itself when guys leave in FA, Macc continued to draft more DT’s. Infuriating.
  14. Thought on Holmes - definitely a talented athlete and bit of a tweener as he develops. That RB/WR hybrid is similar to Montgomery...in a best case scenario where he develops and is worthy of a roster spot next year, could he possibly step into that role?

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