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    Please no

    They don’t use all the top 30 visits on guys they might draft early. He’s a day three prospect. Especially for a team that doesn’t have a third round pick. They might want to bring him in to see if he can catch some passes in a workout in case he’s there in the fifth or sixth round. This is a nothing burger.
  2. I like this. He’s been fine as a third back for a while. Pass protects, special teams - so he’s useful, but he can catch a little and isn’t a plodder. We’ve all penciled in Knight and he looked really good for a game or two, but I wondered if it was because he had late season fresh legs and he kind of trailed off. Think it’s good to have legitimate cheap competition for that third spot, especially when Hall’s health isn’t a guarantee.
  3. I appreciate that perspective, but I think in a normal year everyone you listed could get drafted in the 20’s and nobody would blink. Some of those guys will get drafted in the 20’s this year and nobody would blink. They’re not in Carter’s league, they’re just first round prospects. Jones may not be ready to play day one, Van Ness wasn’t a starter at Iowa and didn’t produce much he’s just an upside play, Robinson and Branch play non premium positions and Branch didn’t even test well, Smith had a really rough injury history and didn’t produce so he’s an upside play too, and it’s very feasible none of the receivers go in the top 20. It’s a weak class in the range the Jets are picking. Again, there are first round prospects at premium positions, but they’re not premier talents.
  4. Presumably that was before last season given where guys are ranked and that it has last season’s byes.
  5. Depends how you define premier talent at premium positions. There are two guys in Carter’s tier (Anderson being the other) in what’s considered to be a relatively weak draft at the top. The top of this draft is why most folks are okay dropping into the 20’s because, in addition to recouping theoretical Rodgers capital, several of the guys we talk about around 13 could slip down to the 20’s. That being the case, I’d argue that there almost certainly won’t be another premier talent at a premium position at 13. Which doesn’t mean you have to take Carter, if he falls there’s a reason and homework needs to be done. But he’d be the most well regarded player on the board by a mile if he makes it to 13, that’s why it’s an interesting question.
  6. Thought they should’ve moved JFM inside more last year. Wouldn’t be mad about that at all. Might need one more body at edge. Do think a DL is their best way to get immediate impact at a premium position if they hang on to 13. Think Van Ness is a good short term long term play who’d fit on that side where JFM plays. And honestly Clemons can play there too. There are guys I’d like if they move down as well. Cancey would be a terror on passing downs.
  7. Lazard can play out of the slot, Wilson can as well. Honestly it's the cheapest spot in the WR group to add. Presumably Cobb will play out of there some. Also, Jaxon Smith-Njigba... Think based on what GB did with Hackett they'll want to get bigger out of the slot which fits the run game more. Moore had a shot to be really good and I got the ceiling play but the pick initially confused me from the jump because he was a bit of a misfit for the MLF offenses he was drafted to play in - turns out that's what played out.
  8. Also very low risk high reward proposition. Team doesn’t succeed, Jets bungled it and never should’ve brought him in. Wins a Lombardi and he’s the one who carried the Jets to SB and gets a NY legacy.
  9. Douglas does the OL backwards, it’s very odd. Every year he fills the backup roles with cheap veterans so there’s no roster room for developmental prospects, and then when a starter expires he needs to spend big free agent money or a high draft pick to have a day one starter. Kind of hoped he would’ve learned but even this year with the two fringe starter iOL he brought in, he’s kind of boxed into signing a FA center or drafting a center high. Feel like a short term Jones/McGovern deal, one of those guys to be the primary backup at all three iOL spots, and a draft pick with a little upside and potentially a starter at C or G after whatever C veteran or Tomlinson go gives you an opportunity to have a cheap starter who knows the system for a couple years. Didn’t do it with McGovern, Fant, Van Roten…
  10. I think Wright is a really, really solid bet to be a quality RT for a while. Don’t know what the value of that is for this Jets roster, but I think as a rookie I’d trust him at RT more than the top three tackles out at either tackle spot and I’d think in a win now scenario that’s appealing.
  11. Believe Jones and Byard (if Byard gets let go) would both fall into the released category.
  12. Love’s fifth year option is in 2024, no? He’s already under contract in 2023. They could take the savings and roll it over or they could have less dead money on the books for Rodgers next year…I’m not quite sure I see how the two contract situations are related.
  13. Unless I’m wrong it’s really an $8.7M hit over their current cap situation ($24M in space) versus $15.8M savings so a difference of $24.5M. The thing is, what are they going to do with $16M in new cap space post June 1? They could sign somebody, but at that point most guys have picked their spot. Given this is a transition year for them anyway since Rodgers isn’t coming back, I’d argue it’s better to just take the hit - which they’re pretty much prepared to do given their FA activity - get draft capital sooner, and have the cap space in future years when they’re better able to assess their overall roster situation and know what they’re doing at QB. I think they can posture about wanting to wait until June 1, but realistically I think not trading for capital this year to open up cap space really late is actually a negative for the Packers and a benefit for the Jets - as they can hang onto all their 2023 picks to improve this roster and still get Rodgers in for TC. If I’m in Douglas’ shoes I have a 2023 draft offer I feel is fair (and doesn’t include pick 13) on the table and if the Packers wait that’s fine. Really think it’s better for GB to get this done pre-draft and it’s a tick better for the Jets to do it post draft.
  14. I’ve banged this drum for a while. My theory is that there’s a small proportion of quarterbacks who will succeed anywhere, and those guys almost always go #1 overall. A good chunk of guys will bust anywhere. And then a group has a chance if they’re developed properly and have good supporting casts. Guys drafted 2-5 go to bad teams and/or teams that gave up serious capital to get them and even if they had a chance somewhere it’s not with the organization that took them. In my opinion the best bet is to piece together a competent team with average quarterback play and then get into the 6-12 range for a guy you love to try to get you over the top. Cost isn’t too prohibitive but talented guys will fall there. Then give him some time. Easier said than done since someone you love needs to slide, but I think that should be plan A. If the Jets don’t give up too much capital for Rodgers and he plays multiple years they could try this in 2024 too, or they can just hold onto the hope that Wilson magically develops a pocket presence.
  15. To me both that Colon and Schweitzer can play center and have a little upside nods slightly to waiting for the draft, but a veteran would be welcome. Agree DT should be somebody but maybe nothing major. Won’t make folks happy but I could see an argument that Brian Branch is the biggest day one impact they can draft if they bring in Rodgers, and 13 isn’t a bad spot for him. Not big on drafting safeties early but the Bama nickel -> NFL S pipeline has been legit and if you draft a guy early it’s because he can cover a little not because he’s a box guy and I think that’s Branch. Historically a spot the Ravens have drafted as well.
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