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  1. I hate to be this guy but if you replace “Gase” with “Bowles” this is what we were saying two years ago when we thought the Jets had a franchise QB...and look how that turned out. Now hopefully Douglas is a big selling point and guys like Mims and perhaps Perine and Clark have opportunities to show some things over the course of the season. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a good job.
  2. The fun thing about spending first round picks on guys at premium positions is when the guy you draft hits there’s no trepidation about resetting the market at that position because you know he’s important, the top guy at the market is already being paid a lot, and the next guy to beat the contract is right around the corner but it’s not a big deal because it’s expected that the next guy will get more.
  3. On one hand it absolutely seems non-trivial that Darnold rallies under another coach. The escape and throw to Berrios was nice. Gase does not coach to Darnold’s strengths and it’s clear he needs more opportunities to get out of the pocket and more talent around him. That said, his feet adversely impact his accuracy and have for a long time. He worked a ton on that this offseason and still didn’t get there Also, the Sanchez comparison is way off. Sanchez had terrible turnovers, a lot of them led to points the other way. Darnold isn’t playing well but isn’t turning the ball over either. It’s a different bad - largely because he’s not pushing the ball down the field - but at least a portion of that is playcalling and another factor is the skill guys on the team. I’d love to see him in a more open offense. You’d get some dumb throws and some misfires but I think more good than bad. All of that said, unless the second contract is well below QB market the Jets have a better chance to be competitive with a quarterback on a rookie deal. Given the desire to have a team somewhat set up for the quarterback, though - might that make more sense in 2022? Make next year about weapons, if he falls flat on his face again you’ve got an infrastructure in place for the new QB.
  4. Quinnen looked solid. Same with Becton. The playcalling is just so absurd that it gives a degree of hope that the offense could look better if the field is stretched more. I get the plan was for Gore to keep the Jets in reasonable down and distance since he constantly gets positive yardage but the younger backs - literally all three of them - have a degree of explosiveness that the offense really needs. Second and 5 to 8 yards is fine but it’d be kind of cool to have a second and 1 or 2 occasionally, or heaven forbid just get a first down on first down.
  5. I feel like fear is something you experience when something bad is impending. We’re already there.
  6. Draft multiple WR’s and a TE. Crowder should stick next year but I’m not sure past that so hopefully a long term slot and an outside guy. Rondale Moore can make plays after the catch and also get downfield a little. Would be a really dangerous slot and potential offensive centerpiece who may come at a bit of a discount since he only has one year of production (injured sophomore year, COVID opt out). If not him, Tutu Atwell is a possibility. Plenty of outside receivers including Chase early. Tamorrion Terry is a freak athlete and may go a little later. Awesome tight end class too with Kyle Pitts as my favorite but Pat Freiermuth and Brevin Jordan are others who are well regarded. Running back needs to be addressed too. The line isn’t outstanding yet but I genuinely believe with Perine we’re going to see more rushing production. The run game is so, so bad it not only puts the team in bad down and distance situations but it lets defenses tee off on the pass rush too. Terrible for the passing game.
  7. Eventually you move into stage 4 on a semi permanent basis.
  8. Not that he’s suited for the role, but it’s absurd that everyone discounts Crowder as the team’s top receiver, which he clearly is by targets and contract, because he’s a slot. Perriman was brought in to stretch the field as an outside guy. They’d slot nicely into #2 and #3 roles respectively if the team had a #1.
  9. Honestly think Perine will make a bigger impact than most expect. The run game has been trash, I don’t think that’s entirely on the OL, and I do think it makes things way harder on Darnold.
  10. If Lawrence shreds it this year and the Jets are in position to draft him #1, this isn’t a discussion. They draft him. The more interesting discussion is if the defense is terrible (didn’t look good in Buffalo) and Darnold is merely okay with no run game or receivers and they can take Fields or Lance.
  11. The offense is so, so hard to watch. Not only do the receivers not get separation downfield, but the offensive line isn’t pass blocking tremendously effectively and the run game isn’t going either. Give up on the run and the pass rushers tee off more than they already are. Run and you’re putting yourself behind the sticks. Without a threat of a big play the defensive backs can be really aggressive which, combined with a pass rush that’s consistently getting pressure...makes things tough. Herndon’s fumble was a back breaker. The defense was similarly disheartening. Bend don’t break. Really didn’t expect them to get off the field in third downs.
  12. Take a swing with Leftwich, maybe Roman.
  13. There’s been no sincere investment in the offense. It’s halfassed second round draft picks - literally zero of which have worked out thus far - a little lightning in a bottle from veteran trades, and medium to big money free agent signings that largely haven’t worked out. Partially a consequence of basically two decades of defensive coaches. But there’s just no effort to have a good offense. Last one was Chan Gailey? Its gross when you go down a couple scores early and it seems insurmountable. Defense needs to be nearly perfect.
  14. The Jets first round draft picks on the offensive side of the ball since 2000: QB: Chad Pennington (2000), Mark Sanchez (2009), Sam Darnold (2018) WR: Santana Moss (2001) TE: Dustin Keller (2008) OL: D’Brickashaw Ferguson (2006), Nick Mangold (2006), Mekhi Becton (2020) So that’s 21 drafts, eight offensive first round picks, five non-quarterback offensive first round picks - and if you make it 2010 instead it’s two and one respectively.

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