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  1. Another Hypothetical

    The entire premise of this post is based on taking the leap that they traded up to three but they only like two quarterbacks. Given they overpaid to trade up to three (not something you'd do in a move up for a position player) and didn't even reach out to the Giants about trading up to two...their actions thus far indicate that they do like three quarterbacks and are willing to take any one that falls. So I think they're going to take a quarterback at three - and I'm sure they have a defined order in mind - but I don't think they're biting their fingernails hoping that one of two gets to them because there's this massive drop off from two to three on their board. More likely the drop off is from three to four. By no means do I think this means they get it right at three...but I don't buy the hypothetical. You don't overpay to move from six to three with a two guy board. You get to two or you don't move at all. If the hypothetical was the case it depends on the degree to which the position player is far above the quarterback, and maybe you take the position player. But I'd be be stunned if they don't take a quarterback at three and I don't think they'll think they're settling regardless of who it is.
  2. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Agree with this.
  3. Only way I want EDGE considered this draft is if it’s an elite athlete. Josh Sweat if he’s there in the third for example. Given that hasn’t been Maccagnan’s MO with edge guys at all...would much rather go in a different direction. Offensive line or tight end would be ideal focal points for the round 3-5 range. I wouldn’t be surprised if another 5-tech ends up in the mix.
  4. Anyone else like all 4?

    All four have traits I really like and traits that scare the crap out of me. Trying not to get too attached to one since whenever I do the Jets disappoint.
  5. Connecting the Draft Dots

    Allen’s been getting attention as a legitimate pro prospect for a while now. He was being discussed as a potential first round pick in last year’s draft before he decided to come back. In a draft where everyone has their warts, I could easily see wanting to roll the dice on someone like Allen knowing he’ll miss some throws but create big plays - if that’s the kind of system you want to run. I still think he’s going to Cleveland.
  6. Connecting the Draft Dots

    I totally buy the scenario presented by the OP. Also think the draft goes more simply than presented. 1. Allen - The Browns are who they are. Although, to be fair I kind of like Allen and think this may be the right call from a risk reward standpoint. This has been rumored a lot both lately and early in the process. The Darnold narrative has been heavily media driven, because that’s who they expect should be taken first. Browns take the most talented guy - who’s also very bright - sit him for a year, and hope it works out. Also the best fit for the AFC North. They hope they’ve got their Roethlisberger here. Time will tell. Could be a huge error. 2. Barkley - Gettleman has basically directly stated that he wants Barkley. Two possibilities here. He either somehow wants to put pressure on the Browns to take Barkley or maybe even Chubb at 1 (i.e. you take Chubb, we’ll take Barkley, Jets go QB and you get one of your top two quarterbacks at 4) and look for a quarterback later - which I highly doubt they’d do so what’s the point if you’re the Giants - or he views the Giants as having a small window for a big time turnaround and the best way to help the offense and defense is by having a back who will allow you to take pressure off the passing game and eat clock. Entirely possible he’s playing the long game here and wants a quarterback and a full rebuild, but their signings this offseason seem to indicate they’re hoping to take a team that was supposed to be a SB contender heading into last season and rebuild on the fly. I think Barkley fits that best. 3. Darnold - I can’t tell if the Jets want Mayfield or are trying to push down Rosen as stated in the OP. Regardless, I think they take Darnold over either. Guys like Cimini who have been pushing Mayfield at 3 still seem to acknowledge Darnold tops the board. Makes sense from several levels. Macc tends to look at full bodies of work instead of the most recent year, fits the offense, fits signing vets because they’re planning to take a guy who should sit for a bit. Also the fact they scrambled to get him in late was either a cover for the fact they don’t like him but suddenly need to pretend they do or a tell that they liked him so much they didn’t expect him to be available. I think it’s the latter. Jets also have had the general media top position player slip to them a couple times, this time it happens at QB. Plus the entire whole Mayfield vs. Allen vs. Rosen debate we’ve been having on this board being completely moot would be hysterical.
  7. "Don't tell anyone we worked you out." Allen tells media a team worked him out and wanted to keep it a secret. It's figured out that same day the team was the Jets. Would actually be more inconspicuous if they did it brazenly and out in the open.
  8. I don't think he'll be there at three. It's hilarious how bad the Jets are at ensuring stuff stays close to the vest though.
  9. Jets 5th worst to agents

    I kind of get this sense. Maccagnan strikes me as very value driven. He wants this guy at this price and is comfortable walking away from the table. Not set to negotiate, no anticipation of what the player wants and a level of give and take. Just hey, this is the deal I'm offering, take it or leave it. But then sometimes it's a guy he really wants, they turn it down, and this isn't going to work out. Then he scrambles and overpays. I think you see this pretty consistently across the board in both signings and trades. Either he's able to get a nice deal - Claiborne the last couple of years, Bridgewater, Pryor, Marshall trade, Davis-Pryor trade...or he gets totally hosed because it's obvious he's desperate he wants something to happen and loses all leverage - Wilkerson and Fitzpatrick holdouts, Johnson signing, Colts trade this year, etc.
  10. One of the things that confuses me about the confidence the Jets are drafting Mayfield is the signing of two veterans. I think of all the rookie QB's, he's the one you'd expect to step in and earn play time right away. So if he's your guy, why blow money on two veteran QB's? Especially if you're supremely confident he'll be there at 3. Of course, the apparent lack of a plan doesn't eliminate it from being something the Jets will do. But that combined with how prevalent the chatter is makes me think that it's going to be another direction. I lean Rosen - reel him in a little and get him some time to learn before he's cut loose. Who knows though. Also, I think Mike Maccagnan likes trying to be smarter than everyone else. Big emphasis on exploiting value. Hackenberg was a potential #1 pick until he was terrible - if we fix him we get a franchise QB cheap and I'm a genius. Both times at #6 taking the consensus best player in the draft - great value. He does it in FA too - Bridgewater, Claiborne, Pryor, ASJ, etc. I think that means Darnold's the play at #3 if he's there. Presumptive #1 pick heading into the season, most still feel he's the top QB. Little rough around the edges so the vets make sense. That's the one where everything they've done historically and this offseason comes together. Doubt they anticipated he's there though. I still buy the early Allen love too. The dark horse to me is Lamar Jackson. I think several years ago Jackson would have been in play at #1 overall. There's a lot of quiet love for him in the scouting community - people think he's a much better passer than he gets credit for. A mobile QB in Watson had a ton of early success last year. Jets did bring in a former Louisville QB in Bridgewater. Jackson would fit the mold of someone they'd want to sit. Trading up for him would be really unconventional, and I doubt that it's him, but I think he fits a little too.
  11. I was surprised as well. Interior OL only $2.3m less than tackle jumped out too. In order: QB: $25.5m EDGE: $16m IDL: $14.1m CB: $13.7m OT: $13.3m WR: $12.9m IOL: $11m LB: $10.8m S: $10.2m TE: $9.5m RB: $7.1m K: $4.1m P: $2.9m Obviously QB's are key and this supports edge players as well, but interior DL is actually above corner and WR is only $0.4m less than OT. Pretty tightly bunched overall - enough that you can see an elite guy at one spot being more meaningful than a good but not great guy at another.
  12. This is kind of where I fall. Although to be fair I could see it being for Rosen as well if they're doing a really good job keeping quiet about who they want. But the early rumors and the really really late rumors tend to be the ones that have the most validity to them. The timing and volume of the Mayfield stuff make me think that either they want the info out there or they suck at hiding it. How Jets would it be if they actually wanted Mayfield, accidentally leaked this stuff out but were confident that they would get him anyway, got a team to trade ahead of them to take him, they got the QB "they wanted" only not really, and Mayfield went on to be a perennial All Pro?
  13. Once again, this isn't just mock drafts, it's people saying that the Jets are taking Mayfield regardless of who's on the board.
  14. I don't think that's the case at all. Some people are saying that Mayfield is the pick pretty much regardless of who is on the board - including Darnold. Others are saying they prefer Mayfield to Allen. Everyone is hearing they want Mayfield - not that he's their third option. If I'm the franchise I want it leaking out that I want anyone but the guy I want, particularly drafting third with the team one spot ahead potentially an option to move out.