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  1. I think the big thing is that if you assume an edge in the first round with one of the picks is a given, the roles the offense could use some help at - number one receiver, tackle stability - are ones you kind of need to draft and develop. Safeties and linebackers you can find in FA. @Lith what are your thoughts on Travon Walker? Dane Brugler has him at 9 or something which is high relative to others. Looks like a freaky athlete.
  2. I think the off ball defensive needs can/should likely be addressed in FA or outside the first round. Especially if both picks are top ten. The defense is running out a bunch of sub replacement level guys but I think that just means it’ll be easier to fill the non premium position holes in FA and make a big impact on the team. Edge makes sense to me early. Linebacker and safety less so. This defense also looks a lot better with Carl Lawson and two veteran safeties. There’s no serious pocket push and the plan was clearly for the veteran safeties on the back end to help out there young
  3. Going from young corners and veteran safeties to young corners and young safeties and losing the team’s best pass rusher has definitely hurt a good deal.
  4. Thought of the day - if Joe Douglas is potentially interested in moving down with one of the first rounders, would be good to start leaking the “Giants aren’t sold on Daniel Jones” and “Eagles are willing to move on from Hurts” rumors soon. Very real chance Giants and/or Eagles are behind the Jets - all three with multiple picks - and I think it’d be good if teams that want a QB think they’d be safer if they get ahead of those two. Or if they actually want a QB and wrestle to get ahead of each other.
  5. This is, for sure, a bad draft two have two high-high picks. In my opinion there are no top CB's this year to pass on. Stingley is still riding the coattails of a good freshman year and hasn't been able to stay healthy. I'd guess he'll be in the teens by draft day. I think they'll almost certainly take an edge with one of those first two picks. It's a need/value/premium position match up. The gap between Hutchinson and Thibodeaux and probably everyone else in this draft is overrated in my opinion. If the general narrative is Hutchinson and Thibodeaux would not have been top ten pros
  6. My comment a bit more tongue in cheek after all of the stuff he's been through this year. Also I felt bad making a joke out of it given the increased awareness surrounding mental health - maybe not the best decision to wear on a hoodie these days. But I digress. I'm sure it's quite comfortable and fashionable.
  7. The point was that there's a very real chance whoever they take is backing someone up to start their career. I agree you can't count on Lawson, thus suggesting they take an edge early. I also don't think you can count Lawson out, either. He's part of the conversation and a very real chance that the rookie backs him up. Lawson's injury has been a big issue for the defense. The issue with the run game is partially the edges but also very much the linebacker play. Depth has been very much tested by injuries which is a problem for a team that rotates as much as the Jets. System install is a p
  8. Western Michigan WR Skyy Moore is an interesting one I stumbled upon today. Looks like he's a true junior (technically a redshirt sophomore I guess with the COVID year) originally recruited as a corner. Shorter, 5'10ish, pretty well built, looks to have good speed, broke out as a freshman, some evidence he can catch outside his frame on a quick look. Worth digging into a little. Could be an interesting day two prospect.
  9. Not a great place to put this but random thought. Think the Jets could use a receiver, and though it's really early in the process a lot of the prospects are ranked in the teens/20's which makes it seem that tier would mean a huge reach with either first rounder but likely gone by the time the second round pick rolls around. With the Panthers' second round pick as well they could package the 2's for a late one and a two (26/27 range right now) or a one and a three (20/21 range) - go up and get a WR while retaining that day two pick. Also going to put in my early guess of Ojabo
  10. We’ve talked about this some in the draft forum. The edge class is deeper than it is strong at the top. Jets have starters penciled in for the next two plus years in Lawson and Franklin-Myers and rotate a lot. Lawson’s health is obviously a question. Two very different skill sets in the edges as well - which meshes with what SF did. Worth drafting because it’s a premium position and Douglas/Saleh both value the fronts (which is the right way to build). But they can probably get away with chasing upside because the DL has talent already and if they’re drafting an edge there’s a decent chan
  11. It’s going to be interesting to see how the board falls. I’m not sure the Jets will have an opportunity to draft either.
  12. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with the OL this offseason. Looks like AVT is a stud. Believe the Moses and LDT contracts expire this offseason and the McGovern and Fant contracts expire the following offseason. Most young enough as OL they could keep playing if the team likes what they’re doing and wants continuity. Douglas has largely let guys walk and tried to draft. This next draft and what they do at RG will be interesting.
  13. Clearly this is a take one step back to take two steps forward situation.
  14. For his development and the ability to evaluate the other young players on a rebuilding team, he shouldn’t have been handed the starting job. Literally everyone would’ve benefitted from them drafting him and saying he wouldn’t touch the field from day one. He’d have been able to work on mechanics, going through reads, and learning the offense to the point that when he saw the field he’d still be developing but he’d be more comfortable playing within structure. And he’d come in behind an offensive line that’s gelled a little and with the benefit of a run game that seems to be clicking inst
  15. That's a pretty good return. I'd be pretty surprised if the Jets pull that. Falcons/Saints/Steelers are an interesting mix of teams though. If one of them likes a QB...
  16. I think the original post hits the nail on the head. Vera-Tucker looks like a keeper at guard, Carter is a solid committee back you’re not going to want to replace, Moore looks like at worst a legitimately good starting receiver. Becton needs to prove he can stay healthy, Wilson is obviously unproven to date, Mims has battled consistency issues and the coaching staff doesn’t seem to like him. I like Ty Johnson as a rotational back but I don’t think he’s signed too long and he’s probably replaceable. The free agent band aids are just that - band aids Douglas wants to replace via the
  17. Jets currently picking 4-5. Let's say they ideally plan to take a player and drop down. Class is deep and weak at the top. Trade chart says pick 5 is with 1700. Fair first+second round pick for pick 5 is between 11+43 (1250+470=1720) and 12+44 (1200+460=1660). Presume the weak class this year devalues that pick 5 and the Jets wouldn't get fair value. Would you take less than one of those trades (plus/minus whatever evens it out) to move down and pick up an extra second round pick - and if so how far would you be willing to drop down? To pick 16+48 for example is worth about 1420 - a littl
  18. But good franchises keep their players. Couldn't be that their teams are good because their players are good and therefore worth keeping.
  19. derp

    Dane Brugler

    Also looked at the 2013 draft out of curiosity. Some big, big hits in the third and fourth round. Kelce, Keenan Allen, Terron Armstead, Bakhtiari. Hopkins slid to the late first too, Ertz went early in the second. Lane Johnson was a good early pick - Eagles really set themselves up with Johnson and Ertz even though the class wasn’t great. Weak class especially at the top but crazy that class had some of the best third and fourth round picks in the last decade and the best late first round WR too.
  20. Only reason not to punt on second down is to give the defense 40 seconds more rest.
  21. derp

    Dane Brugler

    We haven’t discussed this much but the weak top ten could lead to some unconventional decisions by the Jets. Lower valued positions high, potentially a “reach” that’s not as big of a deal because the class is weak, trade down for less than the chart. I do like the depth of the class. Just the Jets’ luck to have multiple top half of the draft picks in the two weakest drafts of that ten year stretch.
  22. Would be a nice WR5/6 with ST value and maybe some hidden upside given how terrible QB play was at Rutgers. I think he kind of fits the offense too. If the Jets wait until the draft to address RG and Johnson makes it to day two I think he might be the best way to reasonably cheaply but confidently improve the OL.
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