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  1. Mims is going to have to earn time over him too, IMO. I’ll be thrilled if Mims plays well enough to consistently get snaps over Cole but I’m not entirely certain that’s a lock yet.
  2. I wish they still did older versions of former players. Brick would be my jersey of choice.
  3. I presume Coleman will be missing games due to injury. I love Johnson’s fit and Adams is not too bad either. Think Carter is going to eat in the passing game as long as his protection translates. Perine’s going to need to show out on special teams to stick. I’ll say looking back at the end of the season Johnson averages roughly 10 carries and about a catch and Carter is closer to 8 carries but right around 3 catches. Rest split among the other guys depending on health and who shows well.
  4. derp

    2022 Draft Thread

    I don’t think they’ll do it or he’ll be in range. And not sure how his season goes. But with Evan Neal potentially in this draft class, the Jets could be running outside zone with two athletic 6’7, 360+ tackles.
  5. Depends what kind of DT. Definitely don’t pay a run stopping DT serious money, but the DT’s who can create interior pressure are extraordinarily valuable. Those guys get paid. Williams has absolutely shown flashes of being that guy. If he gets there this year, paying him is absolutely a smart decision.
  6. Ergo, cautiously. It’s entirely possible that the last several years have been such a complete ****show that anything resembling borderline competent, logical building of a football team has me feeling positive.
  7. Oh for sure, and I think it kind of depends on what a bust really ends up being. To me if you're taking a quarterback at #2 you want him to be the guy long-term. So guys like Jared Goff, Carson Wentz - to me are busts. But the kind of team success those groups had...if the team ends up even a little shy of that level and continues to be trending in that direction I'd think they stick. There's a lot of grey area there IMO.
  8. Ryan Pace just traded up for a quarterback in the first round four years after trading up to #2 overall to draft Mitchell Trubisky over Patrick Mahomes. Douglas does a good job and the team is good I'm not convinced taking his favorite QB at #2 and not having it work out is what buries him. Nagy came a year later but ditto for Saleh, particularly if the defense gets cooking and the run game is solid - neither of which seems like a crazy concept. LaFleur is a nice built in scapegoat.
  9. derp

    2022 Draft Thread

    Not telling me anything I don't know my friend. Definitely highly talented and I know the offense hasn't done him any favors. Just saying he actually needs to take that step production wise in order to be considered a top draft prospect. I'd almost rather he doesn't and hope the Jets can target him in the round 3-4 range instead of the first. The NFL is so flawed when it comes to drafting tight ends - not unrelated to why I'm saying that Ruckert needs to produce in order to be considered an early round tight end prospect.
  10. Yeah Saleh has said Mosley can fit into any scheme and they're excited to get him going. My expectations are low. If he's good it'll be like when I find $20 I forgot I left in a pocket.
  11. I am cautiously optimistic. This isn't unusual, I tend to be a glass half full guy. But the optimism is largely different this time. I haven't convinced myself a prospect I don't like is going to be great like the Jets have made me do most years. After this draft, and frankly the free agency period, I feel like the Jets' organizational philosophies are set up to potentially lead to sustainable success. There are several reasons why. For starters, the Saleh hire has been a lot of fun. Every time I've heard him speak - interviews, press conferences, calls to the draft picks - he comes
  12. Fatukasi would make sense as a two down run stuffer but I don’t think he’s even playing two downs. Williams and Rankins will be starting, I think. He’s a good player but I don’t think they like him as a fit. I was looking at the expiring guys purely from a compensatory formula standpoint. Figure even Elflein showed up this year in the OTC calcs so anybody who might get signed helps. Franklin-Myers is definitely still on the team and could play a decent role. I actually think he’s the best and possibly only extension option. Though I do think Phillips is kind of underrated. I also t
  13. I'd add most of the defensive line to the notable free agents. Fatukasi, Shepherd, Franklin-Myers, and Phillips are all decent players. Herndon is a free agent too I believe. There are actually a lot of guys set to expire. Guidry too as a presumptive starting nickel. This might be the first year they are set up get compensatory picks. Assuming the gradual OL build continues, I imagine we'll see one to two of C, RG, and RT addressed next offseason. Remove RG if Cam Clark takes that one over. Very early it looks like a good center class, two of the favorites who were potentially entering th
  14. You are entitled to your opinion but I wholeheartedly disagree that admissions committees can tell the difference. Committed students can do the hundreds of hours to check a box no problem. Means to an end.
  15. I love a good fluff piece as much as anyone and this was fun. The cynic in me always feels like there’s a moment we laugh about in a failed regime. If this thing goes sideways, the Fred Warner hug is going to be it.
  16. Haven't seen that anywhere else. Interesting he’d pick two. Will he interesting to see what the other guys take - skill guys can wear single digits now too. Moore and Carter both wore 8 in college but Mike White has that now. Wonder if either can sneak it away, or if they care to. Tevin Coleman wore 6 in college which is open. Think existing guys need to buy inventory to change numbers which is wild to me so I imagine mostly the new guys will have the fun ones.
  17. I think it’s kind of like the draft in that it boils down to elite “traits”. Best measure of success med schools can point to is their match list. Match someone who’s in it for the wrong reasons but good at faking it and an outstanding test taker into a hyper-competitive speciality and it looks good, whereas the person who would be happy to care of folks in an underserved area doing family medicine and great stuff that job doesn’t look good matching to a middle of nowhere non-competitive specialty. The volunteering and stuff is silly at this point. Probably a little cynical but think the
  18. Absolutely understand both are possible. Was more hoping for discussion related to what we already know about the team in place. With this roster and future draft capital what’s a path to the Houston scenario and what’s a path to the Rams scenario?
  19. I think Nasirildeen will join Bryce Hall in the good player who slipped too far after injury but will be a rock solid starter taken mid day three category. Yeboah will have plenty of opportunity to earn a spot in an offense that uses tight ends and has a lot of question marks on the depth chart.
  20. I do wonder how active the Jets will be in the veteran trade market as we get closer to the season. They’ve got some cap room to maybe take on some stuff if it’ll help as a bridge. Also with the new scheme I feel like Fatukasi and Shepherd would be better used by teams doing something different. Crowder too honestly. There are definitely several useful guys who would probably benefit from a change of scenery, could open up roster spots for a younger guy, and are expiring this year.
  21. In an interview I read with Jenkins he was pretty clear that he was more comfortable on the right side than the left and working to try to get there on the left side. I don’t think anybody would say no to potential LT money but I remember thinking he seemed like he’d be perfectly happy to get plopped at RT for a decade and would be more risky moved to the left side. So this is interesting. Loved the Fields trade up for them but feel like Pace can’t get out of his own way sometimes.
  22. How much are these guys’ futures tied together? Was thinking about it before and then a piece touching on how Pace has now traded up for two QB’s with Chicago took it a step further. Very early on in the process I felt that taking Wilson was a big risk for Douglas. Now I’m wondering if he looks at it the same way. Is he sitting there thinking he risked his job, or that if everything else works out it doesn’t really matter if Wilson does? Same question for Saleh. And on the flip side, is hitting on a franchise QB a golden ticket for those guys? If he becomes a top five NFL QB is there
  23. Lots of different ways the schools do it, but I think it’s easier to fake the passion than it is to fake the numbers and publications. The whole admissions process for medicine is very strange to me. I also don’t think the 22 year olds can actually know they want to work like that, let alone 18 year olds. Part of why median age is rising at most schools. Burnout is still a major issue too and it was pre-COVID.
  24. It’s a little lazy from the same school but I think he’s a kind of comparable to Gio Bernard. Really similar size, shifty, great receivers and generally really effective in the passing game, dangerous and capable of ripping off chunk plays but probably lack the open field speed to house the ball from 80 out, probably not a volume back but really effective on the field. Bernard’s been in the league 8 years and is still useful. Had a few seasons with over 1000 total yards. I’d take that career from a fourth round pick and more would obviously be great.
  25. If you find a med school that does admissions that way let me know bit.
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