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  1. Having the staff determine who gets play time at corner based on merit might actually be a good thing.
  2. It is really nice to be in a situation where the GM is not married to any players. Guys are going to make the 53 on merit. Agree this isn’t the time to make a big trade for a corner. If there’s an opportunity to flip a guy who won’t make the 53 at a position of depth for a corner who won’t make another roster around cutdown time I could see that happening.
  3. I respectfully disagree. Holding onto Mike Maccagnan, reducing your pool of potential head coaches because you're forcing him on them, letting him spend a ton of money in FA, and then letting him run a draft with the #3 pick only to realize he's not a good GM and should be let go was circus-like. And the revolving door of GM's and HC's and reporting relationships doesn't help. I do think they made the right decision but at the wrong time and they certainly could pay for that.
  4. The organization often seems like a circus, and that starts at the top. While I know that means Woody and Chris, I don’t think that anyone they’ve fired actually deserved to stay. They just haven’t hired the right people and have handled things poorly from there. I do genuinely believe that the circus is part of why they can’t hire the right people and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. The organization never gets the right candidate because the best candidates want no part of the Jets. I thought it way earlier in the off-season - Darnold put the organization in a unique situation where there appears to be a franchise QB in place on a rookie deal. Kudos to ownership for realizing a change was needed at GM and this was an opportunity to get a quality candidate in here and for stepping up and paying to get him. Paying someone a lot and them earning it beats paying two people at once. Hopefully this is the beginning of some stability for the organization.
  5. No idea how hard Leggett works or if he’s in tremendous shape, but calling him fat is kind of silly. We used to walk our dogs around the same area - has as much of a basketball player build as he does a football player build if you see him on the street.
  6. I think this would be a better question if some of Macc’s draft picks who didn’t end up on the team (that he controls the roster of) made other teams around the league.
  7. Only one CB from being a top ten defense after spending first round picks on defense in four of the last five years (including the best player in the draft in the top six every other year for a total of three times) and handing out huge deals to a cornerback and a linebacker and significant deals to a defensive lineman and another linebacker in free agency the last two years. Not bad.
  8. This is the first time in a long time that the Jets have had legitimate tackle depth. True for Edoga but really four of the six draftees have a legitimate opportunity if healthy to compete for starting positions against incumbents who didn’t necessarily “need” to be replaced in the draft. Speaks to how thin the roster is.
  9. I kind of wonder if Tyler Jones gets a shot at center. Read some speculation he may project there. Most intriguing UDFA to me. First team all ACC the last two years as NC State’s left tackle - three year starter at LT after starting a few games at RT and LG as a redshirt freshman. Decent athletic testing too. Short for a tackle which I get, not saying he’s Orlando Pace, but not sure why nobody drafted him to play inside. I think as a team that could use quality OL depth he carves out a roster spot. Would be especially cool if he can take center and run with it.
  10. It’s funny. I think 8 sacks would get people okay with the pick and 8 is unrealistic. Maybe 6 is a good rookie year? Tough as an interior DL...but that’s why interior DL have slipped lately.
  11. I think I’m taking an optimistic view but I just don’t see that many red flags. Seems like theoretically it boils down to bad advice and immaturity - both which can be fixed. He added more weight than he should have on bad advice, hurt himself, ran overweight and injured which he shouldn’t have, was poorly prepared for combine interviews which I’m sure was compounded by his bad performance, then tried to compete at his pro day still obviously not healthy and was terrible. I’m probably putting way too much into the Pro Day interview but he seemed thoughtful and took ownership. The gist of it was basically I didn’t take it seriously enough and didn’t prepare myself, the people I lean on didn’t know what I was getting myself into and I didn’t, I messed up and I’m learning from it. And he said he wasn’t healthy but wanted to compete and run around with his teammates one more time. I feel like performing at his Pro Day was basically him trying to show good character after bombing the combine more than it was trying to time well. To me if he does that interview and says he doesn’t know what’s he did wrong, he’s just going to be himself, etc. I don’t know what the character issues are but it sounded like he was just not at all ready for what happened. I do wonder what happens, interviews aside, if a) he says he’s not healthy and never runs or b) he tries to do the whole circuit at like 245. What was Burns, 248 and taller? I feel like you bring him in, tell him CJ Mosley is his new best friend, cut 10-15 pounds, get the hamstring healthy, get back to the athleticism from college, work him in on passing downs, and try to get a little good weight on him over time and increase his reps. The fun part is we’ll see. Other fun part is if he busts I think the GM is gone.
  12. I think Tyler Jones makes the team. Most excited about him.
  13. I definitely don’t think the 4.84 or anything in Polite’s testing is remotely indicative of his athletic ability. I watch him and I see blow by ability, ability to dip and bend, spins inside. He wasn’t getting projected in the teens before he combine because he was a mediocre athlete when people watched him at first. I think Polite with a healthy hamstring and 10 pounds lighter than he showed up to the combine at has a very different pre-draft process from a testing standpoint. Now by no means does that absolve him of messing up, and it doesn’t make him a steal in the third round either. I think the Jets took him a little before where I thought risk would have met reward under normal circumstances but I don’t like being risk averse on decisions like like drafting someone in the third round and I also think if you’re going to gamble on talent, pass rusher is a nice position for that. I watched two PFF videos on Polite today, one pre combine and one post combine. The pre combine, guy is talking about how freaky an athlete he is and he’s going to come to the combine in the 240’s and blow things up - and while that’s a little light and there are concerns about him against the run he’s a highly talented and athletic pass rusher in a passing oriented league. Second video post Pro Day the guy is destroying him for coming in too heavy and maybe not being able to carry weight and why he even chose to compete at his Pro Day. To me - if he’s athletically the first guy if you cut 10-15 pounds off him and has learned from his mistakes...you got a first round pass rusher. It’s not a surprise he was slow if he got bad advice and came in ten pounds too heavy with a bad hamstring. Again - none of that absolves him, none of it means he’s a steal or will work out. I think whether or not he’s able to be productive at a playing weight that allows him to make an impact against the run is a big question on top of everything. Still think there’s a better chance he’s a productive pro than some of the other third round edges who were not that athletic when healthy and not as productive in college but had high motors and good character. Jenkins who has worked out is definitely a Robin as an edge and always has been.
  14. I disagree a little on the trainwrecks. Justin Houston, Danielle Hunter, Everson Griffen were all first round talents off the top of my head who tumbled and figured it out once they got to the league. The whole predraft process is intended to let teams learn about players. He bombed it. Hopefully it’s a wake up call. We’ll see. Either he was immature and needed a wake up call or there are deeper issues - I honestly have no clue which it is. I do like that he’s not making excuses and going to a hard ass DC on a defense full of vets. Hope he grabs the starting job, runs with it, and keeps his nose clean. He’s the first edge they’ve drafted who I thought was legitimately talented.
  15. Fair point. I think the athletic testing you can basically throw out the window. He clearly had a bad hamstring, got bad advice and got too heavy, but he looks fast when you watch him. When I watched someone like Jarvis Jones coming out of Georgia years ago I expected him to test poorly and he did. Polite testing poorly was a surprise and I think it had multiple reasons. The character issues...no documented major off field stuff. Seemed thoughtful in his interview at the Pro Day. This is where we see what CJ Mosley does I guess. I’m okay rolling the dice on the idea that an immature 21 year old can learn a lesson and grow up. I’ll take this one over those other guys. This is an interesting draft. Maccagnan basically hit a double, swung for the fences a couple of times, and then hit a single. We’ll see how it shakes out. Not sure how much of the draft had to do with him. I don’t think he’s a good GM but I get the Hail Mary and hope it plays out. Like it way more than his traditional third round moves.
  16. I would love a pleasant surprise but the drafting of Quinnen Williams, re-signing Anderson, even re-signing McClendon...
  17. And Jordan Jenkins. To be fair, Polite is the first one who was actually a good pass rusher in college - and was a projected first rounder before he completely bombed. It’s a dice roll but when the alternative is Lorenzo Mauldin, ArDarius Stewart, or Nathan Shepherd...the gamble on the guy who has actually shown some talent for an important skill isn’t the worst thing he’s ever done.
  18. Erik McCoy went 48th overall to the Saints after they traded up to get him. Would have likely stepped in and started for the Jets at center. We were told they had interest. Saints acquired 48 and 116 (482 points) for 62, 202, and a future 2 (436.2 assuming the future 2 is valued as half this year rather than down a round which is the higher value). What would you have been willing to give up in draft capital to get ahead of where the Saints got to move up for McCoy? I think something like 68 and a future 2 but getting a 4 back would have been pretty fair relative to what the Saints gave up (presumably the Jets’ future 2 has more value than the Saints’, chart or not) and I would’ve had no issue giving that up for McCoy.
  19. I’m pretty sure if they draft a center in the seventh round he’s going to be in competition for the starting spot with a legitimate chance to win.
  20. Butler will be available, Macc will trade down and will eventually draft a WR who won’t be nearly as good.
  21. I like not going hyperconservative in the third round.
  22. I’d be into McCoy as a day 1 starter. If they give up a future #1 for a tier 3/4 edge rusher in the very beginning of that tier I may just give up. Taylor or Ford would be good too.

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