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  1. Suspended for like 8 games last year. Sounds like LSU people think he got pooped for weed too many times. Hopefully not a big deal if he passes at the combine but he’ll have to answer those questions.
  2. Larry Allen was also a guard not a tackle. And Becton could be excellent. I think guys who are different tend to get discounted because NFL decision makers would rather be wrong sticking with typical trends than wrong doing something unusual. Very risk averse sport in that way. But it's very possible I'm wrong and Becton just goes early.
  3. Thomas was rated higher before but it’s pretty split now and I think last year’s draft made it clear Gettleman doesn’t care about rankings at all.
  4. Given Gettleman’s poker face is a little worse than my dog’s, I think Wirfs may be off the board at four.
  5. The article says: The Jets would be a possible team to trade for Beckham Beckham is not actively seeking a move Jets have cap space, a need at WR, and "the desire to add a star" Beckham would welcome a return to New York "That isn’t to say that the Jets would necessarily want Beckham let alone give up the assets needed to land one of the league’s top wide receivers. But there could certainly be an appeal for the Jets. And it certainly may not be the case that the Browns are seriously shopping Beckham, but a reunion between the star player and New York is intriguing." *big headline* *caveat caveat caveat caveat caveat*
  6. A team moving up for Jeudy/Lamb seems like a pretty viable possibility although Dallas doesn’t work out too neatly chart wise. Unfortunately a lot of the teams that do in the Miami, Vegas, Jacksonville range and those teams are not likely candidates with Jacksonville also at 9, Vegas also at 12, and Miami in the division and at 5. Denver’s three and 15 for 11 is pretty close on the chart and they have a need. Right now don’t think Indy and Vegas go tackle. Tampa maybe I suppose. I still think a trade down that annoys the fanbase seems pretty likely. Draft media seems lower on the tackles than the board, Jones at Jackson who are potentially going in the 20’s seem to fit the traditional pass protecting tackle archetype more neatly than some of the top 4 guys, and this roster is in desperate need of some depth. Maybe Douglas likes Thomas at eleven though and he’s there. That’s probably the cleanest outcome. Thomas after a trade down would be pretty cool.
  7. I think Vaitai makes sense. Position versatility is extremely helpful when you're basically trying to build an offensive line from scratch. You can probably pencil in one of Vaitai/Edoga as a starter. Head into the draft with Vaitai, Edoga, Harrison, a big FA signing at G/T and a small FA signing at G/T (I'd prefer two bigger signings but Vaitai may a the big one). Hopefully two or three draft picks win competitions for starting jobs.
  8. I took "this is why you don't" to mean top ten when he talked about the big price to get Watkins - you did not evidently. Cherry picking is never good but the big sample of the top ten isn't great either. Too many guys get the elite tag, it's a pet peeve of mine, and I was a little stressed yesterday - didn't mean to be too direct. For what it's worth of those copious R1 WR's - Dez and DT are not productive right now. The way the NFL drafts WR's is kind of bonkers to me. Pretty strong correlations for weight and none for speed and they draft twigs in R1. Guys who can hold up physically at the catch point, stay healthy, and have hands and separation ability but run a little slower go R2. Looked at receiving yardage this year as a one off sample - four of the top 10 receiving yardage guys in 2009 were R1 guys. Two more top twenty, two more top thirty, one more top forty, one more top fifty, two more top sixty. So twelve of the top 60 pass catchers by yardage were R1 WR's (McCaffrey the other R1 guy - no R1 TE's which is wild). Nine of the top 30 were R2 guys and seven were R3 guys. Then two day 2 picks (Diggs and Edelman). To me it's pretty clear day 2 is where value meets production at that position. Hope the Jets grab two guys in that range this year. The truly *elite* guys are great - three of the four in the top ten benefitted from game flow IMO then guys like Hopkins outside the top ten didn't - but when you're looking for production in the passing game I'd argue it's more efficient to wait till day 2. That's where the guys who can play the position and aren't overhyped due to stats or 40's fall.
  9. So - Evans drafted in 2014, Jones and Green in 2011, Johnson in 2007. So that's four guys in thirteen drafts, none in the last five. All are 6'3+, 211+, plus athletes, capable of winning contested balls but fast and athletic enough to get loose downfield, proved it in college multiple years, and were drafted in the top ten. Over those thirteen drafts, eleven other WR's were drafted in the top ten. Ginn, DHB, Crabtree, Justin Blackmon, Tavon Austin, Watkins, Amari Cooper, Kevin White, Corey Davis, Mike Williams, John Ross. I think the elite guys you take at the top of the draft. Otherwise there are a lot of really, really good WR's in the NFL who were drafted on day two. Not that all of the other eleven were busts but none hit that elite multi year sustained production the four you mentioned did. And I don't think anyone this draft class fits that profile.
  10. Giving money to a guy who just talked about not playing in 2020 would be pretty Jetsy.
  11. derp

    2020 WR thread

    It’s a slow team even with RA.
  12. I do not think the Jaguars would entertain that offer. Not like anyone thinks the Jets would get a third round pick in a trade for Williamson.
  13. Imagine how good your roster management has to be to essentially have a $7M option on Brian Winters. I'll show myself out.
  14. Not my preference. Would want a more solid addition at tackle in FA and/or to draft a tackle. Beachum on a deal without a ton of guarantees after year one, Alex Lewis on some kind of reasonable deal, Thuney/Scherff/Glasgow, a tackle in the first three rounds and a guard and a center each in the first five rounds would be my bare minimum. Harrison and draft pick compete, Lewis and draft pick compete, and Beachum/Edoga/draft pick complete for the two tackle spots. Too many good tackles in this class not to come out with one when the team heads into the offseason with 0 guaranteed long-term starters on the roster. Particularly when the alternative is guaranteeing Edoga a starting position. Also could be kind of cool to have that kind of arrangement and draft someone like Wirfs as he could theoretically compete for both tackle spots or the vacant guard spot. Grab a good football player and figure out where he fits into the team.
  15. derp

    Draft Day strategy

    I could certainly see it. Flip side - Jets do not move up and on the clock at 11 the Saints call - they want to make an aggressive move up. Either to get a QB to groom behind Brees or to make a push while they still have him. They don't have a lot of assets (no second this year) but offer next year's 1 in addition to this year's 1 (24) and 3. Do you take it? Move down significantly but five picks in the first two days plus a one next year.
  16. Edge rushers are one of the few positions athleticism is legitimately important and the combine should be telling there. Corner class seems to be all over the place aside from Okudah. Gladney from TCU seems like a fun prospect though.
  17. I don’t think he should be completely discounted but I also don’t think he can be counted on for anything either. Expect to see some serious additions on the OL and some halfhearted additions on the OL. I think two firm starters are brought in, two halfhearted starters, and two or three guys get drafted. Add that to the returning Edoga, McDermott, Harrison and you’ve got your offensive line. Competition at three spots and decent depth. I think this is particularly likely since some of the tackles in this class are being projected all over the place.
  18. derp

    2020 WR thread

    Jeudy reminds me of Cooper as an on the ground receiver, granted I expect Jeudy to be faster and he’s a little more slippery after the catch. Realistically the Jets need size and field stretching so they could go Jeudy and come back with like AGG, Pittman, Edwards, etc later. Alabama produces those guys. Tight ends too really. Howard and Smith were the same. Julio’s the only absolute do everything freak pass catcher to come out of there and the comps get thrown out far too easily.
  19. derp

    2020 WR thread

    I think as much as we talk about tackle at 11 there’s a real chance that FA leaves the team in a position where fans still want to go tackle but Douglas goes WR. Conklin, Thuney/Glasgow, Beachum, Lewis in FA and Edoga and day 2/3 guys at T, G, and C compete for spots. Maybe I’m just used to Maccagnan’s approach though.
  20. I don’t know how his interviews go since he supposedly got suspended for drug tests in college (at the very least got suspended) but Saahdiq Charles looked good when I watched him and was part of a big time line in college. Think he’s being slept on right now as a tier 2 tackle. Jackson is my favorite option for R2 and Peart is my favorite for R3. The small school tackle who was at the Senior Bowl is interesting too. Bartch I think.
  21. derp

    2020 WR thread

    Obviously not super polished technically but did a better job in tight situations and downfield than I expected for a hybrid QB/WR and super, super explosive. Don't know if the Jets can give him as much time to develop as he may need but feels possible some team with a little less need for a guy to step in and play and more of a desire for a sub package guy to start can do well here.
  22. Definitely down to draft an explosive RB. Puts a lot more stress on the defense. The pass catching skills are a question but I’m sure teams will take a big look at the combine and his Pro Day.
  23. Clearly Washington has a ton of leverage when it comes to trading a 31 year old tackle who didn’t play last year, had injury issues the three years prior, and has said he’ll never play for the franchise again.
  24. Just noticed the Colts have 34 in addition to 44. If they like Herbert, that pick plus theirs at 13 gets them to 5 on the chart and ahead of the Chargers. They’d probably have to throw in some other stuff but it should be reasonable for a QB - and they can keep their second. Probably depends a little what the Giants do are 4 and if the Lions are okay losing Okudah (assuming Miami jumps to 3 for Tua since they have need and the most ammo). Alternatively if they want Love and to get ahead of the Raiders, 13 and 34 for 11 and 48 is a little more than chart but again for a QB and they can’t pull something similar with Cleveland because it’s farther and Cleveland picks at 41. No loss of picks for the Colts, Jets only drop down a couple spots in the first to move up to the top of day two where they get a solid player or have an opportunity to move down and accumulate picks there. Early day two picks are always a hot commodity.

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