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  1. Giving money to a guy who just talked about not playing in 2020 would be pretty Jetsy.
  2. derp

    2020 WR thread

    It’s a slow team even with RA.
  3. I do not think the Jaguars would entertain that offer. Not like anyone thinks the Jets would get a third round pick in a trade for Williamson.
  4. Imagine how good your roster management has to be to essentially have a $7M option on Brian Winters. I'll show myself out.
  5. Not my preference. Would want a more solid addition at tackle in FA and/or to draft a tackle. Beachum on a deal without a ton of guarantees after year one, Alex Lewis on some kind of reasonable deal, Thuney/Scherff/Glasgow, a tackle in the first three rounds and a guard and a center each in the first five rounds would be my bare minimum. Harrison and draft pick compete, Lewis and draft pick compete, and Beachum/Edoga/draft pick complete for the two tackle spots. Too many good tackles in this class not to come out with one when the team heads into the offseason with 0 guaranteed long-term starters on the roster. Particularly when the alternative is guaranteeing Edoga a starting position. Also could be kind of cool to have that kind of arrangement and draft someone like Wirfs as he could theoretically compete for both tackle spots or the vacant guard spot. Grab a good football player and figure out where he fits into the team.
  6. derp

    Draft Day strategy

    I could certainly see it. Flip side - Jets do not move up and on the clock at 11 the Saints call - they want to make an aggressive move up. Either to get a QB to groom behind Brees or to make a push while they still have him. They don't have a lot of assets (no second this year) but offer next year's 1 in addition to this year's 1 (24) and 3. Do you take it? Move down significantly but five picks in the first two days plus a one next year.
  7. Edge rushers are one of the few positions athleticism is legitimately important and the combine should be telling there. Corner class seems to be all over the place aside from Okudah. Gladney from TCU seems like a fun prospect though.
  8. I don’t think he should be completely discounted but I also don’t think he can be counted on for anything either. Expect to see some serious additions on the OL and some halfhearted additions on the OL. I think two firm starters are brought in, two halfhearted starters, and two or three guys get drafted. Add that to the returning Edoga, McDermott, Harrison and you’ve got your offensive line. Competition at three spots and decent depth. I think this is particularly likely since some of the tackles in this class are being projected all over the place.
  9. derp

    2020 WR thread

    Jeudy reminds me of Cooper as an on the ground receiver, granted I expect Jeudy to be faster and he’s a little more slippery after the catch. Realistically the Jets need size and field stretching so they could go Jeudy and come back with like AGG, Pittman, Edwards, etc later. Alabama produces those guys. Tight ends too really. Howard and Smith were the same. Julio’s the only absolute do everything freak pass catcher to come out of there and the comps get thrown out far too easily.
  10. derp

    2020 WR thread

    I think as much as we talk about tackle at 11 there’s a real chance that FA leaves the team in a position where fans still want to go tackle but Douglas goes WR. Conklin, Thuney/Glasgow, Beachum, Lewis in FA and Edoga and day 2/3 guys at T, G, and C compete for spots. Maybe I’m just used to Maccagnan’s approach though.
  11. I don’t know how his interviews go since he supposedly got suspended for drug tests in college (at the very least got suspended) but Saahdiq Charles looked good when I watched him and was part of a big time line in college. Think he’s being slept on right now as a tier 2 tackle. Jackson is my favorite option for R2 and Peart is my favorite for R3. The small school tackle who was at the Senior Bowl is interesting too. Bartch I think.
  12. derp

    2020 WR thread

    Obviously not super polished technically but did a better job in tight situations and downfield than I expected for a hybrid QB/WR and super, super explosive. Don't know if the Jets can give him as much time to develop as he may need but feels possible some team with a little less need for a guy to step in and play and more of a desire for a sub package guy to start can do well here.
  13. Definitely down to draft an explosive RB. Puts a lot more stress on the defense. The pass catching skills are a question but I’m sure teams will take a big look at the combine and his Pro Day.
  14. Clearly Washington has a ton of leverage when it comes to trading a 31 year old tackle who didn’t play last year, had injury issues the three years prior, and has said he’ll never play for the franchise again.
  15. Just noticed the Colts have 34 in addition to 44. If they like Herbert, that pick plus theirs at 13 gets them to 5 on the chart and ahead of the Chargers. They’d probably have to throw in some other stuff but it should be reasonable for a QB - and they can keep their second. Probably depends a little what the Giants do are 4 and if the Lions are okay losing Okudah (assuming Miami jumps to 3 for Tua since they have need and the most ammo). Alternatively if they want Love and to get ahead of the Raiders, 13 and 34 for 11 and 48 is a little more than chart but again for a QB and they can’t pull something similar with Cleveland because it’s farther and Cleveland picks at 41. No loss of picks for the Colts, Jets only drop down a couple spots in the first to move up to the top of day two where they get a solid player or have an opportunity to move down and accumulate picks there. Early day two picks are always a hot commodity.
  16. Should be some jockeying to get QB's early. I'm honestly not sure which team behind the Jets is giving something of substance to get a QB. Only ones I can think of are Indy or Tampa - fine with either jumping up (though I'm not sure they do it for Love and I think the other three are gone).
  17. Trent Brown is another - round 7 though. Combine will be interesting for Becton. I think he has a really, really wide range of outcomes for where he goes in the draft. Wholeheartedly agree about the suspicion they want a Josh Jones type. Board wants a trade down every year, this year bet Douglas passes on one of the top four tackles to move down and gets killed. Do think Wirfs round 1 and a Jackson/Jones/Peart/Charles later (who knows where those guys land) could be in play as well bring them in and figure out who between those guys and Edoga plays where.
  18. I think kind of similar to what bitonti posted - and I'm not sure he's necessarily wrong. Listed at 370 - that's not within the typical NFL offensive tackle archetype. Even if he played at 350 - people aren't typically sifting through interviews to find that and 350 is huge. Big offensive linemen play at like 330 most of the time. And often guys who don't fit the typical mold get discounted because it's easier than trying to figure out if they're the exception.
  19. Saahdiq Charles was LSU’s LT, obviously they had an outstanding season. Looks extremely athletic albeit a bit undersized. Think his combine will be impressive. Build reminds me of Brick a little. Experience at LT, RT, and LG. Will have to answer questions about a suspension last year - rumors are that it was related to multiple failed drug tests. Day 2/early day 3 guy right now, I think he’s somebody to keep an eye on along with those other tier 2 athletic tackles like Jones and Peart.
  20. In some order three offensive linemen and a wide receiver. Would like to see another receiver day 3 as I think the depth of the class warrants it. If they can come out with a Wirfs/Wills and a Jackson/Jones/Peart I think that gives a lot of potential for the offensive line down the road. Throw in a center and a pass catcher and the team is on its way.
  21. derp

    2020 WR thread

    Not sure what the right comparison for Aiyuk is but Jackson is way more slight - listed at 175 versus Aiyuk who was 201 at the Senior Bowl. Need to watch more but he’s got solid size for a speed guy versus like Hamler and does some return stuff. Thought Reagor was more fun to watch. He’s going to be an interesting evaluation.
  22. I think there tend to be two types of WR’s who succeed in the NFL. Guys either win by creating separation on the ground (speed and/or agility and route running) or at the couch point (height/leaping ability/strength) - or obviously both ways. Draft people tend to look at the speed/agility and the height/leaping ability for those two things. But the guys who consistently make plays have the route running, the strength, and the hands. And those players - plus just flat out burners - can be found on days two and three. The receiving yardage leaders right now are Michael Thomas (second round), Julio Jones (top ten), Chris Godwin (third round), Travis Kelce (third round TE), Devante Parker (mid first round), Keenan Allen (second round), Kenny Golladay (third round, Amari Cooper (top ten), DJ Moore (late first round), and Jarvis Landry (second round). You have to get to Jarvis Landry at 10 to find somebody listed below 209 pounds - Landry is listed at 196 but he was 205 at the combine, is a tough SOB, and plays way way bigger than whatever size you see him at. There’s historically a solid correlation between weight and success in draft picks. Better built guys have an easier time staying healthy and also making plays on the tighter window balls that happen at the NFL level. Really curious to see what Jeudy and a Lamb weigh in at, but they’re both skinny and listed at 192 and 191-195 respectively. I’m an OL guy anyway but I’d rather not roll the dice on those guys. It’s easier to be physically dominant at the college level. If I’m betting on one it’s Jeudy and his quicks and route running - Lamb I think needs to put on a little weight and be Keenan Allen-ish but Allen is uniquely slippery. But I’d rather take OL and wait. Guys can be found day 2. Take multiple.
  23. Last first round WR was Moss in 2001. The only one between then and now I can think of who was better than Kerley was Cotchery back in 2004. It’s been a wasteland. Since 2001 I believe the only first round offensive players have been Sanchez, Darnold, Brick, Mangold, and Keller. Eighteen years, twenty picks (none in 2005, two in 2006, 2008, and 2013), five offensive players, one on the current roster. Though to be fair that only beats defensive players by one since Adams and Williams are the only two left there.
  24. Legit one of my favorite posters on any board I’ve been a part of. If not my favorite. @Sperm Edwards Yes I’m talking about you.
  25. Pretty sure that was a historically bad draft class overall.

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