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  1. Apparently not. I'm pretty sure that was just a massive smokescreen that everybody saw through, but now people use to downgrade the value of their opinion of Clowney and Smith. Both are incredibly talented physically and are no longer first or second year players, so I wouldn't be surprised to see one or the other take a big step forward this year. And if not, Dez Bryant in 2010!
  2. 3-4 end. And he absolutely would fit that mold, possibly a better fit for him actually but he can probably do both.
  3. I'm nearly positive he's a 5-technique in the 3-4, he doesn't have the playing style, consistent leverage, or size to play the nose. He's a little short for it, but should manage. He may have fit a little better inside in a 4-3, but he's a high-motor defensive lineman who likes to get upfield. The Steelers have had a lot of success under Tomlin drafting guys that wouldn't have fit the old defense they ran under Cowher (Timmons comes to mind, just not big enough) and Hood could very well be another one of those players. Only real concern for him is that, while he does have a very good motor, he
  4. ...I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, and no I didn't.
  5. I think he pushes him out of a roster/practice squad spot. He's more polished at FB, and Caulcrick's running ability isn't as valuable after drafting Shonn Greene. If we hadn't drafted a wideout I would have thought Caulcrick was almost a lock to make the team in a LeRon McClain role and as an understudy to Tony Richardson, but I think he's hard pressed to stick after bringing in Greene and Southerland.
  6. Cook, Link, Myers, McKee, Southerland, and Potter were all considered pretty draftable guys, Potter more than the rest of them though. Nobody would have batted an eye if any of those guys got drafted in the later rounds, though. Potter could have possibly landed in the fourth or fifth. Never know why they all went undrafted, but we have a decent UDFA class this year and they all have a good shot to make some noise with this team due to the lack of depth and small draft class.
  7. Seriously. EVERY time he was asked about bringing in a veteran QB, his answer was more or less, "Matt Cavanaugh has been to a Super Bowl and I view him as our veteran QB." I've heard that so many times I'm sick of the response.
  8. Just a few things: -Backs don't have to be THAT smart to have success in the NFL. Exhibit A: Emmitt Smith. Not having to learn so much of the playbook is a big reason backs can be successful year 1 on such a consistent basis. As long as he can learn to pass-block well, I'm alright with his level of intelligence. -Green is like 5'10, 5'11 - not 6'1. -A lot of the holes you see on tape are also due to his vision. I do understand the concern though. -I think he has more wiggle than you give him credit for. Nice writeup, though. I think Greene compliments ou
  9. Lol wait till Fish graduates if he doesn't end up in the NBA none of those guys fits the prototype. He's the only one on the team right now who has a shot IMO. Stokes used to play some pigskin as well if memory serves and could have a shot. I really wonder what DA ends up doing, he's my personal favorite from the Final Four team.
  10. Dunno if they'll be top 10 since it's obviously very early to tell, but juniors Arrelious Benn of Illinois and Dez Bryant of Oklahoma State are very highly regarded. Redshirt Junior Damian Williams, one of Sanchez's favorite targets from USC, could absolutely work his way into the first round range. And LSU senior Brandon LaFell is solid as well, could potentially be a first rounder.
  11. I'm pretty sure you have the Jets and Packers mixed up. Unless I'm wrong the 2010 was supposed to come New York's way if Favre retires, not the other way around.
  12. Didn't the Lions/Texans draft Joey Harrington/David Carr and Charles Rodgers/Andre Johnson in consecutive years? That was one giant 1/4. I'm not saying I disagree with you, I think we do need to add a wideout, but there's no guarantees. At least we have defense and an OL barring injuries.
  13. So we cut the players who wore the same numbers for our team as the first two guys we drafted did in college. Coincidence? ...Obviously, but still an amusing one. Hopefully we've got a good backup plan at punter, there have been issues there forever...
  14. Overall OL depth was superior when Bender and Garner were around as well if memory serves. Plus this guy is basically handpicked by Callahan who knows his OL pretty well. Not saying you're wrong, but I think this is a pick that's going to be better than it seems. Or it'll just be Jason Pociask all over again.
  15. His accuracy on intermediate-long routes, like in the 20-25 yard range, really jumped out at me when I watched him play. Obviously at this point all we have to do is hope for the best, but he seems like he's got a good head on his shoulders and definitely has some talent as well. Hope we can get a WR for him next year, maybe his buddy Damian Williams from USC. Benn from Illinois and Bryant from Oklahoma State are monsters as well. We shall see...
  16. Agreed. I think Douglas starts at the beginning of the year as those have said earlier in the thread, but he might have been starting anyway because he does fit Ryan's 3-4 better than Coleman did. I'd watch out for DeVito to potentially be starting by the end of the year, though. And next year's draft has some great potential 5-techs, so if a couple of those guys have the junior/senior years they're expected to we can definitely grab somebody. But this year I think it's going to come down to Douglas and DeVito. Watch out for Potter to make the team as a backup well, he's pretty talente
  17. One major issue with said offensive line is a real lack of depth. We got lucky last year and none of our linemen got hurt. I'd be very concerned if we had an injury on the offensive line this year, particularly with a young quarterback. Tannenbaum needs to improve the depth or say a few prayers that nobody gets hurt, because if somebody does there could be problems.
  18. My B, brain fart. He probably won't stick, but he'd work as a camp body. Should be lots more guys that have the opportunity to stick next year, IMO.
  19. Young actually would fit the 3-4 well, I remember thinking that the first few times I saw him. A few other guys you mentioned did get drafted though, at least per where I'm looking on nfl.com. Guys I like: Greg Carr, WR, FSU Aaron Kelly, WR, Clemson Ryan Purvis, TE, BC Kevin Brock, TE, Rutgers Joel Bell, T, Furman Cedric Dockery, G, Texas Robby Felix, C, UTEP Cornelius Lewis, T/G, Tennessee State Augustus Parrish, T, Kent State Jose Valdez, T/G, Arkansas Jason Watkins, T, Florida Gerald Cadogan, T, Penn State Chris Baker, DT, Hampton Nader Abdallah, DE, Ohi
  20. I still don't think it makes sense. Where does Barwin fit for us? He's a talented guy and put up some nice numbers, but he's very raw. He's no better than some other guys who could be available at 23 or 25. I wouldn't really worry about it if a division rival does pick him, they're bound to pick somebody there anyway.
  21. Nah it's more lets let those poor kids survive. The NBA's rule is more about money than anything else, there are plenty of high schoolers with pro ready bodies. If you look at the weights of high school football players you'll see lots of defensive ends are around 220, 230. Tight ends are about the same size. Linebackers can be around 200, 210. They're just not physically ready for the league, whereas high school basketball players can be. Lance Stephenson, while I don't like his style of play very much, is physically ready to be an NBA player. It's not terribly uncommon. Footb
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