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  1. I’d be bummed because I’m so tired of drafting defense early, but he’s the only non Young defensive player who I wouldn’t be completely livid about. Absurdly talented.
  2. Totally agree, but the flaws are more in line with guys who have flamed out historically. Draft is all about risk/reward. I’m slowly warming up to Ruggs but the top guys generally don’t look good from that standpoint.
  3. Weight is historically a significant predictor for NFL success, along with breakout age and age adjusted receiving market share. Top guys are all light and mixed in breakout and market share stats. Lamb’s getting his physicality praised, Jeudy gets Julio comparisons, Ruggs has wheels...when has the fast guy who goes in the first worked out? The top of this WR class scares me.
  4. derp

    2020 WR thread

    Starting to think it’s Ruggs at eleven.
  5. derp

    2020 WR thread

    Higgins at 48 and Shenault at 68?
  6. Lewis, Poole, Fant, and exercising the Griffin option are in there. McGovern, Van Roten, Jenkins, Desir, Perriman, Onwuasor, Burgess, Christian, Jackson and Maulet are not. Trumaine Johnson cut is not reflected either. We don’t really have up to date cap figures from OTC at this point. Not sure if a lot of these deals are official either without the ability to do physicals, etc - not sure what that means for getting info out there for Jason to use.
  7. Keep building towards a strong 2022 comp pick haul.
  8. And that’s certainly possible. How good the defense would be minus Adams with all else equal is an unknown right now. That was my only point. I think the defense is clearly worse without Adams - how much would be the question, and accordingly how much do you have to invest in the defense to make up that difference? And how much of that is at premium positions? I think his impact is a little challenging to put a finger on because he certainly makes splash plays - they’re just not with the ball in the air. If a guy actually has an impact at a non premium position it’s kind of nice to pay them less and still benefit from the impact. Olivier Vernon got like $17M a year four years ago because he was maybe a good pass rusher. Those are the investments that I’d find scary. If Maccagnan was still the GM I’d be worried about Adams getting like $18M a year. Douglas seems to have his prices on guys. Not too worried he’s going to get something exorbitant. I think that sticking to his price holds for trades too. The big potential issue with Adams is that he’s not going to be shy about requesting a trade if it comes to that and then the team’s leverage in trade negotiations goes out the window. I would expect, or at least hope, Douglas gets a feel for how far apart they are in contract negotiations and makes a call one way or the other on whether he should be moved but stays ahead of everything.
  9. While I absolutely understand the desire to surround Darnold with good players on offense, I’m not sure I get the desire to go all in on that side of the football to that degree. I don’t want to draft any defensive players in the first four rounds this year, though I’m sure Douglas will, but I’m not sure going beyond that makes a ton of sense. Ultimately a competent defense is important for Darnold as well, we saw Adams and a bunch of backups play well enough last year, and when the franchise pulled out all the stops for Mark Sanchez it didn’t mean he developed. Like I said in the first post I don’t feel strongly one way or the other, frankly depends on the compensation as well, but I could see the argument for leaving the defense alone and focusing the drafts on the offense for a bit. I think one side overrates him and the other side underrates him. The annoying twitter antics don’t help either.
  10. I think the biggest argument for trading Adams is that his contract comes at a bad time. Pay him right around when Darnold’s contract will hit and the team is pretty bare so theoretically it limits your ability to improve. I suppose the counterargument would be that the last GM couldn’t draft and the current one clearly doesn’t believe in paying FA’s but rather building from within. Not sure who else is going to get paid over the course of his four or five year deal. Gregg Williams gets a lot of credit for the defense last year but Adams was the best player on what was a bit of a pieced together group otherwise. I do think he has more of an impact than he gets credit for. Trading or extending is kind of a wash for me. See both sides and get why it’s polarizing. I think there’s a bit of a mystery box appeal to draft picks (I have no clue if Lamb is going to be good so I take Adams on next years team 11 out of 10 times). Minkah Fitzpatrick type haul would be nice though. Also think the Adams contract is easier to discuss than the deeper issue which is whether Darnold will deserve an extension by the time he’s due for one. He’s shown promise but he’s not there yet and not knowing if he’ll be there yet is a bit scary. Missing on a QB extension will cripple a team. Frankly extensions for guys who deserve them have crippled teams.
  11. Band aids. Build through the draft. Comp picks after next year’s FA?
  12. I realize this is incredibly biased but Jeudy looks like he’s going to get broken in half. And he’s all legs. The route running is nice but I think his ceiling is Amari Cooper. I’m actually not a big fan of Jeudy or Lamb, especially at eleven. I did find the acceleration interesting. Denzel Mims and Justin Jefferson are the two guys I trust most to translate in this draft class and both would likely require less draft capital than Jeudy or Lamb anyway.
  13. Lamb’s combine was generally underwhelming at my first glance. His ten yard split on the 40 was the second fastest in the draft to Ruggs. Found it interesting. Indicates elite acceleration and you do seem him run away from guys in short areas.
  14. Anderson to Panthers. Breshad Perriman come on down. And/or 2-3 WR's drafted. This is the class for it.
  15. All for the Browns acting like a win now team when they aren't one. Let those tackles fall.
  16. derp

    Draft Day strategy

    Another one. Both Seattle and Baltimore have the ammo to get up to 11 with their late 1’s and pair of 2’s. Both teams might need a pick or two back (Baltimore’s picks are worth 60 more than eleven on the chart - the fourth and a six would do it - Seattle’s just ten more so late picks) but either would provide the Jets with a whole lot of ammo in a draft that suits the needs well. Would be 27, 59, and 64 from Seattle or 28, 55, and 60 from Baltimore. Even if it’s the Baltimore trade and a four is going back, would be pretty cool to have 28, 48, 55, 60, 68, and 79. Could really help accelerate the rebuild IMO.
  17. Brown is a subpar athlete at a non-premium position. Hard pass. Kinlaw plays a non-premium position as well and has no athletic testing. Hard pass. Douglas must be aware of the revolving door of interior defensive linemen who fell to the Jets and then weren't worthy of a second contract. Draft player A. See he is okay. Draft player B, player A's replacement. Trade player A for less draft capital than was invested in player A or player B - or let player A go in free agency. It's asinine. No reason to continue that. I honestly haven't scouted Okudah. I don't think the Jets have to take him at 11 if he's there. How about a trade down? His traits are good but not special and he played on a stacked team. Could see passing on him for an OL or a WR too. Don't think he's that have to take him level of player. Simmons I'd make an exception for. Wouldn't be thrilled about it, but I think he's special. Absolutely elite production and elite physical tools. Can do just about anything. Potentially an up the middle piece that just leads to an elite long-term defense. Would be disappointing, but he's the guy I'd make an exception for. None of the other guys should be taken at eleven.
  18. Best three cone of the edges. Would be a happy camper with him early day 3.
  19. No. And for similar reasons to what you outlined as to why you think it might make sense. I don’t think any of the edge rushers are even close to worth the 11th pick. Reach and it’s high time to draft offense in the first round. First non QB offensive player in a long time.
  20. I'm all for trying to stock up the interior OL in FA and not *needing* to spend a day 1 or 2 pick on the position. Tackle and receiver absolutely have to be addressed in this class and they'll have opportunities to do that. Not muddying the waters with having to go out and get a center or a guard would be nice.
  21. Thought that was weird. Also unless I’m missing something, Van Roten - a guard - got annoyed the Jets signed Fant - a tackle?
  22. Don't think the current OTC numbers account for McDermott or Poole.

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