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  1. I think Shyheim Carter has a very legitimate chance to make the roster.
  2. Pretty sure Belichick would love to have success with some nothing quarterback and show it’s him and not Brady. And I’m sure Brady feels the same way about Tampa.
  3. Curious to see how UDFA’s potentially crack the roster. All three DB’s were draftable, Huff and Campbell are explosive at positions of need, and the Jets seem to find UDFA DL every year. Hilbers is solid too. Deeper team than past years.
  4. derp

    2021 Draft

    Oh I wholeheartedly agree. It would be extraordinarily difficult and would dramatically increase variability of how well teams draft. Takes away opportunities for guys who came back to show well or were growing into larger roles to show a step forward on the field, too. I just think they find some way to do something. In part for themselves - and also I'm sure some guys in college now want to make money.
  5. derp

    2021 Draft

    I'm honestly curious to see what happens in the case that there is no college season - which I agree is likely. I had seen speculation that the supplemental draft will be larger this year due to the uncertainty - but that got shot down because apparently it's only for ineligible prospects. I have to imagine they'll want to add prospects who are three years removed and don't want to be in college any more. Some kind of supplemental draft type thing. And I'm sure they'll want to have some events to televise next year. Social distancing combine with aggressive testing and some adjusted drills. The NFL seems like they've taken on the challenge of trying to find workarounds while remaining responsible from an optics standpoint and trying to promote good practices. I don't expect that to change.
  6. derp

    2021 Draft

    I expect running back, wide receiver, edge, and corner will be the big needs next year. Latter three positions have a lot of guys on one year deals and hopefully we see some mid year extensions like Douglas did with Griffin. But as of right now all three are reasonably empty.
  7. Guys sometimes leave after a year in D1. Not a requirement you stay two years. As you said, need to be three years removed from high school. You brought up Aiyuk as an example of guys leaving early at the outset of this - which he did not. He left as a senior. Because he didn’t break out until his senior year. Which is exactly the kind of prospect NFL teams should be afraid of. Mims broke out as a sophomore. That’s a good thing. That was my point. Not sure why we’re getting in the weeds here. Mims was draft eligible after his junior year. Often, prospects base whether or not they want to return to school on if they think they’ll get drafted higher the next year. Some, like Etienne, just want to go back to school. Mims played his junior year with a broken hand. Had a lot of drops. It’s reasonable to think he wanted to play another year with a healthy hand and show the drops were an anomaly due to the healthy hand and that’s why he returned to school. Maybe that’s not why - but he almost certainly would have been drafted last year. Not like he came back because he’d never produced in college. Etienne and Simmons attended the 2019 combine as part of a NCAA program, not NFL. Different combine invite.
  8. Yes I’m aware Aiyuk was a JUCO. You’re talking about Mims returning to college after his junior year at a major college program. Aiyuk did as well. And that’s not quite how it works. The scouting combine invites are extended to players who entered the draft. Mims never entered the draft. Wasn’t eligible for an invite last year.
  9. Aiyuk returned to Arizona State after his junior year and had a breakout senior year. So not sure what you’re getting at there. He’s actually the example of older prospect teams should be worried about. You also lost me with getting a draft rating. Mims was a draftable prospect last year and returned to raise his stock. There’s the evaluations from the advisory committee as well, but I believe players request those. I was speculating as to why he came back, but to improve stock coming off a year with a bunch of drops would make sense. Also kind of got buried but he made some comments about Philly that may have spooked teams.
  10. I mean - I think it’s what I said in my post albeit snuck in there. He had double digit drops as a junior. Hand was broken. Figured that wasn’t a good note to come out on and he could come back and answer questions. Think he did. Think teams missed, here. Breakout age is more important than age. His breakout age of 19 for both twenty and thirty percent market share was on par with any prospect this year. Better than most if not all of the consensus top guys.
  11. A few reasons I can think of that Mims fell. Those 2018 drops - though as noted, he played with a broken hand. Didn’t run a full route tree - though he killed it running the full route tree at the Senior Bowl. He’s also an older prospect which has been problematic for some wide receivers. And not an early entry guy. Except that’s mitigated by him having a breakout age of 19. So it’s not like he got good when he was beating up on younger players. He’s been good, just stayed in school. Quite possibly because of the drops junior year with the broken hand. I thought he might slip mostly due to age. In that regard reminds me of Terry McLaurin who fell a little last year despite crushing the Senior Bowl and testing well. McLaurin had a great rookie year. Expect the same from Mims. In terms of what correlates to NFL success - Mims checks the major boxes and he’s basically how you draw up a WR physically. He’s the guy I was most comfortable with in this draft class.
  12. Somewhere in the B+ to A- area. Lots of talented players. Filled some needs. Couple big swings. He's not quite in an area where he can just hit line drives and hope he knocks a couple in the gaps or gets a hold of one like Baltimore. But man a lot of their picks were just so solid. Jets - some upside, some solid, some maybe not quite enough upside. But I think he's trying to piece together the roster in a bit of a different way so it's more excusable. I'm sure there was a reason for it but geez, thought this draft was a good opportunity to add some WR depth for the long haul. Only grabbing one was disappointing in a big way. And I love Denzel Mims. But lots of pressure for him to produce week one and Mims, Crowder, and Berrios are the only WR's on the roster who I would expect to make the team and are signed next year (apologies to Keon Hatcher - hope you make the roster too). No spot to add a WR4 this year who can maybe step into Perriman's role next year? I guess they could theoretically extend Perriman, Doctson, or Smith mid season but - just thought a missed opportunity. Hell there are guys I would've been okay giving up future draft capital up to go get.
  13. Guidry was draftable. Potential slot corner. Bet he's at least a PS guy.
  14. Used this and OTC as a guide to see where next year's roster might look like. Obviously it's early. Hopefully some of those one year contracts end up getting extended like Griffin. Not a must but I think it'd help. Receiver's going to be a big one again. Edge again as well. Corner too. Would've been nice to double up at edge and WR in particular for that reason but other positions would've been less solid next year so I get it. Probably going to need a starting running back too. Otherwise, mostly depth. Pending their comfort with starting Cashman, just depth at ILB. Hopefully Davis can start and just depth at safety. Defensive line looks rock solid. Offensive line probably only room to add a few guys - hopefully much better this season and no gaping holes in need of upgrades and they can focus on depth there. Tight end, quarterback should be mostly unchanged.
  15. Good stuff! Some tough guys to cut in there. Cannon has a lot of ST value, Winters obviously an NFL talent but getting paid too much, Franklin-Myers and Kaufusi can make themselves tough to cut in camp, Luvu can play, Burgess was solid last year, and Maulet was solid last year too.
  16. I’d like to see another back so that Perine’s not walking into the starting job...but generally agree. Also think some positions are open enough that hopefully UDFA has some fun pieces. It’s stupid, but Morgan will make preseason games more fun and games watchable if Darnold is injured.
  17. I think they love Smith as well. And I think Thomas is going to be back, honestly, as a one year band aid/security blanket. He and Gase are tight and he’s a good guy for these younger guys to look up to since he was also a raw athletic WR and can pretty directly speak to what it took to turn himself into a pro.
  18. Yeah I wholeheartedly agree. I think they somehow got caught between tiers in a weird way but I wish they should’ve prioritized it a bit more.
  19. Derrek Tuszka would be neat. A wide receiver would be cool too. Lots of the backup needs are filled at this point I think.
  20. Honestly wonder if Clark has a chance to compete for a starting guard position this year. Also really like that he's theoretically emergency tackle depth too.
  21. Somehow Hakeem Adeniji is still on the board? Really good athlete, tackle and guard experience. Looks like he's another who worked out with Becton - like Clark. Also like Clark, looks like a college tackle who will kick inside. Sharp dude too I believe. Thought he could've been in play in the fourth. I don't know if they really need another OL but I think he'd be another worthwhile guy to add. Cut Winters, try to practice squad McDermott. Becton, Fant, Edoga at tackle, Van Roten, Lewis, Andrews at guard, McGovern and Harrison at center, and then Clark and Adeniji as swing guard/tackles? Would be quite the long-term OL.

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