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  1. Wild to me that the Chiefs acquire Clark for that. I guess they like his fit better than Ford but they gave up way more than they got and still need to pay Clark. Also Clark has a DV history, they cut Hunt for that reason and are having issues with Hill too.
  2. Wonky thought. Cardinals considering moving down with a team that wants Murray, okay taking a haul but want Oliver. Jets feel 49ers would stand pat at 2 and they’re trying to throw a wrench in things and see if they can’t be in the drivers seat at 3. Guess it could theoretically be the 49ers too. Lynch has shown he’ll move down a little to get his guy.
  3. Who cares what everyone says? At the end of the day Williams is a borderline guy to re-sign despite being drafted sixth overall. Repeating that would not be a good thing.
  4. I know you’re a smart guy and you know the draft. Short quarterbacks are legitimately a change in philosophy. Teams have wanted interior pressure forever. It goes back to trying to find the next Sapp in my memory of the draft and I’m sure in reality it goes back farther. Finding interior pressure to mimic Donald isn’t being open to short QB’s. It’s been happening forever. The dominant guys are awesome when you can find them but they’re super, super rare. That’s why I asked the question about who would be worth that pick among guys in the league now. There are very few game wrecking interior DL in the NFL and it’s not like teams aren’t looking for them. They get drafted in the first round all the time, high in the first round too.
  5. I absolutely get this. But we heard it for Wilkerson, Richardson, Williams, and frankly Coples to an extent. This isn’t a new idea. Drafting the elite athlete would be new for the Jets though. The issue is that the guys who actually can do this are really rare and the Jets historically haven’t been good at identifying those guys. The ones who stay good are even more rare. How many defensive tackles in the league would you spend a top 3 pick on and sign to a second contract - and how many of them were actually top three picks?
  6. I guess Oliver isn’t going top 2 so there’s no real worry that a team is going to jump them to grab him. But it’s concerning if *everyone* knows they want Oliver. That’s what - Jeremiah, Gabriel, King, Breer, Cimini, probably more? Generally speaking that’s info you want to keep in house. It’s also interesting that people mocking Oliver are not going into any level of detail about the Jets beyond they/Williams like Oliver. Is this the only piece of info that’s leaked out, or are they just that sure? This is also misinformation season, so maybe it’s that. Maybe related to the desire to move down? I definitely like Oliver. He’s an elite athlete and I thought it looked like he was going to be underdrafted. I think pass rush is key. My main question regarding Oliver is - and this isn’t something I really know - how his sack production translates because it’s not terribly impressive. His TFL numbers are awesome, sacks less so. I know generally good sack production translates - how often do athletic interior DL with okay sack production end up taking that to the next level in the NFL? You want him pushing double digit sacks if you take him at 3. The other one, which lines up a little with the production question, is the competition he faced.
  7. Still think Tampa moving up for Haskins would be interesting. Seems like an Arians guy. If they like him, bet Jets would gladly take their 2 to move down unless they’re locked in on one of Oliver/Williams/Allen.
  8. Value chart wise Macc gets hammered in both directions. Trading down or up. Stand by my post.
  9. I assume Macc gets fleeced in this theoretical deal but if he can pull the Redskins’ 2020 first rounder and a day 2 pick this year I could deal. Anything less than that would be tough to swallow.
  10. This would be cool. Looks like 14, 45, a future 1 gets them a little short.
  11. If everything this week is misinformation they’re taking Allen at 3.
  12. I think draftniks tend to overstate the importance of run defense for defensive tackles. Not that it’s considered more important than pass rushing, but it’s xloset to 50/50 than it should be. The sport so passing game driven at this point the defensive tackles who get big deals are the ones who can impact the passing game from the interior of the defensive line. It’s absolutely important to contribute to stopping the run - but to me that’s more of a team thing. People associate DT’s with run defense and it becomes a more important part of their evaluation than it should. I have no doubt Quinnen Williams is an excellent defensive tackle prospect - but I don’t think he’s going to wreck passing games from the interior and if I were to guess he’s not going to get a huge second contract for that reason. To me that’s enough reason to stay away. He’s the guy I most hope is off the board before 3.
  13. After thinking about it for a while, I think my answer is trade down and select Andre Dillard. I don’t think he’s ever going to be an utterly dominant LT in both the run game and the pass game but I think he’s a virtual lock to be a high end pass protector in the NFL for 10+ years. Tons of quality pass reps in college, elite athletic testing. He’s older and not a road grader but whatever. That’s the pick I feel best about if they make it in the first round. Have him protect Darnold for the next decade plus. And if they get extra picks, awesome. Three to Cincy for 11, 42, 72, and their second round pick next year (or 11, 42, and their first next year). Dillard, McCoy/Bradbury - I’m not sure I even care about the rest. Throw one of the big athletic WR’s and an edge in there with some other stuff.
  14. Polite was supposedly horrific in interviews too. I think he’s going to tumble farther than that. I do think Walker and Cajuste are very realistic Jets targets with a 3 or the pick at the top of the fourth. Walker seems like a day 2 version of what the Jets seem to be looking for in a versatile edge and we know they like Georgia edge guys. Cajuste can be a kick it down the can LT option.
  15. I think Williamson gets the short end of the stick and I’m not sure Williams is on the Jets in 12 months (which is the best argument for not taking Oliver).
  16. I get the feeling that Oliver was the presumptive #1 pick before the football season, only “fell” in the eyes of the media, and is now “rising” due to his absurd Pro Day results. He’s theoretically an elite interior disruptor and as nice as edge rush is, interior disruption is what bothers the elite QB’s. It sucks that the Jets have drafted interior defensive linemen forever. What sucks the most is that only one got a second contract (Wilkerson) and then he got cut. If Oliver is good enough to earn a second deal it’ll be a rare occurrence for the Jets. Connor Hughes recently noted that while the Jets are running a 3-4 on paper it’s basically going to be a 3-3-5 in base. The idea was that Barr, Mosley, and Williamson would be the linebackers - now it’s Copeland instead of Barr. I would presume the DL is McClendon right now with the obvious Williams and Anderson. But I think there’s a hole in the DL just like there is at EDGE. There’s definitely a need at edge, but conceptually that guy is not going to be a traditional 3-4 pin your ears back edge but someone who they want to be able to drop and play as an off ball guy as well. Josh Allen is perfect for that role, but how much do they really value it? They wanted Barr but were going to pay him less than Mosley. Sounds like it’s going to be more pass rush from the front and blitzes than an edge - which is funny because obviously Garrett was huge for the Browns. Right or wrong I could see them making the decision that they don’t value the edge role that much. Macc’s BPA philosophy is fine, the execution has just been crap. Oliver is an ELITE athlete. No worries about a slow front seven with him. He’s a borderline linebacker athletically. If they decide he’s the best guy I’m cool with it. Would rather see it at five or six. But I think he was wildly underrated when people had him sliding. The other obvious possibility here is that the Jets know someone else in the top five or six covets him and they’re okay sliding and taking whoever is left.
  17. Tampa takes a quarterback (possibly after trading up). Bosa slides due to his injury history.
  18. Supposedly the Seahawks want conversations to start at a second round pick. That trade would value Clark at the 14th overall pick. Way too much to give up for Clark.
  19. This or some iteration of it seems to make a lot of sense on paper honestly. Wouldn’t be surprised if something has been agreed to. Eagles have picks at 53 and 57, no third round pick, and a need at LB. Jets have 68 and 93, no second round pick, and no room for Lee. Seems kind of logical that the Eagles would move off of 57 since they’ll be taking the best guy on their board a few picks before that. Any Lee+3 for 2 trade between the Jets and Eagles values Lee between pick 70 (Lee and 93 for 53 which would surprise me) or pick 107 (this trade - Lee and 68 for 57). Seems like a pretty reasonable range.
  20. I do wonder how Arians feels about Jameis. If board goes Murray, Bosa/Williams/Allen and the Bucs call and offer their 2 to flip up for Haskins/Lock, Jets can get a top 3 player and an early 2. Them working out guys like Fant seems less indicative of an option in round 1 and more of checking out guys who fit a prototype and could slide to early 2 IMO.
  21. It’s kind of funny that Fant and Sample are coming up here. Fant would indicate they want somebody besides Herndon to stretch the seam...Sample the opposite.
  22. I think it’s very different in sports where you have 5-6 guys playing at a time versus eleven.
  23. I'd also add that Marion Barber with soft hands would be perfect and I think Dexter Williams will be a really solid pro.
  24. I pretend it hurts less when you prepare for it, but it never does.
  25. I do get what you're saying. Just think the NFL is going so pass heavy - figure the league was 57/43 pass/run and the Dolphins were 55/45 last year, even the Jets were 56/44- that running backs need to be factors in the passing game to not tip your hand. You can run Montgomery (granted I think Montgomery probably doesn't even make the team based on his talent level and contract structure unless they have a very specific vision that involves him splitting otu some) or any small back during the limited snaps they're in the game - he'll hold up for 5-10 carries - but if Shonn Greene comes in (extreme example) you know they're likely running the ball. Chris Ivory is probably as far on the limited in the passing game spectrum as you can go in my opinion. My ideal is probably someone in the Darren Sproles area. I'm sure there's someone I'm missing. But functionally a gadget guy who's big play capable on limited touches but won't hold up all game.

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