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  1. Think Hall was projected late in the first round early in mock drafts? Very Bless Austin esque selection in that regard. Honestly think the corner room is a bit crowded from a bodies standpoint but not from a long-term depth standpoint. Talented IR candidate who doesn't eat up a roster spot is an interesting move.
  2. I think there were enough bodies left to maybe wait on WR. Also curious if Douglas just has a small school guy in mind he’s going to take a shot on late. Wheels are clearly the priority.
  3. “We’d like to win some games if you get hurt again.”
  4. Surprised they passed on Fromm. Morgan lines up stylistically with Darnold quite a bit. Kind of wondered if they were going to wait until the fifth and go Morgan - particularly with Fromm there. Backup QB makes sense though. Hopefully we get a fun one with the next pick.
  5. I mean - I’m not really sure what positions were going to have day one starters from those rounds walk in. These are guys who are going to walk into backup roles at positions where the starters are going to be gone next year and backups actually play.
  6. Yup, he’s not bad in the passing game. Not my preferred back there - I think he’s a long term backup. May hang around for a while. Think he’s solid but limited upside. Not stylistically but kind of Powell-ish. Not sure if specials value but that’d help.
  7. I wholeheartedly agree but the RB's came off the board early and often and I don't think the value is there. I think this is a vet FA signing - that market is always ice cold - and an early round need next year. Don't think Douglas forces it.
  8. My favorite names left for the Jets (thinking these next three picks: Jake Fromm, Eno Benjamin, John Hightower, Donovan Peoples-Jones, Darnell Mooney, Hakeem Adenji, Netane Muti, Ben Bartch, Nick Harris, Curtis Weaver, Trevis Gipson, Derrek Tuszka, Amik Robertson, Troy Pride, Josiah Scott, Reggie Robinson, Harrison Hand, Bryce Hall Guys I don't think they'd take but like quite a bit and would be happy with: Antonio Gandy-Golden, KJ Hill, James Proche, Harrison Bryant Guys I could get but am lukewarm about here: Albert Okwuegbunam, Anthony Gordon, Isaiah Hodgins, Anthony McFarland, Tyler Biadasz Feel like we see something like McFarland, Robertson, Adenji if all are available and Fromm isn't. Muti is the prospect I'd be most excited about by a mile and a half. Legit first round talent but can't stay healthy. If he can he's potentially an elite starter who fits the scheme and if not I think the depth is there. Bartch I could see too. He and Adenji are maybe tackles but maybe could play guard and both plus athletes. I think the versatility can get them on the roster and ability to maybe fill in at a couple spots long-term is a nice way to address the offensive line. Peoples-Jones, Muti, and Weaver is probably my ideal here. But Fromm, Hightower, Adenji, Bartch, Robertson, or anyone in the second section would be pretty sweet.
  9. This is one that would baffle me. Maybe more Hennessy esque rumor from Pauline here? Hopefully. Mosley, Cashman, Onwuasor, Hewitt, Burgess, Langi, and of course Williamson. How many off ball linebackers does a team need? I could see six, maybe seven if they’re running more even fronts. But then you’ve got guys like Jenkins, Zuniga, Basham, Phillips, maybe Franklin-Myers, Anderson, Kaufusi, and Willis at end and Williams, Fatukasi, Shepherd, and McLendon inside with some of the ends being able to kick inside on passing downs and Luvu maybe as an off ball guy? That’s...20 front seven players on the Jets or another NFL roster last year or drafted (Zuniga). Another edge is fine - push out some of the mediocrity there. But what in the world gets done with the linebackers if another gets added? Holy surplus Batman. Even if you cut legit NFL but fringe guys like Willis, Kaufusi, Franklin-Myers, Langi, and Luvu that’s plenty of front seven guys.
  10. Another WR would be good coming out of this class and I could honestly see another edge rusher as well.
  11. Biggest holes on the roster from a depth standpoint - which is where we are on day 3 - are WR, edge, QB, RB, and CB IMO. Obviously OL, TE. and other positions in play too. It’s day three. Value at some spots better than others.
  12. Needs to stay healthy. Like athletes who have played inside a little.
  13. Oh absolutely. Tomorrow. Based on everything that’s ever happened, Joey D only takes receivers after trading down.
  14. Ten picks potentially. Six in the top 130. And added another pick next year - so nine next year? Looked back at the Tannenbaum three to five person drafts. Far cry from that.
  15. John Hightower maybe? A QB wouldn’t surprise. McFarland at RB. Corner I guess. Sure I’m missing guys. Amik Robertson would make sense. Bryce Hall but not the athlete. Double dip at edge with Weaver or Anae. Bartch and Peart at tackle. DPJ. Okwuegbunam or Bryant at tight end. Fromm.
  16. Four really good athletes. All were needs. They were drafting a safety - earlier than I wanted but the only thing not to line about Davis is the position. Hopefully offense next at 101.
  17. Safety depth was a need. Would've rather waited a little but these are the kinds of things that happen in the mid rounds fans don't really expect. Also, do we know Maye is being re-signed? High character guy and a great athlete too. Hopefully that extra pick is put to good use. Have a feeling the next two are split offense and defense.
  18. Honestly it feels greedy but why would we think that’s not in play? Is that your move at 68 or who are you looking for? I got so much Mims tunnel vision and I’ve been basking in this since.
  19. I also think Douglas is savvy enough to look at the draft class before FA, figure out what positions he’s going to be able to address without forcing too much, and leave those open. Drafting to the strength of the draft class is so, so huge. Build the position groups that are strong. Don’t have to force picks and probably get better values anyway.

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