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  1. I do get what you're saying. Just think the NFL is going so pass heavy - figure the league was 57/43 pass/run and the Dolphins were 55/45 last year, even the Jets were 56/44- that running backs need to be factors in the passing game to not tip your hand. You can run Montgomery (granted I think Montgomery probably doesn't even make the team based on his talent level and contract structure unless they have a very specific vision that involves him splitting otu some) or any small back during the limited snaps they're in the game - he'll hold up for 5-10 carries - but if Shonn Greene comes in (extreme example) you know they're likely running the ball. Chris Ivory is probably as far on the limited in the passing game spectrum as you can go in my opinion. My ideal is probably someone in the Darren Sproles area. I'm sure there's someone I'm missing. But functionally a gadget guy who's big play capable on limited touches but won't hold up all game.
  2. "We fielded some interest in the pick, but no team offered a package of picks enticing enough to get us to come off our selection at 3. Quinnen was the top overall player on our board and we are thrilled to come out of the draft with him. We think he's a building block for our defense. Gregg in particularly felt strongly about taking Quinnen and looked like a kid in a candy store when we handed the card in. Our whole organization can't wait to bring Quinnen into the building and get to work."
  3. Re a Marion Barber type - don't you think bringing that guy onto the field tips your hand regarding playcalling? Unless the guy is an awesome pass protector and you're throwing out of that formation..and even so it still kind of tips your hand since teams know he's not likely a pass catching threat. I feel like Gase wants to fill the roster with dudes who can do multiple things to make it harder on the defense.
  4. I didn’t like the pick at the time. He consistently looked like he was fighting the football when catching it in college. Having natural hands and the ability to hands catch in tight spaces is huge because it’s so much of what receivers are asked to do in the NFL. Talented after the catch but didn’t have the superior athleticism to translate as a space guy either. And he played on a stacked team in college. Basically looked like a running back playing receiver to me when I watched him, but at all times not just after he caught the ball like Golden Tate.
  5. Bosa is a fine fit in a 3-4. Shouldn't be dropping into coverage much anyway. I'm pretty concerned about his injury history though.
  6. I agree with this. Think day 2 is the sweet spot to draft WR's and a couple of the guys this year are going to have nice careers but day one you're just throwing a dart on which guy it'll be.
  7. It's a little tricky - obviously there are a lot of needs. I'd like to see an offensive skill player Gase gushes about and has a plan to use as a big part of the offense. Don't really care who - could probably list like 15-20 guys at WR and TE I'd get pumped about growing with Darnold if the new HC is pumped (Hurd among them). As much as I really really want to improve the OL and finally find an edge, if they go out of their way to find Gase someone like Marquise Brown or TJ Hockenson and Gase starts spouting X's and O's and young QB development I'll be pretty fired up.
  8. Depends on the structure but a 4/41 that protects the Jets if he gets in trouble off the field would be good with me.
  9. People could be playing any sport while wearing a football helmet. The football on the football helmet is key. Really brings it home.
  10. Also would be interesting if Cincinnati wants to come up to #3 to get Haskins. It's not a spectacular trade but I think their 2020 #1 and a #3 could be enough to get it done. Also would be kind of interesting to see if the Raiders move up to #1 with Arizona. Do the Cardinals really want to miss out on Bosa/Williams? Bet Macc would be willing to move down to #4 but his BPA history should be enough to get the Cardinals to believe he'd take the top guy on their board - and Arizona would have a ton of ammo.
  11. Either would be super in a trade down. Think they’re two of the safest prospects in the draft. Dillard seems like a strong bet to be at least an above average player at a very important position, Williams’ floor is as a Pro Bowl guard IMO but I think he’s got a shot at tackle too. Either in the teens would be a really strong start.
  12. First round receivers are pretty gross this year. Although Brown and Harry are fine - I think they could easily slip into day 2. They’d have to move down into the 20’s for me to be cool with any receiver.
  13. Realistically as much as I follow the draft, I only know so much. Couldn’t really see taking Oliver at 3. If it’s after a trade down - they’d better think he’s going to be elite to take him. And if he’s elite, it’s fine. Am getting tired of the cycle of drafting a defensive player in the first round and then drafting his replacement because he’s not worth re-signing. But take anyone worth a second contract and I’ll be happy. How many second contract draft picks on the roster right now? Winters and Enunwa?
  14. If a team wants Haskins it doesn't benefit them to create any buzz that they want him. Next year's class is a potential obstacle though. It'll be interesting to see if guys tumble this year.
  15. Agree with those who don’t like the football logo on the helmet. Do we need to know what sport this is? Only team in the league with that. Thought I’d like the green helmet but it’s too much. Green jersey seems too busy. Don’t really like the shade of green chosen either. I know the winds by the shoulder are the homage to the team name but I don’t think they look particularly good. White jersey and black jersey I like better than the green but I think just because there’s less going on. Event was ridiculous. Bad pace, lack of understanding of audience, not sure what was going on with the music. Missed opportunity to kind of introduce Mosley, Bell, etc too. The New York on the jersey should look solid on a T-shirt or a hoodie which I’m more likely to purchase than a jersey anyway. Overall kind of reminds me of the recent Browns rework which is already going away. Hope the next jersey is more simple than this one.
  16. I feel like those are the uniforms but it's not an effective image to see what they look like. Or I'm taking Enunwa's "actually see what the jerseys look like tomorrow" too literally. Also would be interesting if they just had them somewhere not actually in jerseys so they could tinker with designs on some of the players in photoshop. The football on the helmet bothers me more than it should. Is it not clear what sport they're playing? I know it's in some old logos but not a single team has that on their helmet. Would be kind of cool if the base is green but they can throw on different decals kind of like the Rams do.
  17. Agree with the earlier posters. The franchises that draft well don't hit on all of their players, but they have a bunch of selections so they have more opportunities to find players that fit. The John Idzik approach was pretty sound but the execution of it was just horrific. I do think you'll see the Jets move down, just probably not from 3. He'll move down from 93 and pick up a 5 or something. I could see him moving up a little from 68 if he thinks he's going to miss somebody in a tier but I'd be surprised.
  18. Nope. Like the green, not a fan of the logo.
  19. I'm not saying it's worked out - I'm saying the article got the premise wrong. Which it did.
  20. I wasn't comparing across prospects, simply talking about Allen. Totally disagree he's boom or bust. He's getting nitpicked too much. Can rush or cover, has a motor, good athlete, great production and didn't benefit from a ton of pass rushing snaps in that regard either. I wish he did vertical jumps but he's a super clean prospect. Have the same injury concerns you do with Bosa. I actually think he slides because of them.
  21. Not a fan of the article. In general, it entirely glosses over the fact that this is not a prioritization or strategy issue but an evaluation issue. The Leonard Williams pick is an excellent example. Mike Maccagnan took Leonard Williams because he thought he was going to be an elite defensive tackle. Leonard Williams is not an elite defensive tackle. Why would we prefer Maccagnan is taking the guy who he thinks is going to be the best edge rusher in that scenario? Are we getting an increased likelihood of success? If the issue is that Williams isn't good why would the best guy at a need position be good? Cherry picking Derwin James isn't particularly compelling. If teams felt he'd be an All Pro he would have gone higher. Him going 17 isn't indicative of bad draft strategy, just bad evaluation. You can cherry pick examples of teams being unsuccessful when drafting for need, too. He addresses Quinnen Williams being a mistake at #3 but not Allen and Bosa - who happen to be likely potential BPA's at positions of need. Mentions Williams isn't a fit with Jets personnel in a 4-3 because you'd need a NT next to Leonard Williams - Quinnen Williams played some NT at Alabama. I agree I'd rather they don't take Williams but that whole portion is sloppy. Discusses the offensive line not being drafted but glosses over it being Maccagnan's philosophy that you draft OL late and not related to the BPA approach he's against. Despite knocking the idea that one prospect has to be the best at their position - just focuses on one offensive tackle.
  22. I feel like Allen at 3 is a wide open transition layup. And Maccagnan is going to go up for a dunk, graze the bottom of the net, fall, blow out both knees, and toss the ball out of bounds.
  23. Lots of discounts in the mock trades here. If I'm Maccagnan I'm starting in the same general area as what I gave up. The 17th pick is worth 950 on the chart. Picks 37 and 49 last year were worth 940 combined. I'd start at 6, 17, and a future 2 and hold there for a while. Realistically 37 has a lot of value for the Jets but may as well start high.
  24. I like Williams. Weber a little straight line for my liking. Will have to check out the other two.

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