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  1. Mims crushed the Senior Bowl, broke out at 19, hits the weight threshold, has elite size, had elite agility drills, and has wheels. I feel like he got dinged because he’s old - even though be broke out young so that’s a nonissue - and because he’s had issues with drops in 2018 - but he had a broken hand. Stud. I’m beyond excited.
  2. He's this year's Terry McLaurin IMO. I kind of think Douglas would've taken Mims at 48 but had good intel he wasn't going to go.
  3. If the Jets somehow come out of today with Mims and Claypool I will be beyond ecstatic. They could take a defensive tackle with the other pick and I'd be fine.
  4. Yesterday I wanted a big fella to block for Sam. Rocked my boxers with elephants. Got the job done. Rocking the lightning bolts today. We’re going to add some speed, break some pressure, and burst some pipes. Or draft Harry Potter.
  5. I'd like someone like Bowden - or a Shenault, Hamler - if the Jets get another steady WR in this class. Fine to get the gadget guy who needs development to start in the WR4 role and manufacture some touches - but the Jets need some stability at WR as well IMO to go with Crowder and Perriman.
  6. I made a joke about this rumor coming up this morning. Seems like we get the trade up rumor annually before the second round and receiver makes sense. Depends who and what they give up, oviously. Completely agree with this. I think that 48 and Avery Williamson could get the Jets all the way to 47 if things break perfectly. This scenario actually works better with the Giants. Jets get 614 in return giving up 615. Move higher. And the Giants might be interested since they lack a third. A third would've gotten them to 7. The 4th is about right. At this point 48 and either third are worth more than any remaining picks so the Jets would likely need picks back if including a third. Could be reasonable to think the Jets might need a RB this year.
  7. Paradis isn't a Shenault guy. Hasn't been from the beginning.
  8. I’d prefer Evans as well and Gibson over both. McFarland just seems like a classic Jets mid round pick. Nobody likes it, everybody gets the upside but nobody thinks he’ll reach it - and he busts.
  9. Yup, I'm aware. Bad use of "hurt". Because of the injury he couldn't do anything to reduce his stock whereas Higgins has fallen.
  10. Mims for me. I’m one of the few who likes Shenault but I think he tumbles. Most likely of the group to be there at 79 and doubling down with him and a safer guy earlier would be sweet. Hamler I think is firmly in play - the drops bug me though. Similar to Shenault, would only be comfortable with another safer WR alongside him. Think he goes early. Ruggs went earlier than expected, so did Reagor. Hamler is the next and last guy in the elite speed category. Whoever wanted Ruggs or Reagor but didn’t get them...this is the guy. And I’d bet many teams fall into that category. Like Pittman, Edwards, and Higgins as prospects but I’ll be pleasantly surprised if the Jets draft them. Think speed will be emphasized too much for that to happen. Higgins seems like he’s going to tumble. Maybe I’m dead wrong. Think the medical, athletic testing, and late season struggles push him farther than he should be pushed. Edwards gives me the reverse vibe. People sleeping on him because he didn’t participate in anything - but didn’t hurt himself. Think late R2, early R3. Maybe earlier. Pittman feels like he’ll go early today. Plug and play. The most of the group.
  11. Agree with a lot in the first reply. Ryan would be a nice add if they don’t draft a DB. I’d rather Ryan on a short term deal than a drafted DB at the expense of another position. I feel like edge gets addressed in round 4/5 which is the sweet spot of this draft. There are some guys I like in that area and the third. My worry with a short term vet there is guys either want to get paid which rarely works out or want to win which isn’t why anyone is coming to the Jets...yet. Feel like Thomas is brought back at WR...maybe regardless. Produced a little, good relationship with Gase, and he was a raw toolsy guy who worked hard so he’s a good mentor. Feel like backup RB gets addressed post draft if one isn’t brought in today. Team friendly market. But that’s a big hole. Backup QB maybe should be addressed or maybe it’s Fales but man I do not want a repeat of last year and Darnold still has missed 3 games each of his first two seasons.
  12. Wirfs is an excellent weight room guy and a talented athlete coming out of a great program. Iowa lines are great. Some of the knocks on him (and I know there are counterarguments to several of these which I'm sure our resident Iowa fan can bring up) included some technique questions regarding his first step, him supposedly having tight end help a lot, the idea that he was a very explosive linear athlete due to being a weight room freak but somewhat lacking in flexibility and lateral movement, a propensity to get beat inside, the fact that he played right tackle in college, and I think concerns about Iowa linemen who have historically been solid NFL players but sometimes disappointed at tackle. From a Jets specific standpoint - I'm not sure how much the technique led to his propensity to get beat inside versus him being a little more of a linear athlete. But they're planning to run wide splits more - and I think getting beat inside would be a big nono from that standpoint. Bottom line - I think the Gallery comparisons that get thrown out are generally unfair and him playing right tackle instead of left was answered by HawkeyeJet - the guy who played on the left side struggled on the right and Wirfs could do both. His technique was a little unusual at times and he does look like an extremely explosive but linear athlete. Which is fine if you're being asked to do things that work well with that. This is probably an awful comparison - but DK Metcalf is a linear athlete. Seattle asked him to do things that fit that. A lot of people think that with Wirfs - he's not well suited to tackle, certainly not left tackle. And they view him more as a guard. Which - I think he'd be a Pro Bowl guard. I think he will be a Pro Bowl guard. And I could be dead wrong. But I think that perception is why he slipped.
  13. My immediate reaction to this thread title was that this is only a myth now that Mike Maccagnan is no longer a GM. Teams blend short and long term needs and there are certainly different ways of doing that. Maccagnan’s way was...suboptimal. Ended up with too many guys playing the same position and no way to get them all on the field together. And that is how you end up with 290 pound defensive tackles playing linebacker. The 49ers are an interesting example with basically trading Buckner for Kinlaw. They prioritize the DL and invest in it but also don’t want to utilize cap space on a second contract for a defensive lineman. But they didn’t have Buckner and Kinlaw on the team at the same time - which they always did. Plus those guys are more effective disrupters than the Maccagnan interior defensive linemen. I could derail this thread from here but I’m sure someone else will do it.
  14. Yeah the RB position is probably similarly volatile to interior line. I think it’s more likely a RB is there. Honestly think it’s a sleeper for 48. Bell’s almost definitely gone next year. I’m sure Gase would love another option this year. And the backup now is Cannon? They can always sign a cheap vet to back up after the draft but man it’s going to be an absolute crater next offseason if they don’t address it today. Which is fine. But I think it’s a solid short term and long term play and there are several solid backs remaining. Rounds 2 and 3 are obviously a historical sweet spot for getting discount elite production at the position as well. Similar to WR.
  15. Over under 3pm for the unsourced “the Jets are exploring trading up - possibly for a wide receiver” rumor?
  16. I feel like it’s going to be WR, RB, and a wild card that could be edge, CB, interior line, or a WR double dip (likelihood of wild card pick in that order). I think the center thing *kind of* makes sense. I know McGovern was a good guard, but did he get paid $9M to play guard? Feel like center is more of a priority position and he got compensated accordingly. Not great business to kick him to a less valuable position. I could see them dropping and taking Hennessy if he’s there. He’s a good scheme fit, sharp, seems like a guy Doulgas would like, McGovern can play guard. But it also kind of feels like a lazy rumor initiated months ago because his brother is on the team and they needed a center before FA. Ezra Cleveland to the Browns esque. Feels like a clever smokescreen more than anything.
  17. Biadasz might be there at 192.
  18. Douglas signed the guard backups this offseason. They’re not being cut. Winters and Harrison are the only possibilities to be cut. And that’s certainly in play. I think he signed so many interior linemen because the class kind of sucks and he didn’t want to be forced into drafting one. Also think he’s open to drafting a center and cutting Winters or Harrison since McGovern knows he might get kicked to guard. But I don’t think they’re going to force it.
  19. I’d be in favor of drafting a center and kicking McGovern to guard. Don’t think Douglas forces it. This guard class is pretty mediocre and I think Douglas added a lot of FA iOL to completely kick that position down the curb. He signed four this offseason - McGovern, Van Roten, Lewis, and Andrews. Andrews is quality depth and played well when he got time. Those four are all making the roster. Harrison and Winters are on the roster as well, plus Ben Bredeson. Connor McDermott also started at guard late last season. I think it’s reasonable to say those four he signed make the roster. Harrison is cheap and competent depth, probably does. I have to imagine Winters gets cut but Douglas seems to like him. It’s certainly possible guys get drafted. I also think it’s possible he kicks this down the curb and rolls with this group. The starters are kind of borderline at guard but I think their backups are borderline starters as well. I think it’s more a talent issue than a depth issue. Team has huge needs at WR, backup RB, and on the edge that have better depth and talent today and early tomorrow than the interior line. I think Cushenberry on the board at 48 makes them think, 68 makes them think a lot, and Hennessy at 79 or after a trade down makes them think (feel it’s almost certain they move down with 79). But I don’t think they draft one for the sake of addressing it. Smarter to fill other needs this year. Also kind of random semantics but I wonder if McGovern gets $9M as a guard. Feel like being a center pushed up his market. Maybe I’m dead wrong there.

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