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  1. Last first round WR was Moss in 2001. The only one between then and now I can think of who was better than Kerley was Cotchery back in 2004. It’s been a wasteland. Since 2001 I believe the only first round offensive players have been Sanchez, Darnold, Brick, Mangold, and Keller. Eighteen years, twenty picks (none in 2005, two in 2006, 2008, and 2013), five offensive players, one on the current roster. Though to be fair that only beats defensive players by one since Adams and Williams are the only two left there.
  2. Legit one of my favorite posters on any board I’ve been a part of. If not my favorite. @Sperm Edwards Yes I’m talking about you.
  3. Pretty sure that was a historically bad draft class overall.
  4. I am curious to see what he gets on the open market as well. Teams do hate trading draft picks and Anderson’s never been a proven commodity. I’m not surprised he’s only warranted a fourth in trade negotiations. You’re talking a two deadlines where the acquiring team gets half a year before FA, one at least was RFA. Never broke 1000 yards, never more than 7 TD’s, off field has been a problem and he’s a suspension risk, not a big predraft pedigree. Also in terms of the draft, believe his big issue was his hands are off the chart small for a WR, teams don’t usually take risks on somebody that unusual unless they were an absolute stud which he wasn’t. There was talk of him moving to corner because of the hands. And he’s a twig.
  5. You figure QB, RB, WR, TE, OT, G, C, edge, interior DL, off ball LB, CB, S - 12 basic positions not counting specials. Top 5 at those positions gets you to 60 guys top 5 at their position. One or two on every team. Jets have one. Not terribly surprising. Definitely room to build.
  6. Zack Martin was a left tackle for three years in college.
  7. I think they’re fine. Not great but they’ve grown on me. And I don’t think they last as long as the old ones did. The helmet/logo were particularly disappointing after being promised a complete redesign.
  8. Drew Lock played 5 games last year - 7 touchdowns, 3 picks. Nothing eye popping but taking care of the ball like that and completing 64% of his passes (really just the KC game was a clunker) has to be encouraging for the Broncos for a guy who was mostly an arm talent prospect. Would be surprised if they take a QB.
  9. What’s going to be the most fun to watch with the tackles is scheme fits. Jets run some ZBS, Pollack has historically favored the lighter, athletic guys, Douglas was presumably part of the decision making process that led to a trade down and selection of a lighter, more athletic guy...and the top three tackles in the draft are 320+. All three also appear to be great athletes so perhaps it’s a best of both worlds situation. But the guys who fit the Pollack mold and seem more like Dillard (Eagles’ top pick last year) are Jackson and Jones and they’re projected a little later right now. After years of clamoring for a trade down, could this be the year we don’t really want it (if a top 3 tackle is available) but get it?
  10. Hope one of the top three tackles falls to eleven. Would be a no brainer. Will be keeping my eye on Josh Jones. Everything I’ve read makes it seem like he’s a potential target if they move down. Very curious to see how he and Wanogho perform at the Senior Bowl. Practices next week already. Rosters look pretty solid.
  11. Kittle was a bit older as a prospect, turned 24 his rookie year. I loved him and really wanted the Jets to take him but didn’t see him performing quite to this level, not sure anyone did. Great athlete and hell of a blocker coming out of Iowa though.
  12. Cole Kmet from ND is the big name right now. Big fella from Mizzou is another, Albert Okwuegbunam. Both seem like day 2 guys currently.
  13. derp

    2020 WR thread

    I like Reagor a lot too. Would be cool to get one guy with wheels and one tank on day 2. Reagor/Aiyuk and AGG/Pittman (I know there are more in those categories but those come to mind). Two different guys with non slot exclusive skill sets - built go up and get it guy and field stretcher for Darnold.
  14. derp

    2020 WR thread

    I really, really like Higgins. He reminds me a little bit of AJ Green. Tall, relatively lean 6'4 guy who can go up and get the ball and has good hands, won't break a ton of tackles but has quick feet to get some YAC. Think those feet are part of why he gets loose downfield sometimes too. Seems like somebody you can get the ball to in a number of ways.
  15. I do think that is a viable possibility. Wouldn’t like it but I’d get it. And it’s easy to see how the board falls and make that call. I think it’s also possible that Douglas really likes an athletic tackle - Jackson, Jones - and trades down to grab him. Basically try to replicate what Philly did last year.
  16. Agree with others. Winters, Johnson, and Roberts are virtual locks to be cut at their cap numbers with how they’ve performed. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Williamson, Bellamy, and Enunwa gone either. The LB’s played well in the absence of Williamson and Mosley and that money is better spent elsewhere as much as I like Williamson. And the WR room needs an infusion of talent and youth. Enunwa can’t stay healthy and Bellamy is expensive for a guy who doesn’t produce on offense. Like Smith and Berrios as developmental guys but I think ideally they’re the 5/6 next year.
  17. As much as the team needs to accumulate picks, seems like a unique opportunity to grab a top tackle. If two go in the top 8 picks there are probably ways to get ahead of Cleveland without giving up a ton. Something like 11 and the second 3rd for 9 and Jacksonville’s 4th or 11, the earlier 3rd, and 4th for Jacksonville’s 3rd lines up well. Hopefully quarterbacks push guys down though. Jacksonville will be in a nice spot to move down if the three tackle tier remains in place as if two or even one is off the board - a clear need for the two teams behind them.
  18. Just one man’s opinion, but Dane Brugler released an updated top 100. Biadasz was the 4th ranked center at 89 overall. Creed Humphrey did not make an appearance. Top three centers were Lloyd Cushenberry (LSU, 49 overall), Cesar Ruiz (Michigan, 53 overall), and Matt Hennessy (Temple, 76 overall). All three and plus Biadasz and Humphrey are juniors. Don’t think Cushenberry or Biadasz is officially in. Reminder that early rankings change - and not based off of the combine. And also that this seems to be a really solid class to find an upgrade at the pivot. Wouldn’t hate one in round 2 but depending on team needs that Giants pick could be a really nice option to get a starting caliber guy and allow the team to take a tackle and a receiver in the first two.
  19. Becton is absolutely gigantic. Pass pro is such a premium right now, technique issues may be magnified in a seemingly solid tackle class. I wonder how he'll be able to perform athletically at that size as well. Could see him sliding but still having a good career. Really, really curious to see how tackle is approached. Edoga had some ups but more downs and pretty bad downs and is not a Douglas pick. Shell is a FA. Bringing back Beachum as insurance seems viable but regardless the Jets could realistically bring in two tackles from this class. A couple of the guys outside the consensus top 3 seem to project well athletically also which would make sense schematically as well as in terms of trying to solidify the left side.
  20. Every year it seems like this board clings to the projections the beginning of the season - very few of which had Thomas as a top of the draft guy anyway, generally he was back end of the top ten. Seems like after people have watched more this season neither is as highly thought of as prior consensus. Which is fine - just likely will lead to a lot of annoying complaints.
  21. Think Thomas and Biadasz are getting drafted later than the board seems to believe.
  22. Hennessy, the Temple center, is also the brother of Jets long snapper Thomas Hennessy - interesting connection. Kind of interesting that some of the fringe R1 tackles are the lighter, more athletic guys (Jackson, Jones) who could potentially project to the left side. I would not be opposed to doubling down at tackle in the first two rounds. Edoga was so high variance this year and is not a Douglas guy. Needs to at least earn his spot. Maybe he can kick inside if he has to.

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