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  1. I took the giants money line last Super Bowl $500 on thebmoneyline and $500 with he points. Based on how the gmen played them in the regular season I didn't think it was going to be a 2 score game so just in case the super bowl came down to a FG and Ne won I wa covered. But I think believe the money line was 310-100 at the time so yeah I cleaned house!!!
  2. a little more creativity might have garnered an "lol" maybe atleast a cosign
  3. does anyone know any group therapy sessions out there cause this is beyond depressing.
  4. couldn't agree more. most of the QB's on this list have WAY more interceptions to touchdowns with huge losing records. Sanchez on the other hand has a winning record and a much better td to int ratio! GP. Your just shot!! not even close!!
  5. Yeah no no no i dont watch anything. i go to every single home game. but yeah im not watching. i see better than you watching on tv i can see the wr's give up on routes, and i can see when they're not even close to being open on those same routes. and yes i have seen his stats and if you did you would notice his stats have gotten better every year. not bad for a QB with one year college experience and has the most playoff wins in our franchises history. you can go hitchhike on the side of the road for your next QB but i can guarantee you they won't do any better than mark did under that offens
  6. your absolutely right i shouldnt have generalized all Jets fans into my rant, and for that im sorry. I'm just reading all these posts and threads and articles and it aggravates the sh*t outta me. i just dont get it.
  7. I really can't understand you guys at all. i swear to god the loser mentality that is being a jets fan is just way to comfortable for some of you. why the hell would you want to throw away your starting QB for the likes of anybody who is currently available??? The team as a whole has regressed, the fact that Mark is burdening all the blame is straight ridiculous to me!! with the exception of Revis the ENTIRE team has gotten worse from offense to defense to special teams. everybody underachieved this year. this kid was practically running for his life all year long, he didn't stand a fight
  8. Umm really cause by my account he didn't miss a single snap despite getting brutally assaulted for most f the season. And as I recall mark didnt say sh*t all year besides little soreness, and has even said that everyone is playing hurt. So take your hidden agendas and anterior motives of bashing him someplace else Agree 100% you could say alot of things about mark but not being tough isn't one of them
  9. Thank god! Alleluia!! And all that.....a jet fan who isn't outright ridiculous and drinking the same kool aid as the rest of them. Great post!!! Cracks me up that everyone ignores these stats. Eli (with the exception of this year and the playoffs/Super Bowl of 07) hasn't been much different than Sanchez throughout his career statistically. and anyone who ignores it is insane. I've been screaming it for months now giving up on Sanchez now is ludicrous. Eli's first taste of the playoffs resulted in a 23-0 embarrassment at home from the panthers, Sanchez has played and won against some
  10. Absolutely agree!! Can't even tell you how many fights I got into with "JETS FANS" who were booing him at home games. Are they kidding me!?!?!? I loved chad Pennington but I knew he wasn't ever gonna do sh*t for this franchise, or anyone for that matter but with Sanchez at least I feel like he gives us more than a fighting chance. 10 career (and by career I mean 3 years) 4th quarter or OT game winning or tying drives. But that gets brushed aside wtf! The kid can play does he throw picks yes. Big flipping deal I'll always go back to Eli and how giants fans were running him out of town. Now they
  11. Only poster who has been making any sense as of late everyone else is to busy watching the sky fall down. Give mark a mulligan this year, guy was sacked more than anyone this year, had lazy wrs, and still improved. So you can all circle jerk each other over manning and your wet dreams about watching him "light it up" next year in green and white but him and his Frankenstein neck won't be doing it in NY. I'll take mark Sanchez and say I told you so when one day this kid lifts up the Lombardi trophy for us.
  12. i really dont understand the mentality of jets fans, they all want to win now but they all want to dump their qb. does anyone realize that giving up on sanchez now after he has shown improvement (whether you like it or not he has) and has shown to be able to make plays in big playoff games is ludicrous.it will take a minimum of two to three years to get another qb even remotely ready for a run at the super bowl. and all of this nonsense about sanchez's inability to complete a deep ball needs to cease already . did you guys just become jets fans this season???? ie last years games just a
  13. You didn't know? The giants are the greatest team ever!! They can do anything!!
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