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  1. They should try and trade up in the first round using Calvin Pace in the deal and replace him and his big salary.
  2. http://www.jetnation.com/forums/index.php?/topic/96962-nordbergoj-beaten-unconscious-in-brutal-prison-attack/
  3. Scared of an oft injured nearly 31 year old TE? No not really. Never played a full season and he has 6 TD's in the last 3 years.
  4. **** Charlie Sheen. Guy will be dead in a month, book it.
  5. Go ask John Edwards and Tiger Woods what they think of the Enquirer.
  6. Is the USFL coming back?
  7. The spotter didn't do his job and Stafon nearly died because of it. I'd also sue.
  8. and none of them will last thru camp.
  9. He's never going to be back. His now twice surgically repaired knee cannot hold up his 350 lb+ body.
  10. We save 4.6 Million if he is cut, 6.4 Million if he retires.
  11. He played five minuets and was lost for the year.
  12. We played poorly in the first half. Thats why we lost, not the refs.
  13. There were bullsh*t calls, but we lost because we couldn't get out of own way. Stupid play calling on offense on the second half drive where we come away with zero points helped to cost us that game. Not being able to move the ball for the first 28 minutes helped to cost us that game. There is no excuse for us losing that game other than coaching.
  14. Good, they all see it too. Maybe they'll listen to their own.
  15. He did give us that nice Offsides penalty, although we probably didn't need that.
  16. I hope he sh*ts his pants the next time he sneezes.
  17. How is that not his fault? He didn't get anyone ready for this game and he keeps calling the same ******* plays that aren't working. He sucks and needs to go. If you watched any game film you would see this is a constant with this a$$hole.
  18. You can see the PM because the board is in performance mode, and to fix the notifications just go into settings under your name up top and fix it that way. Something happend a while back and I had to fix mine too.
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