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  1. That could be Jorge's fault.

    Or, much more than likely, it's the pitcher's faults. Joba and Hughes are doing fine, and they would be the only ones likely to rely on a catcher more, as they are still young. You really think established pitchers like CC, AJ, and Pettitte give a **** who's catching them?


  2. He leads the league in going out to the mound. The only starter he's good with is Pettitte.

    Watch Molina catch and call a game, then try to tell me Posada is half the catcher. Its not even close.

    He's 1 of the reasons why our pitching struggles in the playoffs.

    so the reason why the yankees have won all these titles is because posada can not call a game?

    the reason why the yankees suck is due soley on posada? get real... the yankees suck. they all suck. they are over paid pre maddonas.

  3. Pitchers dont like him. He cant frame. He cant call a game. He cant even throw or catch the ball anymore.

    Its bad.

    i totally disagree with this. i know he cannot throw anyone out anymore. but other then that he can hit with the rest of them on his team. he is a die hard yankee. how a fan can call him out like this is mind boggling. Posada has been with us from the very start. give him his respect he is due.

  4. Currently I have waisted money on Boomer Esiason, Ken O'Brien, Neil O'Donnell, Glenn Foley, Keyshawn Johnson, Brett Favre, and Santana Moss among others I'm prolly forgetting. When the Jets prove they are capable of getting a player that doesn't suck I will buy another jersey.

    keyshawn was a good reciever. i really do not agree with that statement. as for the rest i can not seem to argue.

  5. Clemens cant do it, not enough experience. Rookie HC, young O-coordinator not ideal either.

    We could use an old vet to help him out and be the 3rd stringer as well. Anyone available on the FA market?

    By the looks of it we might not be adding a veteran qb. Hopefully we have a good qb coach. I know clemmens is the wrong answer so really do not know how this will play out.

    We need a WR badly. Until we get one, getting a veteran QB is totally out of the question.

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