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  1. Faneca's release, Gholston's restructuring, Leon's trade, Taylor and BT's impending release next year, TRich will be gone next year, and Woody may be replaced by then as well. We are going to make this work. Unlike most teams we really don't have any high salary low production players anymore. If Braylon and Holmes work out I think we could keep both of them. In 2011 we will have Ellis, Mangold, Pool, Edwards, Harris, Cromartie, and Holmes to deal with. In 2012 we've got DBrick and Leonhard. It's not that bad, as of now we have something like 110 plus million on the roster, and many of the pla
  2. I like Thomas and the idea that Rex could turn his game back around by bringing him back to the system that he thrived under. But, he's going to want to start and I don't know if that's going to happen. Pace has earned his spot and as far as I'm concerned is the team's best pass rusher. Taylor is only here for one year really so Thomas is obviously the more attractive of the two. I guess we could rotate the three and move BT back in the depth chart. This could really solidify our pass rush. I expect Taylor and BT to be gone next year as we have eight others who need to be resigned.
  3. I don't know much about Poole, or how Cromartie will play, but anything short of the best pass defense and beating Indy in the playoffs and next year will be a failure. We are going to see a lot of incomplete passes, balls batted down, interceptions and fumbles everywhere, and enough back-breaking sacks to make Goodell enforce all sorts of rules. With the amount of injuries we're going to cause, forget about the Tom Brady rules because they are going to institute the Rex Ryan rules and start packing airbags into quaterback pads. Goodell will insist that two hands was good enough for when we we
  4. According to him we should stick with one of the worst aging Olinemen on the team, and a pair of running backs who are long in the tooth and coming off injury. Guess what Johnny, we got two of the best twenty receivers (Holmes is top ten), a starting Olinemen, our future fullback for the next decade (which is very important to a good running game), an excellent cornerback who some graded as the drafts' best, and a solid backup runningback. I guess we should have kept Leon, Faneca, and our original draft picks so that in a year we could release half of our best players and still lose Leo
  5. This guy is sooo immature. Being undrafted doesn't mean teams didn't want him, their offers are proof of that. It's only seven rounds and he is an idiot. This would be like applying to Harvard, which is hypothetically your dream school and then getting wait listed and going to state school even though Harvard extended you an offer a month after wait-listing you. He was obviously willing to forgo his college football career for the pros and after a reaction like this he will never make it onto an NFL roster since words out. Myron Rolle fell to the bottom of the sixth round because his love for
  6. Faneca suffered from the age, high salary and declining skills. He did his thing playing well and mentoring Brick and Mangold, he's gone. Leon wanted too much money for a RB2, recovering from serious injury, and didn't progress the way many of us would have liked. Both suffered from a trifecta of issues, and to keep the guys we have to, dropping cap is a big deal. It's a plus that we are getting younger at the same time. But if you want to hold on to guys like Revis, Mangold, Harris, Cromartie, Edwards, Holmes... some guys are going to have to go. Don't be surprised to see guys lik
  7. Originally Posted by gangreenman We might get one of those guys at 61... Who knows? I wouldnt be against us trading up for a DE at this point... So long as we still have a pick or two left over to draft an OL for depth and grooming purposes. Preferably, I'd like to be able to keep our 4th to get that O-Lineman. Maybe # 61, Bryan Thomas and a 2011 5th to move up 10 or 12 spots would do it? We will be releasing Faneca in the next week because despite his mentorship it is an uncapped year, he is the weakest link, and no one will take his contract. I like the fourth round for hi
  8. The Patriots did well to gain picks but McCourty was unnecessary and will likely not see the field. I give it a B-. The Fins should've drafted a corner like Wilson he will be great. Odrick may have a motor but projecting from a 4-3 to a 3-4 can be tough plus I've heard he can have problems fighting off two linemen at the same time so forget about NT. This is a team that needs to win now and I see Odrick as a guy that may need a season or two to find his place. They should've made a move for a CB or an OLB. Their pass rush is laughable and no one is scared to throw in Vontae Davis' direct
  9. They will definitely get better and they will have to because Peyton made us look silly. If Sanchez can mature quickly and find his stride in the passing game we could really open things up and make the Colts' secondary look just as terrible. I have a hard time imagining teams defending Cotchery with their number three corner, safety help, or linebacker. We have homerun threats and guys who can tare it up at the line of scrimmage so good luck opposing defensive coordinators because the only defense that could challenge this offense is ours.
  10. Not just are they not good, they are a terrible drafting team. I can't wait to play them because when our secondary takes away their receivers their offense will be going nowhere. I thought the Bills pick was really great. Spiller is a playmaker, and the Pats should have traded up to take him or at least Mathews or Best. The Bills have too many backs but still a great talent. I am not scared of any of the other AFC East teams.
  11. I love the Cromartie trade but what if he declines further? Then we're back where we started before Lito, so this had to be done. I love the pick and think he could challenge for that second coverage. Ryan's blitz schemes rely upon solid coverage, which allows more linebackers to blitz. If we didn't have Holmes I would say go with Bryant. Ryan was obviously not too high on Kindle and with Taylor he won't see the field at all next year. Odrick might have been the pick had the Dolphins not traded back into the pick before ours, but this makes a lot of sense. Wilson can break on the ball, read th
  12. What they say can sometimes be an inflated truth or a diversionary tactic. Coaches and scouts will sometimes avoid the player(s) they really covet. When I've done mock drafts, most of the time the best available player is a cornerback, which is not a first round need. Of course anything can happen, but if that's the case I hope we trade down; maybe swap our first for clevelands' second and a third next yr, which would allow them to take McCoy.
  13. We are now set at most positions but have some places where we need to improve. DE, S, and LG are priorities. I don't believe Faneca will be around much longer and if Slausen isn't our guy then Iupati has to be considered. We will not trade up for Berry but Earl Thomas maybe. If Odrick falls to us that would be great, however we may have to trade up before Baltimore to secure him. CB depth is important but not a first round pick, perhaps a mid-rounder. No matter how you cut it we have to trade up. We don't have much trade bait so it will likeley be a late rounder from next year and/or a combin
  14. Even if we had the assanine plan of releasing three starters with only five picks, why would we announce said plans before making any deals? This totally undercuts any attempt to move these players for anything more than sixth round pick. Tanny is too good of a businessman to let this sort of thing happen. Faneca makes sense at his salary. Perhaps we can package him and our first to move up and select Iupati. That would be great. Ellis makes no sense, he is on his last year and can still contribute as a premiere starter; provided of course his arm isn't wrapped up like a club. It
  15. At outside linebacker he offers very little. I applaud his efforts to move to DE. If he can occupy blockers and assume the skills that made him successfull when he was coming off the line in college then this could allow our defense to dominate on another level. I assume we will be drafting either DE or OLB in the first round, and if Gholston can play DE opposite Ellis then we may be on the brink of greatness. I could see this D keeping opponents under two hundred total yards and 14 points a game. If Gholston only offers depth with signs of improvement this would be great moving forward. There
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