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    The 1969 loss to KC in the playoffs...the 98 Denver playoff loss was brutal too:(
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    yes 15
  1. This forum sux --state an opinion and the personal attacks begin ---the trolls are residents in this forum---I read last week about the bickering problem from the mods --yet they let it continue ---few guys with 5000 + posts w/no life get brave behind a computer screen---I posted a reasonable topic and then got attack for the subject matter and get 190 + reply's--- Id love to debate some of these wussys -FACE to FACE and see how brave and aggressive they want to be LOL Dont bother to tell me to go to another forum, Im already gone. s
  2. I been a Jet fan longer then u been alive... I had High hopes when Sanchez got drafted...I hope he plays better and make me look bad.
  3. Ok it was just a preseason game and Ill hope for the best this coming season. P.S. "Dweebs" is probably from the 70s lol.
  4. z z z z z z I have a life ... but to get to my "idiotic " post Sanchez played great tonite and Shotty is above reproach (that's why they brought Tom Moore in) LOL Man am I dumb! LOL .Like I said Dweebs.
  5. someone explain it to this dweeb that if you live on a sports forum ur an idiot...
  6. online bravehearts lol,,, then again I dont hve 2000 posts-or 6000 or 13k...LOL
  7. U forum geeks are the sad ones...OK the QB looks great...lol
  8. I love the kid but this is bad, he gets that glazed over look and he looks like Kyle Boller---I still blame Shotty---the kid has tools on this offense...he needs to let it go and sling it .
  9. Im boycotting this cartoon game till the NFL opens it back up to other video game company's> Madden 11 was as bad as it could be and 12 isn't any better I hear. Im saving my 60 bucks this year, the cartoon hasn't changed in years all you pay for is roster updates ...NOT MY MONEY
  11. then there will be a lot to talk about and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Go Jets this is our F year!!!!!
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