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  1. http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=30633474&albumID=1293126&imageID=60634405 Don't be jealous
  2. Ever since Ortiz stopped roiding up with Manny...You have no right to talk, just zip it.
  3. Wow man... Only 5'8? lol. Atleast I'm 5'10 and considered to be average, you on the other hand??? Not so much, My girl is 5'7 just about the same height and when she gets dressed up, and rocks those HIGH heels...She then becomes about 3 inches taller but I love it, shes so ****ing sexy
  4. Look...Players are innocent until proven guilty and it's wrong to slander another mans name without any rumors or facts. Look...A-Rod cheated baseball, he cheated the game and he cheated his name and got busted, but that doesn't erase the fact that he's still an amazing athlete. You know why I hope A-Rod breaks the record of Bonds? Because I can tell he's sorry about all of this but #1...Bonds was a racist and thats wrong. He made a crazy comment on how he would rather break Ruths record than Hanks...Why? Hank held the record...It was a race thing and I just cant stand the man.
  5. I know that, I was just messing around. Nothing can compare to Jet fans, loyal. Since 69
  6. 100 posts? Nothing. On the Rays team site...We get over 800 every gameday thread. Each and every day. Come on NY...You can do better than that. (Not gonna post in this thread, no matter how much you all think I'm an @$$) I dont go outta my way to ruin these threads. GL...Go O's.
  7. Carlos Pena is one of the nicest guys in all of Baseball...Never shows any type of roid rage signs like A-Fraud, Manny and Bonds...Never. And 2007 was his 1st year starting in a LONG time, he also got tested 2 times in 07, 2 times last year (Hit 31) and has ALWAYS been clean. If Carlos used...We would know.
  8. 294 hits, 203 runs, .387 on base%, .572 slugging%, 90 HR's, 256 RBI's, 226 Base on balls, .259 batting average Starting from 2007, his first year with the Rays. Oh yeah, he's also been a gold glove talent over these 3 years.
  9. Pena never had his chance to start...Add up the overall numbers starting from 3 years ago (Penas first year starting) and then get back to me. He blows everyone away.
  10. I keep getting banned from here because BP hates me...Nothing new to me. And I dont talk shiit about the posters on this site, I talk about BP's power trips which is funny.
  11. He really led the Rays to the playoffs last year and is really hot here in 2009. I'm just going off of what I see day in and day out and as of right now, I wouldn't trade this man for any other 1st baseman in the leauge.
  12. Won't be long till someone gets tired of my love for the Rays and Jets before I get banned from here
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