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  1. it would be great if we could have our #4
  2. joe d, this is how you do it...protect your franchise
  3. what?? is this true and what about all the experts saying he can go from wr1 to wr4...where is this coming from and KW is the only one seeing this?
  4. I forgot, then maybe 2 or 10 since he already have something in common with penny
  5. As good to great DW can be, I believe that ship has sailed. too much smoke and the media in NYC would not let it go.
  6. Becton had an ok year. Got injured and might have an weight issue. not a good sign. let's stop hyping players up until they prove their worth. Sewell is a generational talent as the experts say, moving Becton to RT lock down 2 major positions. If we could trade down to 4 and grab Sewell that would be the best case scenario in my opinion, but who knows how this will play out.
  7. smoke screen to get TL...i'm all for pushing Wilson to number 1
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