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  1. if only the defense had this fire to finish plays
  2. OJ Howard if he's available
  3. so if you are right and these jags were active because they know the playbook, riddle me this how would mims mess this up anymore. Saleh and the OC help me understand that
  4. why not bring Isaiah Wilson in for a look at a guard position. can't be any worse than GVR
  5. right, but aj brown was a 2nd round pick in 2019 and no one knew what he would become. my point is we have young receivers that are not getting an opportunity but the jags of berriors and cole are starting. I can guarantee if we cut those jags they are not starting for another team and davis is a number 2 at best.
  6. after 3 games davis has proven he is not a number 1. I've can't believe the amount of passes he has dropped that touched is hands. your 1 job as a received is to catch the ball especially if both hands touch it. not sure if he had the case of drops at Tennessee and that's why they let him walk.
  7. bingo. he doesn't need to learn the x, y or z positions. let him learn 1 and become a master at it. yesterday cole was active and I don't remember if he was even targeted once. the problem is davis was the only receiver to game plan around and the patsies took him away. no-one else stepped up. mims would have been perfect to send out there to pull coverage away from the others even as a decoy. there's no way cole , smith and berrios are better than mims. I don't know something is not right. the kid got talent we seen glimpses of it last year and last week a 40-yarder. not sure what i
  8. this is to pick his brain on our system
  9. Robert Saleh might be the one to get us where we all want to go. dude always seems to say the right things. can't wait to see how our young roster do against the championship roster of the packers this weekend.
  10. it would be great if we could have our #4
  11. joe d, this is how you do it...protect your franchise
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