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  1. and developed Romo and will develop DJones..this could be the best hire because he was a head coach before.
  2. can someone/media/talking heads get in contact with peyton and interview him on this support for case
  3. fire gase and give Williams a shot. if he doesn't do well, then let's look at the candidates above and let's not forget Jason Garrett. He developed Romo and Prescott and we all will see how he develops Jones and a year away from the cowboys gig and under judge may give him a different perspective
  4. cimini is garbage. his coverage on the JETS is awful
  5. nice, next man up. time for these young guys to step up
  6. I'm hoping Hines Ward will bring the best out of Mims. Teach him the secrets of playing WR in the NFL. The talent is there and if he listens and is coachable, we may have something special.

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