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  1. finally a qb coach for Sam if he's still on the roster
  2. that's because Gase was fired, didn't get along with players and had a losing culture. so I guess he did bring that
  3. let's hope Meyer's posturing was for more power and being able to pick/draft his players
  4. could be reaching, but Jmoney could be a sleeper QB for us instead of the Mac Jones and Kyle Trask
  5. Actually, James Morgan is the Wentz in this situation
  6. this and there's just to much drama surrounding Pederson. we don't need that right at this moment.
  7. this might be true, but this is the playoffs, show me something that would make me say he can slow down Allen who we would be playing twice a year. if he was our HC and the defense allowed those stats twice a year, we all would be calling for him to be fired
  8. why would you consider Eberflus? his defense did not confuse or slow down Allen.. 26/35 324 2 and a rusing TD. he would have to play Allen 2x a year. For me that would eliminate Eberflus.
  9. I would sign up for Sewell. The more I read about this kid, the more he's the generational talent at left tackle.
  10. JD will have to earn his money this year since we do not have the number 1 pick. looking at Wilson's highlights, receivers are not wide open which is a plus compared to OSU, Clemson, Alabama or any of the other big programs. The talent that surrounds Wilson is night and day compared to those big programs. Yes the competition is less but he has elevated the players around him. Let's see how he performs/tests at the combine. is his arm legit? is he really 6'3"? if he checks all those boxes then it's a no brainer.
  11. I like it..lol wouldn't that be something if marrone does us a solid

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