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  1. Question on the Mangold business

    I'm not on here much..... but I see what you did! LOL
  2. Wait... let me understand this... 3 catches for 56 yards and 1 touchdown is winning a battle? And to think Fish fans were all over the Jets last year for running their mouths about being a violent defense... well... all we did was back that talk up with the #1 defense in the nfl.
  3. No Longer Rex Ryan's Defense?

    Watching this defense gives me chills!!! I can't wait to see them this year.
  4. To the "LT is done" crowd....

    Fixed that for ya!
  5. To the "LT is done" crowd....

    Yards or 6 point? hmmmmm .. Yup... I take the touchdowns. and with the dick part.... you just can't help it.. you are a Fin fan.
  6. Remember that even without Sheppard panning out , the Jets had the #1 defense in the nfl. Oh yeah.... #1 in rushing also... almost forgot
  7. All stupid comments. You know nothing about the Jets so go back to your forum. To say that LT isn't an effective runner is just plane dumb.No one could run behind that sad Chargers offensive line. Sproles didn't do too much better did he? McKnight doesn't worry you at all? Amazing take on a player who hasn't run the ball once yet in the nfl. Hmmm that leads me to the quarterback not making good decisions part... Sanchez got better as the season went on while Henne got worse,hence the Dolphins not making the playoffs when they had their own destiny in their hands.Just remember that without the 2 kickoff returns in the second game your team pretty much did nothing. Ronnie Brown coming back from yet ANOTHER injury is what you should be focusing on or maybe who will quarterback the team should Henne go down being that Pat White really didn't look that impressive this year.Don't come in here spewing all your crap when you don't know what you're talking about!!!!
  8. What makes less sense is the part where they'd be released if there were no takers found. Who's going to give us picks knowing that?????
  9. Around The Web Taylor almost would rather retire than play for Jets Posted: April 8th, 2009 | NFL.com Staff | Tags: Jason Taylor, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, New York Jets Free-agent DE Jason Taylor is looking for a place to play. Just don
  10. Off season not going so badly for a team handcuffed by the final 4 rule. Now we just need Bellicheat to release Adalius Thomas.. This should be an amazing draft this year!!!
  11. Looks like LT made the right decision.... Welcome aboard!!!
  12. Rest in Peace Packy

    R.I.P. Packy
  13. I agree.... TJ was a great back for us but how many more times can we watch him dance in the backfield and get tackled for a loss? LT still has good vision and can catch the ball out of the backfield. Sproles didn't have a great year last year either and maybe that points more to a bad offensive line than LT being out of gas. Anyone could run for 1000 yards behind our monster offensive line.