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  1. But why was it a scum tell? Loki was a much bigger threat to town than he was to scum (we were more of a threat to ourselves than wombat ever was) and by not Loki hunting sooner you still managed to lose the game.
  2. Eh, I took a gamble on not voting Ape, knew if he went down I'd likely follow quickly after. My problem was that I ended up having a week of 12 hour shifts which I wasn't expecting (knew I'd have one day, but that was it). As a result even though I made it on and posted every day I wasn't around and didn't have the energy to spend on the game that I'd have liked. Once I was able to pay some real attention to the game I was the main lynch and managed to get a train run up on Nolder (and saw him self destruct which was hilarious) and Seph before you guys got your acts together and lynched me (I know, Lizzie and a couple others get a lot of the credit for those trains too). I also figured out that Pac was our roleblocker, and while Seph could have been Loki I liked Pac's wombat theory better but Seph was one of my best bets to get somebody other than me lynched and I was trying very hard to stay alive. So yeah, not a great game for me, my activity was too low and my Ape gamble cost me hard. However I did not "Forget how to bus" and did reasonably well when I was around so GFY. Also awesome game Kiv, I did thoroughly enjoy it.
  3. On my phone so sorry that vote tags didn't work
  4. unvote Vote Seph[\b] He is my number 1 and if I understand nolder right he should be yours too.
  5. Oh btw here's thoughts on others: CTM - Most likely town Nae - possible scum SMC - possible Loki / Scum Pac - Townish Alanna - Neutral Wombat - possible Loki / scum JC - Prob town Nolder - Prob scum 80 - Neutral JiF - prob town Seph - Prob loki Barm - Town I think I got everyone.
  6. Alright well I'm up well past my bedtime and have the early shift tomorrow so I need to go. I hope you'll all make the smart decision and lynch Nolder (or better yet, Seph, but that is wishful thinking).
  7. 1. Likely guilt since it goes so against what your playstyle is, it looks too much like you were protecting a teammate and realised there was no point in going down with the ship for me to just ignore. 2. While valid points, these don't contradict anything I've said regarding your place on the lynch and how easy it was to hide on that train.
  8. Ok so mostly Nolder played a fairly neutral game, but there's two things that stand out to me. First: This is the vote where he failed to policy lynch Ape for self-voting before finally bringing it up to L-1 when Wombat pointed it out. Before this he spent a lot of time vote-hopping. A teammate hoping to avoid the big train and eventually realising he couldn't? I don't know why this quote shows as Nolder, it was Doggin's post that I was quoting. Anyways according to this vote count he was the third person on Lily's speed lynch. This is an easy bandwagon spot on a person that was easy to lynch. An excellent place for him to hide in the train. By itself it wouldn't be notable but accompanied with his vote on the Ape and his attempt to shut down conversation now before going completely nuts it screams potential scum. He could also be Loki but I'd more likely expect him to be scum.
  9. I can respect that and am happy to back off on that point.
  10. Nolder, does this not read as being melodramatic to you? This is why I thought you were being hard on the mod, your attitude towards his mistake.
  11. Night two I targetted him because I had no real read on him yet. I'm looking, but it takes time because I am also needing to re-evaluate his past actions in light of his current ones.
  12. How about Nolder? Guy is saying I should give up, threatening to hammer when I'm L-2, blaming it on his mistakes and then giving the mod a hard time when the mod makes the same mistake. I'd say he's flailing.
  13. Right after you up yours. Wait, right, never gonna happen.
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