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  1. I see what you are saying now. Also while I remember names I have basically no meta on any of them, been far too long. Looking forward to seeing what else you have to say. GRC 16
  2. Nyn - so you agree with Pac's first post that it is likely to happen? Re: Jetscode - I took it as a mix of both, but specifically the defensiveness that stuck out. GRC 15
  3. Awesome, thanks, puts you back to a neutral read for me. GRC 14
  4. So this is wrong. I went back to see what he was talking about and LZ actually provided reasons and Ape did state that he agreed with LZ's reasons though he didn't elaborate beyond that. GRC: 13
  5. Dislike this vote, the extent of the reasoning was "he made one or two posts that ping", but never actually quantified what posts they are. JiF could you please provide more information backing you up?
  6. Des was lynched for a variety of reasons, one of which was focusing on people post padding, which is the exact reason you listed as voting ape. Not so weak as you might wish. GRC: 11
  7. So far Verb, Nyn and Leelou come across as my main town reads. I find myself unsure which way to go between Krak and Lizard King. I could vote either Jetscode or Pac right now. I think I'll vote Jetscode. GRC: 10
  8. Had to split the post because I'm only allowed a certain number of quotes at a time. GRC? Really? Also really? Plus the post where he defends these that I forgot to quote apparently - don't buy it. This post is pingy. Didn't we just lynch Des in part because he made the same argument? GRC: 9
  9. Focused on Jetscode and Pac for this readthrough. He does this, followed up by: Pretty solidly defensive himself. This post is meh. And this. This seems weird seeing as we all know that GRC content is required. Agreeing with JVOR's post about me. I answered this in my last post. Aaaand blatant bandwagon. I quoted this thinking it was a Jetscode post, was going to say that it was the first good one I've seen from him. My bad.
  10. Well I had more quotes responding to Des but with him gone that knocks down this post a fair bit. I also haven't played here (or anywhere really) in years. Although not one of the highest volume players I'm not the super-inactive that I was, several DM players whom have played the last couple of games with me can attest to that. I also disagree with you re: content vs spam. While I've had a fair number of spam posts and certainly am far from game MVP content-wise, I think you are attempting to minimalise my gameplay based on your pre-conceived notions. I don't believe that it was vote-worthy. Actually I'm now based in Sweden and 6 hours ahead of you (assuming EST). As such my gameplay will largely happen earlier in the day and by your evening I'll be long asleep. GRC: 8
  11. It's cause you didn't say sup in your first post.
  12. Re: Italics - Yup, very happy with my despo vote. Krak in with a clean start to his game.
  13. Because it was. I was noting that you had absolutely nothing of value to add when I questioned you on why you were throwing names out there. That is entirely game related. This GRC conversation however, is not.
  14. I'm sure we have, I remember your name but not anything about you. Been a few years since I played here. And I know you didn't claim it as GRC, which is why I took it as shooting your mouth off.
  15. So you're just shooting your mouth off on general principle. Noted. GRC: 6
  16. It could have been either one, but read to me as opportunistic. It could have been because I was in the conversation, but I thought it was clear that you didn't understand the GRC mechanics. General principles? Please explain. GRC: 5
  17. Very very opportunistic. Vote: Despot Fair enough. Ok cool. Darn. Figured that might be the case though. GRC: 4
  18. Basically you need to track your own GRC posts the way the rest of us are at the bottom of each post. Your 'Morning' post won't count. The other ones will unless Doggin says otherwise. Do you agree with his obsession assessment? GRC: 5
  19. Yes, which is why I was at GRC 2. That was my second game related post. GRC: 4
  20. Question for mod: If a player has a role, will they have to reveal that in their death post too? Or just alignment? Smash - GRC 3? GRC: 3
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