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  1. I felt it appropriate to ignore the post-game for 3 days. Hi everyone!
  2. Its a very good idea. The likelyhood of both of us being cult is slim to nil, however, you have a free night kill at night, which makes you a bit of a loose cannon. Getting rid of you at least puts total control of the game into the two confirmed innocents, because they know that 80 and I will gun for each other if this game is still going after you die. It would be a well earned win, thats for sure. VOTE: VERBAL
  3. Fixed. I agree with the room choice. Vote: Libarary
  4. My recommendation: 1. Lynch Brett today 2. NK Hess tonight. If the game isn't over, then take out 80 and myself the following day, and if it still isn't over, Slats and the ape will still have a voting majority over Verbal. And if at any time Verbal doesn't NK exactly the person you tell him to, lynch him. I doubt there is more than Verb's NK left in this game, so unless my 50% chance of dying hasn't happened yet (random night, no idea which) I doubt you'll see more than one kill a night in this game. Vote: Brett
  5. 1. See my last post. 2. I28 confirmed Slats with a lie detector, unless I'm horribly mistaken (pretty sure I'm not). And since we know that I28 had to be town...
  6. Yes we do. On the first page of the thread:
  7. Good call, must have missed that post by I28.
  8. Yeah, definitely leaning not town on Hess now. Slats was confirmed by I28 long after CTM died and I28 was confirmed by Doggin before he died.
  9. I'm assuming that somebody falling asleep means somebody got silenced, and i28 has been one of the top posters in the thread, so his sudden absence is notable.
  10. No, not really. The deal you got does not confirm that your reveal was real, and that you are town and not cult. About all it confirms is that you're not scum; while its likely that you are town, I can't help but wonder if you are pulling one over on us. Hess could be anything, and there's nothing to back up his claim. I think Verb's reveal is real and both i28 (who appears to be the silenced player... if anyone hadn't figured that out yet) and Slats are town. The only others that leave are Brett and myself, and I am what I said I am, and no idea about Brett. Brett or Hess. Hess has the least info on him of anyone out there, and Brett has the mirror claim that nobody trusts.
  11. This. Honestly, why is Hess the only one who seems to be giving this idea any real consideration? These games generally don't end until all cult and scum are dead, not just one party or the other. It would not be surprising to me if we've offed the the entire scum team and either 80 or Hess is the last hidden cultist. And you keep wanting to lynch me, but keep in mind how many scum wanted me dead desperately in day 1, and your own point about the likelyhood of CTM wanting me for cult.
  12. I'm off to work. Won't be back til after 4 EST.
  13. Actually, Brett's information (not sure why he felt it needed to be held back) is logical, in a game where we are questioning the existance of a doc at all, the only kill in the game being scum is rather odd without Brett's mirror role. That said, how many scum have died now? Is it possible that instead of looking for more scum, we might be looking for a cultist or two now? They'll have the same win condition as the scum will, so the game most likely won't end until they are all dead. Unvote
  14. I am in favour of Hess's idea. Vote: Brett
  15. I'll cut you. And you. Also, for those of you hell bent on my being a serial killer... wasn't possible. Night started and ended while I was at work, where I have no Internet access, and Lily did say straight up that she had all the night actions. Vote: JC And Bleedin, could you explain again why you thought JVOR was lying when all evidence points to the contrary? Perhaps using some of that scum knowledge that we don't have and you do?
  16. Meant 80. My bad. Sorry about your luck. That cold I mentioned the other day? It killed me last night. Took hours and I didn't even make it to the end of the thread before I just passed out. So, I was sold on JVOR's thing when Pac first basically started giving up, and then followed it up with a bunch of weak CTM crazy. When he eventually started going strong and JVOR started giving up I wasn't sure. However, having given it some thought, I think JVOR's case makes more sense. Vote: Pac And if we're not past deadline by the time I'm in from work, I'll try to expand on that.
  17. I wish, but no. UNVOTE And does it really surprise you guys that an angry mob might have multiples of the same role? And to address the people all thinking I'm scummy... your cases so far have been "he's inactive" and in Verbal's case "He's playing like me when I'm scum!" which has no particular bearing on me at all. I'll wait to see what Jetscode comes up with before I cast another vote.
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