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  1. I'm town, the exact same role as JiF in fact. And I opted to take the 50% chance risk of dying on a random night rather than risk firing at a townie. So if I die at night, its entirely possible that I killed myself. And, while Slats or Pac would both be viable options I think, I agree with JVOR that Pac has been coasting through this game a lot. Verbal has too, actually, his first real content posts beyond a vote and family guy quotes being today. But for now, since the cop came up with an innocent result, VOTE: PAC And I am off to bed, I have nasty cold thats basically knocking me out.
  2. May not of hit yet. Its a random night, so its hard to say. Also, if I recall, monkey said study was his final safe room. Vote: Study
  3. VOTE: SMC That said, if the cop hadn't come up with SMC I'd be voting for Slats for seeming to avoid Doggin's questions. Pretty scummy to me.
  4. He also said the Billiards room and the Study are safe for him, and we've already used the Library secret, so why not go to a new room?
  5. Why would you vote for the Library? We already know that each room only has an event once, as according to Lily at the beginning of the game. That said, I'm all for the safe rooms for I28 for now. Vote: Billiards Room And aside from the previous inactivity, what case have you all got on me? All I see is that you wanted me to post, and I'm posting now, so the reason to kill me is no longer there.
  6. Clearly, the monkey is trying to avoid the investigation on him getting out. What?
  7. Holy hell, I go away for 4 hours during night phase and come back to the game being 2 votes from a lynch. VOTE: SHARROW
  8. So this thread is more than a little absurd. Though mayhap Vic ought to not play when drunk in the future. I'll be back tonight.
  9. Yeah yeah, I'm back. Been reading this mess you guys call a thread. In any case, I am gone to work for about 10-11 hours a day, and on Tuesday evening after I got out I wasn't home all evening, then on Wednesday I crashed really early, cause tired. In any case, having read all that, I would have voted JiF as well. And for now since its night, I assume we can vote for rooms again. Vote: Library
  10. Only spell Slats knows is the one that turns bones to water.
  11. Want to explain that vote on I-28, since its not included in your recap?
  12. There's a your mom joke in there, but I'm not allowed to do those here anymore. And VOTE: CRUSHER for his ridiculous FOS's.
  13. I was in the Library first. The ladies are clearly there for me.
  14. Its been a while, figured it was time to get my a$$ banned for playing mafia again.
  15. SMC makes a good point, do votes for what room you want to be in need to be bolded?
  16. Well I planned to vote for the kitchen, but now that the Crusher is in there there's no way that I'll fit. So I'll vote for the Library instead.
  17. It'll most likely be something to do with my heart. There are several heart conditions that run in my family.
  18. God forgive the man does something you don't do.
  19. Goddamnit. I was even making record activity levels this game!
  20. Care to expand on that? I think this is a smart idea. Unvote, Vote: Lily
  21. She's hot, sure, but about 3lbs less makeup would be nice too. I like my girls human looking, not looking like a barbie doll.
  22. Shucks, guess I won't go about abusing them then.
  23. Heh, so I am about one commercial break away from watching the end of the Wizard of Oz. Just thought I'd share.
  24. Lily, Runin, since you two seem to have the magical ability of always knowing each other's alignment, why have neither of you shared that info yet?
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