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  1. My agreeing with you and agreeing with him are based on entirely different points. Don't try and confuse everyone pointlessly. She's also been around rather less than usual this week, and if I do recall, she stated on the signup thread that she'd be on less for the first week or two due to work.
  2. Actually, I quite agree with him there. You ARE playing very differently from any other game you've played (with me anyways), and you are so not suspicious to me that in itself it makes me very suspicious. However, I do agree with your case on DPR, and was planning to go through making my own case on him, myself. Vote: DPR
  3. I am being honest about it, not omgus. If it was omgus I'd have voted you ages ago. You are the only other person with any sort of train going, and I already explained that I was going for the competing trains thing for information. But what about in Wicked? Is there a bomb in there?
  4. Good point, he's not giving off a blatantly scummy vibe to me yet, so clearly he's doing something different, which is enough to make me suspicious of him. Poor kid is caught in a Catch 22.
  5. I'm not seeing much of a case on anyone right now. Lily has been very dramatic but hasn't actually done much game-wise to warrant a vote on her, and frankly, not knowing JiF very well, his post did not read to me as being a straight up sarcastic joke post, so I sorta understand why I28 read it as he did. As of right now, I'm going to vote Lily because, as has been noted, there has not been competing trains or a lot of pressure in this game beyond the JiF / I28 spat. I think other players have provided enough reasons for her to defend herself.
  6. Well, Verbal has checked in now, so unvote
  7. I'd rather they didn't do the makeout session where I can see. That would be awkward.
  8. Wait, what? Full of yourself a little there dear?
  9. Damnit I28, way to get in the way.
  10. Definitely hot. And Gato, are you allergic to polls???
  11. And I'm sure you were ever a shining star, yourself...
  12. Where is he anyways? He's posted what, once?
  13. I haven't actually seen it, but if I understand correctly, in the play Wicked, Dorothy is the antagonist and the Wicked Witch of the West is the protagonist. Its entirely possible that SMC has modelled this game after that.
  14. He's far from L-2 right now, and I believe the only player who hasn't checked in. It doesn't give us any info, and as such almost certainly won't be the lynch for today. It does, however, put some pressure on him to actually play.
  15. Why? If you're gonna throw around a FOS, you need to back it up.
  16. On a serious note, unvote, vote: verbal I think he's the only one who hasn't shown up yet.
  17. I've been posting. Not today since there was only spam this morning (which I'm now bored of) and I wasn't here this afternoon. Plus, I've had high enough activity games in the past to get myself killed around these parts. I am aware of how to play, Lily dear.
  18. People don't tend to, when they're drunk... except Bleedin apparently. Is he ever sober?
  19. Unvote Vote: CTM For doing what I28 said a few moments ago, thusly making him a hypocrit. Also, OMGUS.
  20. Playing the game in my house then, there's approximately 3 hiding spots total.
  21. Unvote Vote: I28 for leading me around by the nose with his logic last game, and then turning up scum.
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