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  1. Indeed, your stunning intellect continues to show now bounds, as ever. Someday you'll even progress so far as to use real words.
  2. That is a truly terrifying picture of Katic there. Here's the variant I was referring to:
  3. Scarlett Johanssen, Lily Cole, Rachel McAdams, Stana Katic, DanX, your wife, the random girl at the gym this morning...
  4. Ooooh, we're voting to kill of Megan Fox? I like that. Vote: Megan On a game related note - the Ape (and others before him, I don't recall who all) have pointed out a couple of reasons for voting JiF, and that would be reasons 1 and 2. Vote: JiF
  5. Megan Fox isn't hot either. She's very over-rated.
  6. Its like you summoned me or something. Are you playing Smash's ninja-wizard game too?
  7. Why would he reveal the ability to kill at will? By telling us he has the shoulder cannon, we're a lot more likely to lynch him so that he can't just run around killing us all at a whim. And whether you know how to use it or not, the weapon was indicated as exactly that, of course he's gonna guess that it is for killing and try to figure out how to use it.
  8. Wow, nevermind my last post, there was an entire page of posts that didn't appear before I posted that.
  9. @Mod - Do players with items but no role come up as roless townies then?
  10. You can find that same quote in my post which you quoted asking about it a while ago. Good job on the extra and wasted effort.
  11. Did you ask how you can find out what it does? And if not, why didn't you?
  12. Try reading DPR's post which I quoted.
  13. I'm not "dead set" on lynching you Runin, you are just the best candidate. And try reading what DPR wrote, he said what happens to it, not what it does. I suspect that in the case of a lynch, one of us will end up getting it. However, I am not certain of that.
  14. We may not be losing the item. Keep this in mind.
  15. Unvote The Lily vote isn't going to go anywhere obviously, though the "I'm confused" play still seems super scummy to me. I know I voted Smash earlier, but since then I've come to not like the vote on him more and more, every time he's showed up since he's played a much better cleaner game, and I'm not so sure that he is guilty. Hess... I don't know what his playstyle is normally like to judge it differently this game. Runin is one of those people I reflexively vote for every game because he always uses his flawed logic and makes himself look really scummy. This game, however, one thing stood out to me big time on him, and that is his statement of cases never being pro-town, which is absurd. Also, his retorts to I28 have been lackluster. His only defense has been to say that yes, he has quoted posts. Well thats nice, but what about the other arguments I28 has made? Another person that is bugging me right now is Crusher, because of his crusade against I28. He doesn't seem to be reading what the damn dirty ape is saying and going after him more on the principle of his gameplay in previous games. That seems a bit narrow-minded to me. But, for now I'm going to put my vote on Runin.
  16. This. Lily has been playing the confused (blonde) card constantly, and I've never seen an innocent player use it. Unvote: Smash Vote: Lily
  17. I28 - No, I graduated on Wednesday, this weekend I'm actually back in the same town but for a completely unrelated reason. My mother is participating in an International Dragonboat festival for breast cancer survivors, and I'm here to cheer her on. I also have free wifi at the hotel. Yay me! I was just at a restaurant a few minutes ago with the most fantastic sign. It read "Unattended children will be given a Red Bull and a kitten." I want that sign. Seen it. Believe it. I'm shocked you'd be so mean as to compare I28 to Mynd. What did I28 do to deserve that? But, as far as the game goes, I'm really not a fan of Runin's assaults on Brett, however, I thought Smash got a little over defensive when he actually showed up. So for now, vote: Smashmouth
  18. I'm leaving in about 20 minutes for the weekend. I should have Internet access at the hotel, so I'll try to be on throughout the weekend, but my time spent online will be very limited.
  19. DPR likes to put various activities in his games to spice them up. One of them is thief plays, which means if I were to submit your name to the mod, and got you to post directly after me in a set period of time, I would steal whatever item you have. What the items are depend on the flavour of the game, but will have different abilities, such as being immune to night kills for one night, having a free viewing, an extra vote or even a free kill. Essentially, they are roles that are not bound to a player. Another such activity that DPR likes to have is Russian Roulette actions. Basically he will PM a player asking them to make a choice between two options he gives them. One choice will kill lots of people. The other will keep everyone alive. You don't know which one is which. Anyways, that post you quoted basically said that those things aren't happening in the game, though there does seem to be items that can get passed around in specific scenarios. And on that note, I'm off to bed.
  20. BTW, DPR has done a setup where none of the mafia members knew each other, and had the option of going for a team win or a solo win. The night kill rotated amongst each of the team members, so we got to kill somebody once every 4th night or something like that. However, I don't think this game is like that, and I think the predators are probably all working together.
  21. Why I thought that? Nothing happened. We got a scene where a shot was fired and nobody was hurt. Wes likes to build stories in his games, so I though it might be leadup to somebody actually dying.
  22. Alright, clearly I've been proved wrong here. Which says straight up that Predators can kill during the day. Scary.
  23. No. Nothing actually happened in the scene, so I don't think it is anything more than story to build up to a scene where something will happen. However, as he did say that there are hints in all the scenes, we're not wrong to analyse them. It could have just as easily been anyone else's name in the scene, and it would have meant just as much - not a damn thing.
  24. All of it, of course. Learn to read. Seriously.
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