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  1. I'm gonna bank on DPR's scene being purely flavour. I've played so many of his games now that I think I can safely say that anyone can be anything, despite their names coming up in scenes. This of course rules out the idea of myself and any of the others in the first scene being mod confirmed too.
  2. Blah, I was off graduating from college today, and I'll be sporadic at best from Friday-Sunday as I'll be out of town then too, but my eyes are glazing over and I'm about halfway through catching up on the game. I'll post tomorrow morning after I've caught up.
  3. Well, since you're all on a picture kick... (the shirt actually does say Chick Magnet, and I was given the shirt by Nae earlier that day)
  4. Yes, my dear friend that I brought down got himself drunk and passed out across one bed, and he is bigger than me and the two girls in the room combined, so we let him be while we all slept in the other bed. Its not a very exciting story, actually. But then, I'm not into incest, so I'd never end up doing sexual type things with Nae.
  5. Are you looking at the girl or the burger?
  6. We scum really did have it too easy. The Cop offed himself, Vic got the doc night 1 (I love that you guys all thought it was pure dumb luck), and I was the only person to face any pressure, which was promptly forgotten as soon as Tony S showed up.
  7. I was telling the DM site admins the other night that this forum is what DM would be like if it were cool.
  8. Attn: Doggin94it Subject: Night 1 kill Tonight I would like to submit my kill as Naeann. Thanks
  9. You ought to run yourself through a better filtration system then. No more sediments to worry about.
  10. Fair enough, let me know if you need me. And if there's still room when you start the game, I'll try to check in at least once a day for that first week.
  11. Hey all, Doggin forwarded me over here. I'm interested, however, I'm also going into my last week of school, and will be extremely busy until next Friday, after which I'm done and will have much more time. Is that a problem? If it is, I've no problem sitting out.
  12. Notice her arm on the other side too... She probably photoshopped the light in over her face. This one's less noticeable, but still funny.
  13. The part of the left boob going over the knee? That even looks blatantly photoshopped.
  14. You'll find thousands of students (so, presumably educated people) up at 3am playing Call of Duty. And he did say the kids were in their 20's, so that probably explains it.
  15. Late last night and the night before, Tommyknockers, Tommyknockers knocking at the door. I wanna go out, don't know if I can, Cause I'm so afraid of the Tommyknocker man.
  16. For the time being I'll unvote: Doggin and see how things progress from here.
  17. Good god you guys move fast, I haven't checked this forum since... oh, yesterday and I already have 9 pages to read. I'm going to vote: Doggin cause I don't like how aggressively he went after Klecko from the getgo.
  18. If you're Mynd, I'm gonna stab a bitch before this game is out.
  19. Rare. Would you rather be trampled to death at a concert or killed by a pack of vicious dogs ripping you apart and eating you.
  20. I did that to my brother once. Shortly thereafter, I was broken of that habit.
  21. It was a wide load, I've seen very much the same thing happen with other wide loads, they lead and tail the vehicles with the wide load with police vehicles with their flashers and sirens on. This ensures that everyone gets out of the way of the wide load. So I'm thoroughly unimpressed.
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