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  1. Hand made sub. Cheer for the team you hate the most while they play the jets, or have football banned completely in the USA?
  2. I think I'd be terrified of any person who's mouth is bigger than my head.
  3. Can I be the Goddamn Batman? I just wanna be able to say "I'm the Goddamn Batman" Count me in.
  4. Hottest chick ever. Become a Vegan, or a Cannibal.
  5. To the head, no way I'll be feeling pain. Give up television or the Internet for the rest of your life?
  6. Max, I'm new here and you don't really know me. Can I have magical banning powers too?
  7. How fast do you think we could crash the forums and make all the other mods quit?
  8. Oh yes, and my favourite single line of the game goes to I think Irish, who said Doggin seems like a nice guy, but if he ever meets him, he's going to punch him in the face.
  9. Ok, now that thats out of my system (been wanting to post it since the beginning of day 1). I've played this game before, of course, one person figured the game out as quickly as JVOR did, and everyone was willing to play along for the full three days before doggin ended it. As such, I've found this game quite hilarious to follow along, and I love watching how merciless you guys are to each other. I'd like to say Kudos to Klecko, he actually had a fairly smart idea that was definitely thinking outside the box, of the communists being innocent and McCarthy and his crew being the actual mafia. Of course, it was wrong, but still smart. Verbal kind of surprised me on Day 1 with his unwillingness to consider a No Lynch until it was inevitable, I had expected him to be all over the idea, especially since he's dealt with Bastard Mod situations before, as he's said multiple times. EY disappointed me, and I hope he'll stop being so whiny or quitting these games, this is two games I've seen him in and two games where he's tried to ruin the game for either the players or the mod.
  10. That was me, here it is again (and for the record, Pegg is my official mancrush):
  11. Pssh, you think you got it so tough? I went to bed last night and nobody posted a thread looking for me.
  12. Larz knows from experience.
  13. Could be worse, could be on a dating site.
  14. There's a girl in my house right now who is terrified of mustard, we actually had to hide all the mustard so she could use the fridge. Thing is, she's probably not even allergic or anything to it either. She's just never been willing to go near it long enough to find out. Myself, dead stuff. I can be near it, but can't touch it. Except mosquitoes, crush those little pricks.
  15. Wait, Verbal's playing? The innocents are so screwed.
  16. I think if the one in the middle ever started walking towards me I'd run down the street screaming in the other direction. Even if she was just going to the McDonalds behind me.
  17. Dev definitely, but I am competent enough in photoshop to do basic design too.
  18. To preface my comments, I'm just finishing up a year long school program on Web Development... basically I'm becoming a professional web site maker. And I do have a few suggestions to make here: 1. The site is too cluttered, divide it into multiple pages, have one for news, one for your products if you're selling anything, one for your sponsors, one for your forums, and one for your blog. 2. Advertisements on every page is just fine, but rotate them and put fewer of them on each page. With the sheer amount of links and images you have in the right colum my eyes start to glaze over a bit by the time I get to the bottom. If you have them changing a bit then it is refreshing and different and will catch the average user's eye more. 3. Make the page as wide as your banner at the top. The white space on either side is fine as long as the margins stay consistent with it, particularly on the left side of the page. 4. Make your banner wider, joebabyny is right about that. If it gets too tall when you make it wider, see if you can get it redone to the proper width. 5. Make the colours of the rest of your site reflect the ones in the banner. You have a fantastic colour scheme in your banner, and they are not repeated at any point in your site. Setting the forum colour scheme to reflect this would work wonders for you. Also, don't be afraid to set backgrounds to other colours than white too. Personally, the forums I like best are Simple Machines forums, but having never used proboards I can't say how good or bad they are. I like how your navigation is set up, just make sure if you do multiple pages to keep it consistent across all of them. In regards to saving images as jpegs, every time you do that, it actually compresses the image and throws away data, thus making the image a poorer quality. Personally, I like to use PNG images. I hope this helps, Barm
  19. This is sad, very sad. RIP friend...
  20. Hey, gotta put the balls out to get results.
  21. Depends on how much you're paying, I need fast cash here.
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