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  1. Man, I was doing so good, then I got to this one: Guess this means I'm gay then, any guys here looking for a BJ?
  2. Being half deaf, I say the jokes on him when the court "can't hear" his plea of not guilty.
  3. 15 minutes, I was probably 13 at the time and I remember my friend and I looking at each other in surprise when the hooker's boobs showed up on screen.
  4. 5th graders? Thats the age I was when I got the "talk" from my parents about sex. That father should be happily divulging what was happening in the video.
  5. As Doggin put it on another site...
  6. Windsor is terrible, I lived there for a couple of years and am glad to be gone. I like to think of that whole region as Canada's penis, and we've got it rammed good and deep into the Northern United States. Toronto isn't bad, never been to the skydome. The rest of Ontario really depends on where you go, there's some really good stuff and some stuff that blows.
  7. I'll play, I'm gonna say no to alts, but I'm not picky.
  8. True, you may have actually been confused, but one thing I find is a person who claims to be confused is very rarely ever an innocent player. Its usually a mafia tactic to throw people off, and often works.
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