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  1. Also unbelievable that you'd all just go after the low hanging fruit instead of doing some real scum or even better, Loki hunting. Seph is a high probability of being Loki, don't you want to know your actions?
  2. FYI I have seen no results on my actions, but my targets were Nae the first night because we hadn't played together in a long time, and Nolder the second night because he was a bit of an unknown to me.
  3. You guys are all idiots. You're lynching a townie on the basis of low post volume?
  4. Because even if my post count is low, my content is till better than your diatribe.
  5. Of course, but my point was that some evidence is better than others and there's simply too many unknowns. I for one think there are better candidates for Loki than JiF, hence my current vote.
  6. True or not, that is more than you've done. And do you have any response to it besides "it looks right but it isn't"?
  7. Enough to make scum act on it, but not enough to make you act on it? Lizzie's response sums it up (quoted below) Also that evidence is circumstantial at best and would never pass any court of law.
  8. Vote Seph I think Seph is Loki, see my post two or three pages back.
  9. Why not? I dunno about Nae but I'm innocent and you'll find the game a lot more useful lynching Loki than lynching townies.
  10. Of all the remaining players the one I remember the least of is Seph, so I did a quick ISO. Dislikes all the above players on this list. Most of these are rarely if ever mentioned again. The first vote on Ape. This was the only comment on Lily before bringing her to L1 Beyond asking me a question (a decent one) this is the only notable comment on me, and that is the vote. Most of Seph's posts read very similar to the ones above, a tiny bit of content and maybe some good questions, but not a lot of anything. Basically what I took away from Seph is he/she is playing the game very very safe and is staying so in the middle of the pack that nobody is noticing him/her. I don't think scum, but definitely a good candidate for Loki I'd say.
  11. After two days of not posting at all at that.
  12. Alright I'm off to bed. My 12 hour shifts are done now so I will be more available from after work tomorrow on out.
  13. I agree, his game has been sketch as hell so in light of Ape's flip I think he was more likely Ape's easy target to get heat off of himself than some kind of bus.
  14. Oh maybe it was CTM that said it then. One of you did say I was trying to deflect the Ape train.
  15. Soo... the main case against me is that I didn't vote Ape? I didn't vote him because I thought JC was acting scummier. Obviously I was wrong. I was not attempting to deflect anything as SMC suggested though.
  16. Alright I'm up way too late. See you tomorrow.
  17. I've been pretty open on both if you'd read back, JC's early "trap" amongst other things, and Hallia's opportunistic bandwagon and lame "day 1" excuse.
  18. sh*t. I must be under Ape's spell too. Except that Hallia and JC are both more solid than Ape at this point.
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