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  1. Probably still less hair than the ape she's supposed to be pining after.
  2. JC and Hally are my top two now. Feeling better about Nae now that she's giving real content.
  3. Such a relief, I was worried I'd have to go dust off my sense of humour
  4. So if a person doesn't agree with you they get put into the most convenient clique you can come up with and pretend is inferior to you? I mean, since you did this exact same thing to Nolder earlier.
  5. While we have no flips yet, I'd hardly call 38 pages "no info"
  6. Dislike this post. Not only is Hallia not answering any of the questions posed to her as to why she thinks Smash is still scummy, but she's bandwagoning without any reason beyond "Ape is scummier than CTM".
  7. Not going to change my vote. Was tempted to vote CTM for his DMer comments at Nolder, but I didn't like JC's comments about Nolder's alignment being based on Ape's more.
  8. He probably isn't into costuming, but if you ask nicely enough maybe he'll make this one for you.
  9. Ah ok then. Also bed for me now since work comes early. I should hopefully be around more tomorrow than I was today.
  10. I don't follow. Were you expecting me to list you as town?
  11. Plenty. Why vote Wombat if he didn't make your scum list? What were you expecting out of a "trap" that lasted 2 hours? What did you get out of "seeing who noticed" you voting Nyn?
  12. Updated list: Townish: AlannaLynn - Best content of the game so far Wombat - fast building sketchy train looks good on him Lily - Seems on the level 80 - Seems townish and trying to actually help the game move Smash - Too many players think this is him derp towning to keep him on my scum list Null: CTM Nolder Hallia Integrity JiF SMC Seph Scummish: Naeann - Nothing to make me feel better about her, her defense, while accurate, wasn't exactly heartening JC - See vote Pac - Similar to Nae but with a lot more inanity. That 80 vote was amusing though LizardKing - Not sure what is in his koolaid but I have no idea what he's on about and he seems mostly like he's just out to confuse the game.
  13. These two posts sum up my issues with JC, and I haven't seen anything from him to change my mind. In fact, I'm not sure he's even defended himself. Granted my eyes keep blurring up from exhaustion so I probably missed a thing or twelve catching up. Unvote Vote JC
  14. Agree with Nolder. Doggin has given out fake claims in the past (his game of thrones game on DM). He'd have accounted for anything potentially gamebreaking in this game.
  15. Townish: AlannaLynn - Best content of the game so far Wombat - fast building sketchy train looks good on him Null (most of these just haven't posted enough yet, a few just don't have a read on yet): Lily Pac CTM Nolder Hallia LizardKing Integrity JiF SMC Seph Scummish: Naeann - Very active, no content 80 / code - One of these is null, the other is scummy, can't remember which. Look too much alike Smash - Pretty sure acting scummy and emo is just his usual play style but w/e
  16. Wombat train is sketchy. Smash is either idiot or scum or both.
  17. You're just mad because nobody would ever hold a game for you.
  18. Oh and I was going to try and be sneaky about my GRC but then figured screw it I'd just go balls out and rack up the GRC as fast as possible. Then I got reset and started playing a bit more cautiously for a bit before finally just going screw it I wanted to use my powers. Oh and I've spent the last like 3 weeks telling my wife "I'm Batman" at every opportunity and every time "Batmaning" came up in this thread I was like "BUT DAMNIT I'M BATMAN". You have no idea how hard it was to keep that to myself.
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