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  1. Loved reading the scum QT. Nyn - You were safe from me. Once I cleared through a few other people I would have investigated you to make sure I wasn't misreading you and you'd have been golden. Also Crusher your timing for resetting me was really nice, it came 8 posts after I hit a trigger and used my action so I didn't lose much.
  2. Oh that is what I meant by smoothly. Those who bothered read you at all had you as town and it made me nervous.
  3. I totally investigated you because you were cruising along so smoothly because you were sick. Nobody was really considering you and you might have made it to endgame otherwise. I definitely didn't have much of a read on you. My case was totally me cherry-picking the bad stuff in hopes to get you lynched without revealing. That didn't last long.
  4. This was a really good game. I'm not big on advanced games anymore but I think I'll jump into any future GRC games that come up. Lizzie you made this last day so ridiculously entertaining with your crazy. Also I promise my shots at you weren't personal.
  5. Can you give me a scenario where this would make sense? Crusher would be logical but Verb was flying so far under the radar that he was at zero risk of anyone even voting him except maybe Nolder.
  6. Possible but I suspect it is more likely because I was being very blatant about my GRC posting. I was at 58 when I got reset. Rather lucky since I only lost 8 posts towards my next investigation. It was after that point that I stopped doing any GRC counting in thread.
  7. With the Crusher flip it looks like we have.
  8. And yet, you aren't actually doing that...
  9. Why aren't you joining this lynch? Seems suspect.
  10. You've been loudly stating that you didn't reset me all game, it was one of your big pushes on Leelou, that she didn't reset me either.
  11. What do you mean I didn't? I posted it a page or two back. Also you lied about not resetting me?
  12. It was an investigation result, not just my opinion. With the accusation that he could have been lying we needed to be sure.
  13. Ok. Again, details please. GRC trigger, what even is a town ninja, are you just saying random things for the hell of it now?
  14. I'm making beer so I'm popping in and out when I can. Well, bottling beer now. We made beer earlier.
  15. Details please. GRC trigger, why, who you were working with, etc.
  16. Could you possibly provide quotes on this? Thanks.
  17. My guess is whomever submits the NK. Mostly useless speculation at this point though.
  18. Like Ape said we'll work on you after more obvious scum are taken care of.
  19. Hey Leelou, still disagree with me?
  20. Yeah I know, but I figure Verb is dead as soon as a town vig has a shot and Crusher is pretty close to lynch already, hence my stating after Verb is dead.
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