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  1. So, still convinced that Nolder is scum? Or just still trying desperately to keep the vote off of your teammates?
  2. Definitely, with two potential scum in 3 players (JC/Crush, Verb) I'm hard pressed to see why town is screwed.
  3. My only hesitation on voting him right after Verb dies is because you guys say his meta is always this bad as town.
  4. This is possibly the most ridiculous thing you've said all day and that takes some doing. Anyways bottling beer, try to check in as much as I can.
  5. Hahahaha is this for real? I revealed because it is beneficial for the town and not revealing obviously wasn't going to work.
  6. 25 posts. And you've been discussed heavily as an option for viewing. Leelou ended up replacing you because of the JVOR lynch.
  7. So since I have to spell it out. I am the alignment cop and I got a scum result back on Verb. That is why I say 100%. My town results so far are Nolder, AVM, Leelou in that order. This is also why I believe JC, he clearly is role cop.
  8. I believe JC. His claim makes sense to me. Bet if you bothered to actually read what I wrote instead of tunnelling in on your own version of the game you could guess why
  9. Lawl you are hilariously dumb. Verbal is the farthest thing from low hanging fruit. Those who are bothering to read him at all have him townish.
  10. Don't reset AVM. Let him shoot Verb. And I know you didn't reset him so he could shoot Sili.
  11. I disagree, Nolder is 100% playing his town game.
  12. No that was dumb of me, Crusher obviously isn't defending him but is lightly bussing him. Verb defended him though.
  13. This post is good. Also with Verb defending JiF's bandwagon vote I'm inclined to believe that both he and Crush are defending a teammate.
  14. Agreed. Leelou is definitely town. She would be a great help if she posted more.
  15. Really? What was wrong with my statement? Unless you meant you could vote Sili in which case nevermind.
  16. Ok here's my stuff on Verb: - Explains GRC padding to Des, calls Des a hypocrite. - Says anyone can derp about anything on JN - Says Smash didn't ping on initial read - Backs up Smash, asks if Des is deliberately pretending to scum hunt or just legit confused. - Still doesn't see Smash as deflecting - JVOR asks why he's explaining meta reads, he says he was answering a direct question (true) - Thinks Des is town setting up a terrible trap - Quote to verify his answer to JVOR - Krak asks if Verb is scum with Despot. Verb says no. - Thinks Wombat is too townie - Thinks Smash, LK, Nolder are town - Is meh on JC - Thinks Nolder is town because Nolder said he's unvote Despo if Despo unvoted himself - Thinks Wombat is his #1 suspect - Does and aboutface on Wombat when Leelou points out how he was completely wrong about how things happened. - Says Leelou is town, Wombat is town, votes 80. - Explains to Leelou why she's not tunnelling - I asked about his aboutface, he agrees that it was suspicious but explains that it is about how he read the line. Never answered if he read the rest of Wombat's play. - Explains his colour coding - Wants to see more from Lily - Asks me to explain my smash vote - Disagrees with me, says his activity is alignment neutral. Disagrees with the quote of Smash I quoted - JVOR asks why Smash has a town lean for Verb, Verb says he thinks the GRC misunderstanding was legit - Still doesn't see the JC train - Explains why he thinks Leelou is town - Hess is null because in troll mode - Explains that he always wants to kill 80 - Still thinks JC is a bad train - Thinks JiF bandwagon vote on JC is legit. Doesn't like Crusher, JVoR or me - Says he'll vote Crusher or JVOR, takes me off his FOS list - Votes Crusher - Doesn't know what to make of the resetting - Doesn't think resets are town, thinks scum are doing it to fake clear their own - Unvotes - Sick and doesn't get AVM's post - Thinks LK is obviously town based on meta, says Leelou is town - Thinks it is good to direct Vig, but good to look at people protecting vig Mostly his game is clean but there's two things that really stood out to me: 1. His about-face on Wombat when he got caught out trying to misrepresent his posts and his horrible explanation as to why he about-faced (and the part of my question he didn't answer) 2. His only suspicions this entire game have been Crusher and JVOR, he voted for Crusher for a bit then unvoted and hasn't done anything since. I think he's trying to stay square in the middle of the pack and not make any major moves that could really indict him as doing anything at all. He'll be my next vote after Crusher Liar dies. Or somebody should shoot him. I am 100% confident he's scum.
  17. Vote: Crusher I can see where you are coming from on that. Nyn was just me badly mis-reading a scum player though. I've also been quite upfront on my thoughts on each of these people. I'll be posting a revised list shortly. But first I want to re-read Verb. He's the only person left in my null pile I think.
  18. Easy. You show up and your teammates say "Lynch JVOR, he's going down anyways". You listen because you can't be arsed to read the thread and make your own decision. I agree. My vote isn't moving.
  19. No it is a laziness tell. It also makes me not want to play mafia with you. Why play with a person who won't put in the effort to scum hunt? I could make the same argument about JiF too.
  20. Or you could quit your whining and play the game. A good start would be by answering Nyn's questions about you.
  21. He did, are you blind or just scum?
  22. This is a good post. So far I'm liking Elu's play and she's moving up towards my town reads.
  23. What is the point of any reaction test? Your question is bad and you should feel bad.
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