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  1. Oh and I also dislike how Sili isn't interested in reading the thread to actually scumhunt. Seems like a pretty critical part of the game.
  2. I thought so at first but I'm a lot less convinced now and I don't find your defense very compelling.
  3. This was pretty clearly stated in the rules that if a person gets hammered they need to post their alignment in thread so the game can continue whether the mod is here or not. This means we have to keep track of the vote ourselves.
  4. They are more active and will get themselves lynched anyways like as not. The ones I mentioned have all been much quieter and tend to slide under the radar even while we complain about their inactivity. Though the activity level is changing now on all of those cases except JiF.
  5. Why Nolder? You are the only person in the game who thinks this insofar as I can tell.
  6. Lol ok then, your definition maybe.
  7. Nope. Just discussing the potential alignment of a player with another player.
  8. Maybe. I think Sili is just extremely impulsive though. I don't see him calculating anything.
  9. We definitely got different impressions from our reads there. I'm with you in that I'd like to see that too, then I'll re-evaluate my read on him with all that in mind.
  10. After making my post of reads I realised that I had basically ignored 80 all game. So I went back and read through his posts. Here's what I found: - Vote pac because Pac - Thinks LK is suspect because seems town and not erratic - Votes Hallia to get her talking - Says Despot lynch was uninformative - Votes JC for pressure - Votes Darthe for no reason - Votes Wombat for voting him - Was excited when people wanted to kill Wombat - Explain's Hess's play as entirely random - Says Hess is always town unless they are scum together - Says he'll re-read the whole thread - In first two pages thinks smash and reactions to him will make Smash an informative lynch - Good review posts after 7 and 14 pages - Thinks Crush, Nolder, LK, JiF, Lily, JVOR and Nyn look town. Also Hess. - Good review post after 25 pages - Votes Smash - Says the rest of his catchup was now meaningless - Asks AVM why he won't kill smash - Says AVM looks good after Smash flipped and votes JC - Posts which posts of AVM's that he likes - Says AVM was tunnelling Wombat, but missed where AVM called his shot on wombat - Says he doesn't want to look at Leelou or Crusher - Amused by Nolder's comments on him - Points out to JC that Smash is dead when JC apparently misses this - Decides JC is town and votes Crusher for pressure - Says he could vote Krak too - Says he could vote JVOR, me, Darthe or Leelou - Votes Leelou for her Hess vote - Votes Crusher because he can't read anyone one this game - Doesn't want to vote JVOR or Ape for entertainment value - Wants Crusher to reveal at L-2, thinks AVM is climbing his list - Posts a list of his various reads (Post 1368 on page 55) - Posts his extrapolation (his word) on the gameplay. Wants to kill Darthe or Verbal - Thinks AVM might be getting cocky as SK - Has a couple back and forth posts with AVM, claims him favourite forever. - Suggests killing Ape when AVM's GRC is reset - Asks if Crusher ever revealed - Some back and forth with Ape - Votes Elu because inactivity I'm thinking 80 is probably town. He had a bunch of really good posts in there and his interactions with other players seem sincere to me.
  11. Yeah so here's my thoughts on everyone left alive. Don't think I've missed anybody: Definite Town: Nolder - Played a super clean game so far. AVM - I believe his claim of being the town vig. Leelou - Playing a clean game and she's been honest about her role. Probable Town: Nyn - She's also played a super clean pro-town game thusfar. Ape - He's done very well at flushing people out and I think JVOR was unlikely to be a bus Null: Verbal - He's been sick so I'm cutting him some slack. His play also hasn't really shown to be good or bad up to this point. Elu - Totally inactive Lizzie - Guy is totally erratic and some things he says makes sense and others don't. Undecided. JiF - Inactive bandwagoner. 80 - I've not really paid attention to him this game. Need to go back and do an ISO. Or see what Nyn has to say. Possible Scum: Crusher - His play pre-reveal still stunk, only reason we've backed off is his role claim seems likely to be town. Jetscode - His huge hesitation to vote JVOR until almost forced to, plus the lie Ape caught him in and his gameplay before he got serious. Probable Scum: Darthe/Sili - Guy has bandwagoned and been generally useless. Sili has come in to bandwagon JVOR, refuse to read the thread and also generally be useless. Krak - Quiet and not much use, good ISO from Nyn on him and his recent contributions have been near null.
  12. Lol so two people call you out for being scummy and they are automatically a scum team? What if you spent the game scum hunting instead of OMGUSing.
  13. I thought I nailed the context pretty well. You want to clarify it for me?
  14. That said I'm decided that Darthe is probably dirty and Sili isn't helping Darthe's case. Vote: Darthe
  15. Well first you vote JVOR for the bus: Then you realise he's almost dead and want to give him a shot at life: And finally you got peer pressured into voting him again after Ape and others had a go at you: See? That was easy.
  16. Indeed, like why you're clear after your defense of JVOR yesterday.
  17. Start with Krak or Darthe. Scum in at least one of those two.
  18. You're a real idiot if you think my request to Sili didn't make sense.
  19. I think I could put my vote back onto JC.
  20. Oh I missed your correction on that, sorry. I see you did.
  21. You targeted him once and listed him as a second name once. Do you mean JC?
  22. Yeah, entirely possible. Now you've got me re-thinking him. I'll have to take a closer look at his posts.
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