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  1. I think you're too bent on this. I think AVM is town and am content with his posts being reset regularly.
  2. Yeah, still think town too despite Ape's claims. Would like to hear more regardless.
  3. His willingness to vote JVOR out of the gate. He did switch to JC but happily came back and hammered. I agree that he hasn't said much, in fact there's some posts of his that seem outright scummy to me, but I think his votes on JVOR seemed legit.
  4. Her most recent post (right after an unvote).
  5. I'd like to hear more from Nyn. She's been quieter lately and there's been a lot of developments in the thread. I know she's posted a bit but nothing too substantial.
  6. Despite the bloodlust and emo I actually think Sili is pretty townish offhand, which contrasts starkly with Darthe. Will need to watch this slot carefully.
  7. I am definitely down for a Krak lynch. Vote: Krak
  8. So Sili now that you're here could you please answer for Darthe's gameplay? Shouldn't be hard since the guy has barely posted.
  9. You might want to re-visit this when you've actually read the game.
  10. Lol, is it because my vote is on you/Darthe?
  11. Ok a quick ISO of JVOR: - Vote AVM for GRC reasons - Questions Verbal on meta explaining - Votes me for being a serial inactive - Votes Despo - Annoyed at Ape for blatant GRC runup - Says Krak is null, dislikes people reading Leelou/Verb as town, votes Smash without otherwise mentioning him. - Says he voted me for pressure but nothing happened, doesn't find me scummy - Says he'll vote JC or Smash. No reason for JC, Smash because GRC tracking. Quotes several smash posts - Asks Smash what is off about ape other than obvious GRC runup. - Asks Verbal why Smash seems town to him - Thinks JC hasn't started being town - Votes JC for voting Darthe and "not trying despite it being thanksgiving", thinks AVM, Nyn, me, Nolder are town. Thinks Ape, JC, Krak and Verb are scum - Thinks it is funny that Ape and JC both start suspecting him as soon as he suspects them. - Comfortable with his vote but could vote Ape for tunnelling. - Votes Ape as the right and better play. - Unsurprised that Ape has no read on Crusher. Seems to misunderstand that Crusher can read Ape well, not the other way around. - Tempted to vote Crusher for having a list of bad reads. - Clarifies that he meant LK and not Crusher for the no-read bit. Plays it off as Ape purposely mis-interpreting him but I was genuinely confused by this too. Disagrees that Ape was sh*t-stirring. - Accuses Ape of fixating on him, notes neither of them are near being lynched. - Says he noted people starting to look scummy to him. Wasn't convinced until Ape and JC both claimed JVOR scummy from nowhere - Accuses Ape of useless rhetoric and tunnelling - Talks about Hess's playstyle I think of note here is that Krak and Verb both made his scum list at one point but other than a bit of questioning Verb early on he's largely ignored them. He's also accused Ape of purposely mis-interpreting things he said despite apparently doing that himself or being somewhat vague. His Smash vote also came along before his smash case. Also for all that he repeatedly accuses Ape of tunnelling in on him, he's doing that to Ape. The JC vote could very easily be low-hanging fruit but in ISO it is harder to tell if the ape case is since I'm only looking at one player's posts. All told I'm still not sure. I'd be more inclined to put him on a scum list than not, but I'm definitely hesitant to vote him.
  12. Yeah I was about to ask what happened to him.
  13. Wait nope. No votes for AVM in this latest vote count.
  14. And this is why you are voting for AVM right now.
  15. I agree in part with this train of thought. No idea about the kill submit person but I'd bet that at least one of those three is on the scum team and holding the team back GRC-wise.
  16. Just got to that post, his number is 20, which he's hit like 9 times now.
  17. The high reset numbers are consistent with Ape's high GRC count I think. (not actually doing the math to verify that)
  18. Considering how blatant Ape has been about missing things in this game I find this post suspect.
  19. Ugh. Also I believe Ape when he says he didn't reset me. Not sure I believe Leelou.
  20. Also in light of the Crusher reveal, vote: Darthe Going to need to re-read all the latest stuff before I jump on any other wagon.
  21. Hess is still listed in both of these vote counts despite being dead. Mod error?
  22. Lemme post another 10 times in a row to remind you.
  23. Yeah, called you smash accidentally. Here it is: Upon further reflection, as evidenced by my vote, I've become more confident in your likelyhood to be scum.
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