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  1. I've been pretty open with the reasons behind my vote. Your disagreement on those reasons doesn't necessarily mean a bad vote.
  2. Aaaand now JVOR is pinging scummy to me. Ape doesn't come across to me as tunneling whatsoever
  3. So sorry to hear that Ape. Glad to hear that you were able to distract your mom for an evening at least. I was distracting a friend for a very similar reason this weekend myself.
  4. This post is really good, I've been giving serious consideration to voting Darthe myself and you've explained well why.
  5. Ok so basically meta and nothing else? Where are you?
  6. I find the timing of this vote to be very odd. Also the fact that it was entirely unexplained. Was there something about his posts that pinged you LK? Or are you just opportunistically bandwagoning?
  7. Weird Al's face on Nyan cat. I agree and laid out my own case about why I thought Crusher is scummy earlier, I feel much better about you after that series of posts. Vote: Crusher
  8. Skimmed to current. Going back to read more in-depth.
  9. Ok so maybe not quite gone yet. Got a couple questions: On Crusher - Could you clarify what you mean by weak sauce? On Leelou - Could you quote some misinformation posts for me?
  10. But I'm off for now, I probably won't be around much if at all tomorrow and Sunday. Worst case I'll be back Monday. GRC: 50
  11. Re: Italics - Could be, but it makes me wonder how it would be forced. Kiv's setup doesn't really lean towards that thusfar.
  12. Haven't really commented on this discussion yet, I'm in agreement with this post (and the post it was quoting). I don't really have anything new to add though.
  13. If he wasn't voting you would you still be pressure-voting him? Why those four specifically?
  14. Yeah it exists - it means I have no idea whether scum or town. Not trying to set up lynches, just share my thought process.
  15. Crusher. Sorry, I had Smash on the mind since Crusher focused him pretty heavily so I've been reading a lot about Smash.
  16. Could you write those suspicions out? You're not really contributing to the game and I'd like to see your thoughts more.
  17. Welcome to the game Elu. My Smash ISO: - Second posts notes Smash's unusual high levels of activity and despo vote calling it OMGUS - Points out to Despo that meta will be different this game due to the unusual setup - Calls pac a hypocrite - Calls out ape for shooting his mouth off despite not reading the thread - Claims Hess town (seems like a joke but he claimed GRC) - Asks Smash why he wants 80 to kill AVM - Votes despo because Jetscode told him to (with the joke that JC is Hess) - Asks LK who he thinks is a better vote than Despo - Calls Smash out for accusing others of grc padding when he (smash) is doing it himself. - Calls out Nolder's lack of activity after his post in the signup thread about low activity - Defends Ape against Smash's arguments - Votes Smash - Doesn't believe Smash's activity is due to game mechanics. "Has a feeling on him" - Accuses LK of derping after Hallia post - Tells Hess to kill smash with him because of high activity - Calls Smash's vote on him a weak OMGUS vote - Makes a comment about his group name. Based on the lack of response from Doggin I'm guessing it was a joke and means nothing. - When Wombat called him out on his Des vote he claims he did it to see who would jump on afterwards and that the train is useless due to doublevoters. - Defends Ape from Smash again but says he sees where Smash is coming from and unvotes. - Votes JC based on Nyn's ISO - Votes JC again after smash lynch The rest of his posts were basically spam or despo related, his recent posts especially have all been spam, but that can likely be passed off as thanskgiving related. Most of his game has been alright but there are a few things I didn't like. 1. Despite defending Smash on the basis of "everyone's meta will be different" he based his entire case on that, though his unvote seemed well thought out and ok. He's also been defending Ape heavily through all this. Pings null ultimately 2. His despo vote was opportunistic and his defense of it was very weak. Definitely pings scummy. 3. His Jetscode vote seems to me like an easy way to slide in under the radar. He barely interacted with JC all game or commented on his play then just said "I like Nyn's ISO" and voted. Pings slightly scummy. So I have Crusher as null to scummy so far. It isn't a very strong case, most of his game has been clean enough, but definitely not in my likely town pile.
  18. Fair enough, I see where you're coming from, but I'm happy with this as is. Based on all my current stuff that I've just responded to I think my number one read is Jetscode. JVoR is firmly in my null pile until after Jetscode or Ape flips. If either of them flip town he'll be landing in my scum pile and vice versa. Vote: Jetscode
  19. Here's what I wrote on wombat. If it isn't in there I might have noticed but have probably forgotten since then. I used the search function so I wasn't reading other posts in conjunction unless wombat quoted them.
  20. I don't think it hurts scum, but if I was scum I'd be posting it in my team QT, not out in public for all to read. Less info for town is better as scum. And sure town could look it up, but without somebody doing it for them most won't.
  21. Less certain about Verb. Doesn't help that he's been absent the whole time I was and I don't clearly remember his plays. I'll have to go back and re-read his stuff. Still like Leelou and Nyn, still ok with a vote on Jetscode. Pac is in the same boat as Verb right now.
  22. Could you please expand on why? What commentary? Hallia never posted before being replaced.
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