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  1. Please don't expose yourself to me, drunk or sober.
  2. Aaaaand if I'd just scrolled slightly further. So yes, meta read. Good to know.
  3. Is this a meta read? Gameplay seems clean to me so far so I'm interested in knowing why you think he's scum.
  4. I like this post, overall I'm getting a town read on JVoR
  5. I had to go back and ISO Darthe to see where this vote came from (especially since the rest of the post is a response to Hess). Turns out his entire case on Ape is "I agree with AVM". So yeah, not liking this post at all.
  6. Nolder - Not ignoring you, I'll respond to your recent stuff when I get to the end of the thread. I know, thanksgiving and all that, but I don't like these posts. Especially the first one. Probably going to put my vote back on JC.
  7. Soo... your good feeling on Crush is mostly wifom?
  8. I think Leelou is town. After my ISOdinger on Wombat I do want to look at Crush (as I mentioned earlier). I'll be doing that after I finish playing catchup.
  9. Up to this point I'm getting a town lean on Nolder, though I'm unimpressed with how sloppy his game is.
  10. I agree with this post, definitely makes AVM look good.
  11. I'm back, replying to stuff as I catch up. No idea what things are at latest. Not a bad post. Looks good for Lily IMO.
  12. Alright I'm off to bed, happy thanksgiving to all of you who are celebrating it tomorrow.
  13. Did a quick ISO of Wombat. Here's everything that I thought was relevant (ie. not spam or Des) - Didn't like Smash out of the gate - Tells JC to show him he's town - Concedes that Smash might be derping - Joke claims Despot / AVM are teammates (not the case since Despot was VT) - Votes smash, likes Des and AVM as options. - Doesn't like Krak - Nyn's vote is the only one on the Despo train he likes - Doesn't like Leelou and Crusher votes on Des - Doesn't like 80 and AVM camping votes - Doesn't like Crusher - Null on Krak - Wants to lynch 80 - Doesn't like Verb for voting without fact checking - Votes 80 - Conflicted on JC for not showing Wombat he's town, but des trolling seems not scummy - Just laughs at Smash's vote on him - Thinks Smash is ignoring ramifications of Des lynch After reading this I want to go back and take a closer look at Crusher. GRC: 27
  14. JiF voted with the vaguest of reasons but when pressed provided posts. I've got him squarely in the null pile. I presume having CTM in your scum leads is a joke I'm missing? CRG: 26
  15. He's (smash) been claiming that Ape never jumps in with a lot of posts like he (ape) has in this game, which Ape stated is wrong as he (ape) often does exactly that in many games. I'm taking Ape at his word for this because I feel like it is correct based on my hazy recollections of past mafia. Is this wrong? I am willing to back off of Smash if it is. GRC: 25
  16. I've been looking for a Lily post to say the same thing, but apparently haven't gone far enough back yet. Lily, I know you're a big late game player but some more early game stuff would be really helpful. GRC: 24
  17. This post stinks to me. Basically "Sure I'm being hypocritical but I'm actually not". Also using meta that Ape has since pointed out is wrong. Between this and the other smash post I pinged yesterday I think I am willing to give this smash lynch a go. It should also be an informative lynch, which is useful. Vote: Smash GRC: 23
  18. Tldr I think what prolly bugs me the most is that while he nudges Smash repeatedly and shows willingness to go in that direction, he ends up going with Des and then Darthe and nudging other players to join along. ie now that I finished ISOing him, I kinda see what Lizzie meant about him hedging on Smash. I think his nudge on Lee was off the mark. But I also think that some of his earlier jokes were misconstrued as scummy when I think he was just dicking around. Basically, I’d like to see more from him other than wanting to lynch people he doesn’t particularly care for. Right now he’s in my null to scum pile so definitely keeping an eye on him. Interesting post. Doesn't really convince me to stop voting for him. Contemplating Smash though, been eying up some of his posts that I don't like. GRC: 22
  19. Good to know, and what do you think of his game play? I'm still null on him so I'd like to get some other opinions. GRC: 21
  20. I find it curious that you made him your number one suspect on a single point, and then do a complete about face when that single point was wrong. Have you read any of the rest of his gameplay? What do you think of it? GRC: 20
  21. I really hope that since you've been gone for several hours your next vote is full of content and not another "I'm catching up" post. I'd like to know what you think of the game so far. GRC: 18
  22. Your gameplay is weird. I think you've spent more time pointing fingers at yourself than anything else this game. Is this normal meta for Hess? GRC: 18
  23. Oooh good catch. I didn't see that. Yes Verbal I want to hear the answer to this too. GRC 16
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