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  1. Any more of that crap, and I'll belt you round the head with my leg so hard, you'll be seeing stars. 2 posts in a year and I'm being victimized. Murderers get treated better than I do.
  2. "Welcome to the board"? "Welcome"? Listen up, you eater of dead putrefying meat, maybe if all that lard from those poor animals who've sacrificed themselves for your benefit hadn't clogged up your brain, you might look at my join date. Carnivores like you make me sick.
  3. I'd better win this or I'm getting my lawyers and coming after all you losers. After all, I have got bills to pay, nannies to sack and a vegan retsaurant to try and save. I need a break.
  4. Revis Jersey FS

    That's ok, I only need the one anyways. How much are you looking for it? But don't you dare consider ripping me off just because I have lots of cash or I'll have you hurt.