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  1. True. And we don't know what kind of team we're going to have this year, especially on offense. So many new faces, particularly on the Oline. And that's the area to look at. If it's a solid pass protecting unit, with better help from the RB's, then I wouldn't have a problem throwing Smith out there. But if he's going to be running for his life most of time, I don't think throwing him out there is a great idea.
  2. I'm not a huge fan of Rex Ryan as a HC, but it annoys me to no end when "anonymous" NFL personnel, no matter if they're players, coaches or in the FO, make comments like this without putting their name on it. Put your name on it or keep your opinions to yourself and your immediate circle.
  3. It's not as if Smith will be sitting in an armchair the entire season watching games. I think MM and David Lee would have a pretty good idea of what they have in Smith based on an entire season of practices. You shouldn't have to throw a young QB into the fire just to see if you should draft another QB next year. If a QB is the top player on your board when your pick rolls around in the 2014 draft, then take him anyway. That's just my opinion.
  4. I think the best thing for Geno Smith and the Jets, long term, is to let him back up this year, regardless. This team is not presently built to win a Super Bowl. So why throw the kid in the fire and potentially ruin his psyche or confidence? Let him assimilate himself into MM's system for a solid year from the sidelines. I truly think that would be the best thing for Geno Smith.
  5. No argument there in terms of money. Pace is a lot more palatable at a $620K cap hit as opposed to the $7M or whatever it was. David Harris will have a lot of pressure to perform this year to earn his $13M. Wow.
  6. Perhaps. And to me that is disturbing. Hopefully, someone emerges that can take Pace's spot. We still have camp cuts coming.
  7. The LB's were FAR from beastly. That's the problem. I lost count of the number of times I watched Pace get beat in coverage and had to look at the #97 on his back trying to chase the ball carrier. I like Pace as a back-up. I wouldn't mind Thomas as a back-up. But if Pace starts this year, he's a liability out there IMO. The game has gotten faster and he has gotten slower. Not a good combination.
  8. Regardless, it's disturbing. You're comfortable with Pace? Personally, I believe it is disturbing to think that we may be starting Calvin Pace at OLB again this season. That doesn't mean I believe Ricky Sapp or McIntye are better options. I certainly don't care for McIntyre. But to think we have no one better concerns me, yes. It disturbs me, yes. But then, this is supposed to be a rebuilding year, right? So I shouldn't be too upset.
  9. I have to say, that IS disturbing. This defense needs to get faster. Starting Pace would not accomplish that. Ryan needs his binkies and security blankets.
  10. Ryan is such an eloquent speaker. I wish they could hire Terry Fator to stand or sit next to Ryan whenever he talks to the press and ask Ryan to just move his lips.
  11. Fair enough. But the fact remains, they are down a CB. One who was considered more than just camp fodder. I wouldn't say that the Jets necessarily have the upper hand.
  12. Also gives Milliner a little more bargaining strength if, in fact, that's what he's looking for. I know there's not a lot to negotiate because of the rookie wage scale but this definitely helps him structure the deal in a more favorable way for himself.
  13. I can't see that happening. I think one Ryan was enough for Jerry Jones. After all, he wants him some glory hole.
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