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  1. I'm grateful that you guys took Gase off our hands. Vote: 80
  2. No, I clearly can tell you're not playing, however you might try and cover it up.
  3. It's more common sense than rules, usually, but yeah. An admin isn't giving away his account when he could want it back at some point, and then there's an issue. The new person would just have a new account. So I don't know why you think it's somebody else, which is why I assumed you were just playing along with the joke. My bad.
  4. Are you telling me Ape just gave his account away to somebody else? Because that's the only way it isn't him. No way a forum mod (Crusher or anybody else) gives an account to somebody else - it is against the way message boards are admin'ed and moderated. And Ape is reading this and laughing to himself that this is even being discussed, heh.
  5. No idea why this is a conversation. Cory is not playing on Ape's account. Look at the profile and when the account was created - Cory didn't even play mafia at that point. I totally thought you guys were joking about figuring out who it is when it's clear it is Ape.....but now ya'll have me worried that there's more wrong with you than I initially thought. Dandie is Ape, end of story.
  6. Holy sh*t is this a 42 page day 1 so far? Fun times.
  7. Thanks guys, remember to tell me that in August!
  8. She is rapidly creeping up my list of top beautiful women. Verbal would become a full fledged man for her, absolutely.
  9. Machine, you say? Like Machine of Souls, perhaps? Pac's game will look amazing and lighthearted after I put the noobs through the bastard mod ringer with MoS, hahahahaha.

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