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  1. What made you change your mind about me? If I remember correctly, you had me as a town lean (or heading that way, something to that effect) earlier today......? I pretty much expect it of you, lol.
  2. FYI I'm on vacation next week, so I'll be playing on my phone. I should be able to sneak on for a few minutes during each morning and/or afternoon, and then catch up each evening after kids are in bed. "I'm happy with where my vote is right now." /JC'd
  3. Just because she unvoted you and perhaps believes you, doesn't mean I automatically should.
  4. No, you're correct. As you can see in there I used the word "time" as I was double checking my impressions before posting them (aka doing homework) and fixed only part of my post before submitting it. I retract the "couple" there - you only moved once, from me to Zander. But I maintain you essentially said the same thing with both of us in that you liked your vote where it was - just seems a little convenient, that's all.
  5. This seems like more backtracking, tbh. Your post making it look like you're calling me a townie looks like a slip to me (but I admit confirmation bias because I know I'm town). I'm town, not scum or 3rd party. Now EAD. GFY Seriously, then why the **** did you vote GATA? Because of her gang statement? I'm calling BS on that - you've literally backtracked prior statements a few times now. This is silly.
  6. try dancing in traffic, I hear that works well
  7. Holy **** I forgot you were in the game. I'm so sorry, dude. Give me a gun and I'll shoot you in the face make it up to you?
  8. I don't think you were paying attention when I poked a bit at GATA before her reveal and also how I interacted with Zander during the whole discussion around his playstyle. Or me poking at you. On D1, I've sussed a couple of players, worked to help clear one based on my history with them, and then cleared one of my susses. What have you done, again? lol very true
  9. No, you don't get to backtrack that statement. You said "all of this seems opportunistic" and called it "team verb" - there is nothing there that portrays a feeling that people are just buddying up there - you're making a direct statement of us being scum together.
  10. OMG you got me. Yes, team Verb - that's how I'm so sure GATA is town. *blank stare*
  11. Not without answering first. Ironically, I'm not even voting you still for what you say was a joke with JiF. I'll accept that. I'm voting you still because of your move to GATA. Do you think scum would have made those posts she did about her alignment and win condition? That's a serious question, btw. And after it being pointed out, you're still going for it.....
  12. Correction: it was my ONLY vote.
  13. Did you just deflect my question and try to ask one of your own instead of answering mine first? Awesome.
  14. Uh, ok. I've kinda been here all day, though.
  15. Explain how GATA is scum, please.