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  1. I'm retired. Unless 80 plays and I get a gun.
  2. Don't lie, you'd EAD whether I played or not. Picture with a fit girl in it that looks nice, and he still focuses on the pokemon. This is why you're single, buddy. Only one of those really matters, anyway.
  3. EAD, counting my signup posts and QT posts, I probably still out posted somebody. I was hoping Nolder was going to keep trying to respond to this and finally figure out how it's not possible, and then JC almost makes me thing he's as bad as Nolder before recovering, lol.
  4. I might be down for a game then. Who knows, I might even post in it!
  5. I said the same thing last year. I'm playing the next game, and I just got done with one last week on DM. *shrug*
  6. Sounds like me on this site when they blindlynched me as Doc all those years ago. I'm still not recovered. Assholes.
  7. And you guys could root for a real football franchise!
  8. I have 2 kids, of course I am....
  9. I already submitted my shot on you.
  10. I mean, that's how he always said he'd go out, so..........
  11. Just tell Pac it's not happening, he'll understand.
  12. I'd prob play as well, but unlike CTM I'm not for high participation games. It's more for the lulz and having fun with you dopes (and shooting 80 in the face, of course).
  13. **** you, mom. Luckily, I don't take mafia seriously. Why should anybody? Like Ape says, it is an online game of Guess Who.........there are more important things to care about. You know, like shooting 80 in the face in the next game!
  14. Scum feared me, I'm the greates.........oh God, how does Pac even type this sh*t without laughing himself off his chair? gl

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