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  1. I'd prob play as well, but unlike CTM I'm not for high participation games. It's more for the lulz and having fun with you dopes (and shooting 80 in the face, of course).
  2. **** you, mom. Luckily, I don't take mafia seriously. Why should anybody? Like Ape says, it is an online game of Guess Who.........there are more important things to care about. You know, like shooting 80 in the face in the next game!
  3. Scum feared me, I'm the greates.........oh God, how does Pac even type this sh*t without laughing himself off his chair? gl
  4. For some reason I found this hysterical and laughed for 2 full minutes. Ok. I wanted to switch to GATA, but she went emo and I can't vote that sh*t even if she's scum. Whatever. Let's just kill Spoot and skull**** his corpse.
  5. It's complicated, but I'll break it down to a simpler answer:
  6. I still think scum will show their asses and town will win through attrition.
  7. I'm of a mind to just YOLO this entire game and see who wins.
  8. Door to door salesmen must love you.
  9. True story, she's super sweet and you should be nice to her.
  10. JiF made that same mistake last game.
  11. Don't care if 80 is scum, there's no way I'm voting him this game.
  12. As the resident grammar police of this forum, I'm going to have to ask you to cease and desist using this stupid ass word. Just use regardless. Thanks in advance.
  13. My excuse is I'm old and can't remember sh*t. Glad it isn't just me. Irony, thy name is Nolder.
  14. Oh sh*t, sorry Gata! Wasn't paying attention, my bad.
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