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  1. I think my vote shows you where I'm at right now...
  2. I'm infected now. I'll die tonight. I'm leaning Bum, actually.
  3. I love that you play the part till the bitter end. Well played.
  4. **** that, his lynch wasn't getting done without my support.
  5. Glad you finally came to the conclusion we've been at for a day or so now, heh. ...a slightly less useless partner WINNING
  6. Hmmm. Weirdly enough, Bum seems like an easy lynch. Too easy. Something might be wrong.
  7. I'm not even remotely sorry. He deserved the lynch. Feel free to blame me. Still worth it.
  8. I don't get how the bold is relevant in any way to your post.
  9. I like it, but I also like JC for scum. I'm down to lynch either, really. Right now JC is L-3, so I'd rather stay there for now. But know that if folks are willing to switch over, I'm down.
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