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  1. Not nearly as good of a scene in our Discord, eh? lol gg
  2. Can't say for her (yet), but for me...maybe BG/Hess/outside chance with Ape.
  3. I didn't think it could get worse. I was wrong.
  4. You posted a pic of bad guys, clearly scum. But I'm really saying that because I want scum to jump on a townie so I can catch them all.* *unless you're scum, then that was my plan instead** **basically, whatever makes me look good, that was my plan all along /Ape'd
  5. It was our "college movie". Watched it more times than I'll admit. Awesome every time.
  6. I'll do it just for quoting that amazing movie. Unvote Vote: Hal yolo
  7. There's gotta be somebody with a role that can figure this out, no? If I had to choose, I'd lynch Hal, but why risk it?
  8. I'm in your head. And I am doing something, I'm voting you and suggesting others do the same. The Doc vetting is not needed today. Folks: there has got to be other roles still alive that can vet Pac/Hal - no need to lynch either of them today.
  9. And let me guess the next salvo - "I knew he was town, but acted this way to see who would join me!" We need to lynch Ape. Too much of a distraction - I'd rather not have the thread drowned out with his sh*t.
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