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  1. Pryor's been such a disappointment this year. He needs to hit the weight room hard if he ever wants to be good at the NFL level. He is too small and too slow to be a big hitter.
  2. You fu*kin Nancy's talking about how the NFL is soft and you're crying about a guy who killed dogs 3-4 years ago. Hmmm.
  3. U guys are crazy if you don't think Vick gives us the best chance to win. The Patriots suck we finally have an opening but this team is gunna ride the Geno train to a top 5 draft pick... And gtfo with that Simms over Vick if you know football even a little bit you should know Vick is so much better. You PETA fu*ks can go root for another team. Tom Brady loves animals did you see his photo shoots?
  4. I'm confused as to why Ivory barely got any touches in the 4th.. Had to be hurt.
  5. He's the Eric Smith of our offense.
  6. I didn't want to get banned lol. This is my support group. Without you guys I'd go on a f**cking murder spree
  7. That is all I have to say about that.
  8. I always run on kids with the jets when they have a sh*tty team this year is going to be awesome. Not even fair.
  9. Hahahaha I just watched it because I missed it! I guess Gay Black men like skinny white guys, its the exact opposite because the strait ones like fat white girls hahahha
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