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  1. Bastard Mafia (Game Thread)

    Sounds like you are the G.O.A.T.
  2. Arkham Villains - Game Thread

    Yeah, the reason I didn't stick around back then was that I didn't think I could keep up with the pace around here. I didn't want to end up being dead weight in any of the games.
  3. Arkham Villains - Game Thread

    Thanks, much appreciated.
  4. Arkham Villains - Game Thread

    Sure unless it's a bastard mod game that I've already played.
  5. Arkham Villains - Game Thread

    Unfortunately I read part of that game back in the day . . . I have a good enough memory to remember the setup. . Sorry
  6. Arkham Villains - Game Thread

    Yeah, I remember. Just wanted to make sure you knew I wasn't confusing the two. Those were both good games - still going to be fun to watch.
  7. Arkham Villains - Game Thread

    Heh. Is this the one you ran on MJ after X-Men 2?
  8. Arkham Villains - Game Thread

    Which I just realized isn't visible on the mobile version. *facepalm*. I'm Hybrid on DM/MJ
  9. Arkham Villains - Game Thread

    Says in my sig. Kiv/Doggin brought me over for a game in 2009. Switched the name just to screw with DM/MJ people who were already around. I didn't stick around, though -- it was literally just one game. That's why I was so surprised that Crusher remembered the name.
  10. Arkham Villains - Game Thread

    Cheers. Really sorry that jackass drove you out of the game D1, FWIW.
  11. Arkham Villains - Game Thread

    I'm surprised you remember me. That was like 4 years ago.
  12. JN Mafia Thread: Superheroes Unite!

    It was mostly because no one else seemed ready to support it, so I dismissed it as me being mistaken. I definitely found his support of Smash to be scummy - it seemed like he was advocating big game hunting. But I didn't want to overpush it at the same time, because I didn't want myself to appear scummy. It was a mistake, as it turned out.
  13. JN Mafia Thread: Superheroes Unite!

    Sweet game setup. There was some serious mafia firepower, but if we hadn't outed the superdoc and the mafia hadn't found both the finder and the symp night one, things could have gone very differently. Another problem was that where everyone had solid intuition as to the actual scum, a bunch of us were busy viciously attacking each other, so the actual scum never got much pressure put on them. When EY made that CTM, Pac, me theory, I was halfway convinced he and CTM were scum and that he was bussing CTM to get two easy lynches on power roles - I honestly could not see the connection (beyond the timing of the votes). Obviously, my reveal messed things up big time. I should have just stayed low and put together the dots on my own, but as soon as I saw Pac post his reveal, I jumped out thinking I'd caught him in a lie when I had all the time in the world. I did feel the slats case had merit - I told JiF not to let it go to waste, but there obviously was no way we were going to push it through what with everyone wanting to settle the other mess that day. In defense of my place on the SMC wagon, when people start foaming at the mouth and making vague threats without actually revealing or doing anything useful, I vote for them pretty much on principle for obvious reasons. In hindsight, I can see why you wouldn't want to reveal being the superdoc but at the time, I just saw a player who seemed to be trying to bluff everyone off his lynch.
  14. JN Mafia Thread: Superheroes Unite!

    You're a real bastard, Doggin.