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  1. You mean jets are winning this poll on a jet forum? Im shoked.
  2. Seeing how has said that he wanted to be a consultant long term to begin with
  3. I would literally have to blow this place up to get banned in here.
  4. Hate to ruin it for you, but that was one of first things Parcells said - long term he wanted to be a consultat, not a VP.
  5. If the jets run the ball, and keep Sanchezie's pass attempts under 20, they should walk away victorious.
  6. Those things are always homer fests. ALWAYS.
  7. Ah, yes. Guy searches for a $50k piece of jewlery, therefore he is acting like a 12 year old girl. Nothing quite like this place on the web.
  8. I wouldn't mind. He would be like another coach. He is a great leader and teammates love him.
  9. Mari0k

    Why is that?

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